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We architect cutting-edge experiences that create measurable impacts for our clients and change the way people think, feel, behave and perform.


FATbit Technologies Client Uni-Diamonds

We applied our user centric product engineering processes to deliver the front end web application, Android & iOS mobile apps for UNI Diamonds with the following domain specific features:

  • Diamond price negotiation
  • Pair diamond
  • Time-bound diamond rental
  • Bidding module
  • 360 Degree vision view
  • Direct purchase
  • Smart search
  • Multi user role
  • Full logistical solution
  • Stone view analytics
  • Google tag manager
  • Price synchronization

Based in: Israel


FATbit Technologies Client Voyij

We deployed a highly iterative agile software development framework to envision the multi vendor platform- that sells activities and gifts- encapsulating the following key features:

  • Calendar availability, time slots, attendees per slot and tiered pricing for activities
  • In-store pick up for gifts along with multiple pickup locations for sellers
  • Generation of activity and pick up confirmation codes to redeem gifts or activities
  • Tiered pricing structure for activities
  • Global and slot level attendees’ settings for activities
  • Integrated third-party analytics tools

Based in: UAE


FATbit Technologies Wtutors
Online learning and teaching marketplace

The Hong Kong based WTutors engaged FATbit to create an online learning solution to enable learners worldwide to have quality education at affordable prices.

  • Implemented Yo!Coach to expedite Time to Market (TTM)
  • Automatic detection and adjustment of daylight savings time (DST).
  • Time zone specific notifications for relevant use cases.
  • Automated masking of phone numbers and emails in the system-level communication.
  • Easy to use availability management functionality for the teacher.
  • Request based unlocking of the special/discounted prices by the teacher.
  • Cometchat, Zoom, Mailchimp,, Paypal and Google Analytics APIs integrations.

Based in: Hong Kong


FATbit Technologies Find Rent Wear

Online fashion rental platform for people to list and rent luxury designer clothing and accessories.

  • Minimum and maximum rental duration settings
  • Product Approval Module
  • Automated order status tracking
  • Business models: Rental or Sales or Both
  • Product availability Calendar
  • Wishlist module with product unavailability triggers
  • Brutalist design with bright images on a monotone background
  • Admin can enable/disable the product Rental &/or Sell module
  • Conversion centric user onboarding forms design

Based in: UAE


FATbit Technologies Panvia Fallback
Online Farmer Market- Delivering Grocery Direct to Consumers

Panvia offers an online trading platform for fresh-farm products, including fruits, vegetables, and alongside other grocery items. FATbit conceptualized and implemented a user journey where customers can select nearby stores available, and order things as per their needs.

  • Location based listing at special price for buyers.
  • Automated order placement and manual order orchestration and delivery processes.
  • Helps buyers in efficient product procurement while offering a ‘human touch’.
  • Allow vendors to select items from a Global catalogue.
  • Configure the delivery area.
  • Net order notification and delivery management on the go.
  • Send push notification or SMS for orders and delivery.
  • Fully optimized with SEO capabilities. (meta tags, title tag, headers, keyword placement)
  • Google Analytics integration.

Based in: Croatia


FATbit Technologies Craviors Fallback
Online Meal-Kit Ordering Website

The client wanted to create a platform that enables buyers to purchase meal kits online and at the same time allow local chef’s to sell their homemade dishes. Craviors team decided to launch their on demand meal kit delivery platform by customizing our turnkey solution Yo!Meals as per their business process flows.

  • The portal is customized to do an intelligent search based on the users inputs (selected through dynamic filters) and come up with unique result combinations.
  • Instant access to promotions and meal kits with delivery and preparation details and prices
  • Ability to receive alerts on the latest promotions
  • Location based search and listing of meal kits and chefs
  • Easy to identify not available meal kits and meals

Based in: Philippines

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FATbit Technologies Client Kouture Booth

We designed well thought information architecture for fluid navigation flow covering each use case. Custom modules are created to cater to the essential functionalities of the wholesome experience of conducting an event like; audio & visual equipments, lighting rentals, furniture rentals, pipe & drape rentals, dance floor rentals, chair rentals, trussing rentals & photo booth.

Zoho live rentals with key features like:

  • Advanced booking and split payment handling functionality
  • Rental prices configuration on daily & hourly basis
  • Zoho Live Chatbot Integration

Based in: USA


FATbit Technologies Noor & Zafir

Online lifestyle marketplace catering to modern Muslims. Products on the platform range from clothes, religious books, toys, beauty and home décor, covering all such items that would be required for a modern-day Muslim family.

  • Combination of Order & Item level shipping
  • QuickBooks (Intuit) API integration
  • Product listing based on buyer delivery address
  • Intuitive product display to improve UX of the buyer while making a purchase
API integrations:
  • QuickBooks (Intuit) API
  • Google Geolocation API

Based in: USA

Herb Hut

FATbit Technologies Herb Hut
Online Herbal and Natural Supplements Selling Website

The Herb Hut wanted to build an online store with a responsive website. FATbit developed a beautiful clean website on top of opencart, an online store management system.

  • Instant access to promotions and products with details and prices
  • Ability to share products with friends and family through a unique link
  • Receive email alerts on the latest promotions
  • Instant access to stores contact information
  • Wide range of filter options
  • Easy to identify current discounted price
  • Cross browser compatibility with custom functionality and extensions
  • Developed custom data importer and stock barcode scanner
  • Integrated the website with the client’s POS system

Based in: UK

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FATbit Technologies Superlivery

Our reliance on agile practices and a human centred approach acted as a key accelerator to inform a unique user experience of Superlivery; an online grocery marketplace that enables the buyer to order from nearby grocery stores in Brazil, where seller and delivery staff are responsible for fulfillment.

API integrations:
  • Twilio API Integration for order status message delivery
  • payment gateway integration
  • Google Maps API for geo-location & delivery boy route display

Based in: Brazil


FATbit Technologies Rxall Fallback
Wholesale Drug Ordering and Delivery Website

Client’s requirements centered around building a marketplace platform that operated within both B2B and B2C healthcare industry segments while enabling both pharmacies and patients to buy authenticated medicines from their trusted and verified wholesale pharmacy network. Client chose to customise our turnkey solution Growcer as per their business process flow in Nigeria.

  • Revenue model & product mapping module was changed as per the client’s vendor onboarding agreement and order to cash process.
  • Inventory capture and order management was integrated with the client's ERP systems.
  • New user types were added that are relevant for hospitals and pharmacies operating within both B2B and B2C industries.
  • Developed iOS and Android mobile apps for drivers, with options to browse all available delivery requests, accept the job, update job status and keep providing constant updates of their whereabouts.

Based in: Nigeria


FATbit Technologies Rebatus Fallback
A Multi-level Marketing Module Based Gamified E-commerce Platform

With the goal of developing a MLM marketplace with a gamified approach to online shopping, an Egypt-based company, Rebatus, chose to customize Yo!Kart to validate their business case. The company and platform helps buyers not only save, but earn money, on every transaction made through the site.

  • The MLM feature enables members up to the 6th level in the chain to earn with every sale.
  • Custom reward system enables buyers to earn through on-site transactions & referrals.
  • The gamified process, ability to invite friends, and admin controlled cashbacks over a unique UI offer a distinctive UX while shopping on the Rebatus platform.
  • Implemented automated jobs on the server to reduce admin workload on repetitive tasks.

Based in: Dubai


FATbit Technologies Ewheelers Fallback
eBike Comparison and Rental Website

The eBike comparison and rental website, eWheelers, approached us with a defined set of challenges. Among the challenges, important ones were time to market (TTM) and value for money.

  • By choosing Yo!Kart, a multi vendor ecommerce platform, eWheelers saved around 1000+ development hours.
  • Customizations that reflect on 4 types of users - owner, tenant, web admin, and regular web user.
  • Users receive automated emails when an event (out of 80 events) is triggered.
  • The improved checkout process saves nearly 9 hours per week in operations.
  • Multiple checks were implemented at checkout level. One such check was product availability inside a radius.

Based in: India


FATbit Technologies Easybuy Fallback
Grocery Shopping and Delivery Website

Operating in Canada, EazyBuy wanted an online grocery delivery solution. Core challenge and the goal for FATbit was to self conceptualise features according to the client’s market requirements.

  • Implemented a user journey where Buyers can select the locations (districts), and jump directly to recommended products to cut short browsing times.
  • Time Slot wise delivery management Module.
  • Location tracking for delivery via pin code validation.
  • Recommendation based on added items in the cart.
  • Regular updates of prices for grocery with one click import of an excel file.
  • Provided two options for payments : Bank Transfer and Square payments (a prominent Payment Gateway in Canada).

Based in: Canada


FATbit Technologies Aloklub Fallback

Aloklub, Spain’s first-ever online sports equipment rental marketplace was already up and running when its team approached FATbit. The client required a turnkey marketplace solution to substitute the one in-use.

After onboarding on Yo!Rent, our rental marketplace solution, Aloklub welcomed catalog robustness,

scalability and impressive new capabilities on its rental platform. To come up to the client’s expectations, we carried out several changes on the existing delivery module and provided customers the option to opt for self-pickup from vendor-defined locations.

We also made additional UX changes to reflect industrial design standards and enhance the user-flow.

Based in: Spain


FATbit Technologies Mycart Fallback
Multivendor eCommerce Marketplace for Fashion Accessories & Gadgets

MyCart wanted to build something in the likeness of Amazon to create a SEO-friendly website which can act both as a lead generating system as well as an ecommerce platform.

  • Yo!Kart comes with important features that assist vendors to manage operations effectively. The same is also true in case of website admin who has access to features to manage the entire platform.
  • From their dedicated dashboard vendors could manage product inventories, promotional coupon codes, and orders fulfillment.
  • Yo!Kart was pre-integrated with multiple payment gateways and functionality for basic supply chain management which the client was looking for.

Based in: Mauritius


FATbit Technologies Sawim Fallback
B2B Bidding Platform for Saudi Arabia-based Company

Sawim wanted to build a platform that enables regional manufacturers and wholesalers to work with importers and distributors. After discovery sessions, FATbit pitched the idea of creating a price bidding marketplace platform by customizing their turnkey solution Yo!Kart.

Complexities solved by Team FATbit
  • Map purchase intent to offer the best deal from suppliers.
  • Reverse Bid – Enabling vendors to offer best deals which consider buyer interest and eventually placing the order based on the offer from the supplier.
  • Order management for back office staff
  • Transparency for sellers to see incoming bids from buyers.
  • Ability for Admin to maintain product catalog with control on price with higher degree of manoeuvrability.
  • Notification experience via email with elegant email design to drive maximum click through rate.

Based in: Saudi Arabia


FATbit Technologies Hireduty Fallback
On-Demand Home Service Marketplace

Hire Duty wanted to build a user-friendly platform to connect skilled workers with everyday customers for on-demand home services.

  • Using Yo!Gigs, a white-label solution, FATbit created a personalized website that reflects adherence to Hire Duty’s original business idea.
  • The marketplace was integrated with PayTM, an eCommerce payment system, to help the client incentivize its service.
  • A manageable subscription module was developed to create an additional revenue stream for the client.
  • To facilitate website comprehension and navigation for the local or non-English audience, Google Translation API was integrated into the system.

Based in: India


FATbit Technologies Salahef Fallback
An RTL Enabled Multi-vendor E-commerce Platform

A Jordan-based e-commerce brand, Salahef, approached FATbit to refurbish its multi-vendor platform for improved UX-UI and customer engagement.

  • By choosing Yo!Kart, a multi-vendor ecommerce platform, Salahef was able to re-launch within a short timeline saving on significant development hours.
  • GenderAPI integrated the gender-specific product recommendation feature improving product positioning, customer interaction, and conversion on the Salahef platform.
  • Progressive & agile user-centric development of products listing, product details page, and other theme changes instilled competitive advantage improving customer retention.
  • To improve customer retention, engagement, and return-rate, the integrated Twilio SMS gateway delivered constant mobile connectivity.

Based in: Jordan

Online Pszichologia

FATbit Technologies Pszichologia Fallback
Psychology and Counseling Marketplace

Client wanted to build an online counseling and emotional support platform that streamlines a communication channel between mental specialists and individuals. To launch this solution quickly the client chose FATbit’s turnkey solution Yo!Coach to securely connect visitors with registered Psychologists with a closed system video call!

  • FATbit delivered a clean and simple user experience design that is perfect for psychiatrists, neurologists, and mental health specialists.
  • The client was able to make the website go live within two weeks by onboarding specialists who were running therapy groups or who wanted to practice independently.
  • The solution included capability to publish latest news, a front-page slider, a responsive menu, interactive modules like view/schedule appointments, and view/sort specialist profiles.

Based in: Hungary

Furniture Spot

FATbit Technologies Furniturespot Fallback
Online Furniture Ordering Website

Furniturespot is a SA-based furniture manufacturer and distributor offering the highest quality indoor & outdoor furniture available.

  • The company chose to customize Yo!Kart to revolutionize the B2B and B2C furniture industry in South Africa.
  • We customized Yo!Kart’s frontend and backend to develop additional capabilities in our existing feature rich marketplace solution.
  • Other capabilities include broker management, heavy shipment partner carrier Integration, and warehouse management.
  • The delivered solution enables the client to demonstrate their furniture range to the customers and guide them through pages to show the solutions that could cover the customers’ needs.

Based in: South Africa


FATbit Technologies Alkki
Home and Office Products Rental Marketplace Website

Alkki chose Yo!Rent, a turnkey solution, to launch their rental marketplace, which ranks a variety of proposals for rentals of goods with a goal to unite as many suppliers of goods & heavy equipment.

  • Secure transactions, community building opportunity, and save money are few of the marketplace USPs.
  • WPlatform facilitates users to make money by putting items up for rent or save money by searching and renting items.
  • The website enables the user to submit a request for desired items/services that are not yet available on the portal.
  • Admin can create supervisors and other roles to manage financial transactions, process rental requests, approve & list items on site, manage & introduce product categories.

Based in: Columbia

Visitors Guru

FATbit Technologies Visitors Guru
International Medical Insurance Purchase and Comparison Website for Travelers

Visitors Guru has a growing customer base and FATbit was given the task of upgrading their website and integrating several supplemental tools and APIs.

  • Fully responsive website to access information on any iPhone, Android enabled smartphones, tablets, iPads and all desktop/laptop computers.
  • JQuery based events allows users to configure and buy their health insurance with some of the well-established insurance carriers.
  • Integrated tools like insurance calculator, custom RFQ module, Contact Forms and Mailing List Integration.
  • Ability to view, add and update cases in the online logbook with instant reports for claims settlements through custom CMS management module.

Based in: USA


FATbit Technologies Learneage
Online Tutoring Portal

The main goal of Learnege was to allow users to conduct lessons using video calls in their browser and monetization of lessons based on the time spent.

  • Yo!Coach, turnkey solution by FATbit, provided the capability to organize video lessons and to support video calls in as many different browsers as possible.
  • The solution for video calls was an internally built system for quick embedding of video / audio calls and chat into web projects based on the WebRTC technology.
  • Multiple third party chat APIs & in-app messaging tools were integrated as per client’s requirements.
  • Stability for video and audio calls was achieved by using STUN and TURN servers.

Based in: Pakistan

Certified Gold Exchange

FATbit Technologies Find Rent Wear
Certified Gold Exchange asked us to turn their existing website into an online platform that reflects their authoritative image as a precious metal trader in the US.

Using technologies such as xHTML for UI design, PHP 5.5 for server side scripting, we did a complete makeover of their website. We also integrated social plugins to bring in a perfect balance of professionalism and user-friendliness to their website.

One of America's premium precious metal (gold & silver coins & bar) traders, Certified Gold Exchange provides licensed dealers, institutions, and household investors a common trading platform. For its impeccable customer services, Certified Gold Exchange has maintained an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating for over a decade now and also has a 5-star Google customer rating.

Based in: USA

Excursions Dubai

FATbit Technologies Excursions-Dubai
Excursions Dubai is a tour and travel website that offers the best holiday experience for people who plan to visit Dubai.

Excursions Dubai pays special attention to ensure customer satisfaction and respects customer's safety by using encryption technology for the transfer of data and making transactions. FATbit Technologies did an in-depth analysis of various travel portals to give the best custom solution to Excursions Dubai.

Excursions Dubai is a tour and travel website that offers the best holiday experience for people who plan to visit Dubai. Excursions Dubai pays special attention to ensure customer satisfaction and respects customer's safety by using encryption technology for the transfer of data and making transactions. FATbit Technologies did an in-depth analysis of various travel portals to give the best custom solution to Excursions Dubai.

Based in: Dubai


FATbit Technologies Esimplicity
After understanding esimplicity's requirements, the web development and design teams at FATbit Technologies built from scratch.

The focus was on branding and a clean responsive website design. We developed a solution to reflect the kind of work esimplicity is involved in.

The company works toward expanding research, scientific knowledge, and innovation in the health and medical domain. They also partner with professionals and other organizations.

Based in: USA

Zion Cloud Solutions

FATbit Technologies Zion Cloud Solutions
ZCS is a US based client of FATbit Technologies, whose requirement was to redesign its website. After analyzing the business, the design team identified all the key elements, which needed to be highlighted on the website.

We specifically used a color theme, which would appeal to their client base and bridge the gap in-between. We also added Google Maps API on the website in order to highlight their location in contact page. Special care was given so that the website could highlight their motto "Reliability as a service".

Backed by a highly experienced team of technology experts, certified engineers and system architects, Zion Cloud Solutions (ZCS) provides technology services to large businesses and government organizations. Working with clients belonging to different industries, ZCS helps them by providing cloud consultation and solutions, IT infrastructure and cyber security consultation, training and education, and more.

Based in: US


FATbit Technologies Client Winkls

We have designed smart algorithms that help in bridging the vocabulary gap between the user’s query and desired product specification to provide more accurate and relevant results accelerating conversions rate.

  • Tax module: Customisation in the different stages of a project spanning from user registration to invoicing. Ergonomic category based tax functionality
  • Delivery slot management function for admin
  • Refundable security for returnable items capability
  • Bundled product discount feature for seller & admin
  • Guest checkout feature
API integrations:

Mollie Payment gateway

Based in: Netherlands


FATbit Technologies Tiger Parrot

To take the product experience to next step on its vision roadmap, we conducted the technology assessment, crafted the implementation roadmap and created easily configurable custom modules.

  • Custom build tax, commissions, returns and refunds modules
  • Custom filter algorithm for maximum flexibility in information retrieval
  • Frictionless checkout functionality for maximum conversions
  • Stripe integration for payments management
  • Products details page experience design (Product supremacy vs price supremacy)
  • Optimized products upload for maximum efficiency
  • Device first registration forms for faster onboarding

Based in: USA


Automatic Wallpaper Changer App

To stand out among other personalization Android mobile apps, the majority of work centered around the user experience design and development phase.

  • The Elapso mobile app was designed and developed from scratch as per the requirements shared by the client.
  • To earn revenue, different capabilities were added such as manageable trial period, gift code, subscription plans, and auto invoice generation.
  • The custom Android mobile application was developed to enable users view the app content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Italian.
  • The UI of the settings in Elapso was designed to be intuitive and easy to use.


Android and iOS Mobile App for a Telecommunication Company

Australia-based telecommunication company, SpinTel, approached us to create Android and iOS mobile applications for their customers.

  • The project deliverables required the integration of custom mobile apps with existing infrastructure of SpinTel.
  • Considering brand identity and style, we delivered designs for the welcome screen, login screen, chat screen, and more.
  • SpinTel Android and iOS mobile applications delivered with strict adherence to guidelines for security and scalability.
  • We added value in the Android and iOS applications with integration of conversational relationship platform - Intercom and an API provided by the client.



We applied our user centric product engineering processes to deliver the front end web application, Android & iOS mobile apps for UNI Diamonds with the following domain specific features:

  • Diamond price negotiation
  • Pair diamond
  • Time-bound diamond rental
  • Bidding module
  • 360 Degree vision view
  • Direct purchase
  • Smart search
  • Multi user role
  • Full logistical solution
  • Stone view analytics
  • Google tag manager
  • Price synchronization

Explore Our Mobile App Development Capabilities

Yo!Kart Buyer

Mobile App For Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace.

FATbit developed a custom Android and iOS mobile eCommerce app to enhance the user-experience and enable customers to order on the go. Our design-thinking approach has enabled us to craft micro-moments to create a seamless customer journey.

  • Expand mobile boundaries with features like voice search on a mobile app.
  • Push-notifications for personalized and direct marketing.
  • Easy messaging features ensure customer satisfaction and increased rate of conversion.
  • Geolocation enables buyers to get a personalized experience according to their location.
  • Pre-integrated with ShipStation, Stripe Connect, TaxJar, MSN API to provide a go-to-market solution.


B2B logistical solutions using FedEx, UPS and USPS for valuable assets and Jewellery industries.

Malca-Amit’s international base of offices along with a global network of partners and affiliates provides logistic solutions for industries dealing in precious assets, secured delivery for diamond and jewellery.

The Mobile Development Team at FATbit has scaled up the mobile apps focusing on UI/UX, refurbished the existing app architecture/structure using latest Java 1.8, Xcode 10.2 and developed them using the JSON API approach.



FATbit developed a PMS mobile app which is one-of-its-kind and is packed with rock-solid features. From file sharing to live chat, advanced search and detailed reports, it packs rock-solid features to plan, track, and manage projects & teams.

  • Easy navigation and search functionality
  • Notifications for real-time task & project management
  • A robust calendar management for timely delivery
  • Time tracking and organizational-level man-management

Growcer Delivery

A Growcer product offering developed to create a difference in the online delivery of grocery and household essentials, is a white-label delivery app.

The facet created to add leverage to the delivery vertical contributes to enhancing efficiency and streamlining delivery.

The delivery app allows drivers to pick up and complete orders as per the working hours or availability mentioned by them. The app enhances service quality and promptness to the last-mile by empowering the drivers with quick and easy order delivery.

  • Prepped to display the upcoming order lists for the driver on the dashboard within the defined radius, for efficient delivery order management.
  • Enables the driver with a route map to reach the customer in-time.
  • Dashboard updates and push notifications for convenient decisions and responsive operations.
  • The application equips drivers to call the sellers as well as the buyers for immediate info exchange and prompt action.
  • Complete order details are listed on the app dashboard itself, allowing drivers to make informed decisions on their delivery acceptance for particular orders.

Growcer Buyer

The buyer’s app is potentially another strengthening attribute of FATbit’s online grocery marketplace software- Growcer.

The solution is arguably one of the best offerings if an online shopping platform is developed majorly to focus on customer-centricity and convenience while ordering everyday household essentials.

The buyer’s app is potentially another strengthening attribute of FATbit’s online grocery marketplace software- Growcer. The solution is arguably one of the best offerings if an online shopping platform is developed majorly to focus on customer-centricity and convenience while ordering everyday household essentials.

  • Facilitates narrowing down to nearby stores to shop from through its hyperlocal feature.
  • Allows users to shop from multiple stores and add items to a single-cart for a single convenient check-out.
  • Provides order tracking, substitution, item cancellation, and multi-currency like perks to enhance the online shopping experience, contributing towards better customer retention.
  • The buyer’s app is developed to add convenience to the buyer’s journey at every step. Multiple options to select for payment enhances the experience while shopping for everyday essentials. Payment APIs integrated have given the product massive scope to engage buyers across geographies.
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