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UNI DIAMONDS UNI DIAMONDS IS AN ONLINE B2B Polished Diamonds Market Platform.

The Israel-based client required a B2B diamond trading marketplace to create an ecosystem for both vendors and buyers in the diamond trade industry. The Diamond Trading Marketplace supports seamless search, compare values, bid for and buy diamonds. FATbit programming Team has delivered the front end Web Application, Android and iOS mobile apps with UNI Diamonds to support diamond trade industry operations in a hassle-free manner.

  • technology 3rd party APIs (RAP, GIA, IGI, AGS & V360), HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive, Custom, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery

Rent For All Powered by Yo!Rent

Rent for All is an online rental marketplace powered by YoRent.

As per client's requirements, they required a rental website where customers can rent out products on specific dates. They also wanted to have the option to let the customers purchase the product. After the requirement gathering phase, we suggested them YoRent GoCustom package. After analyzing the design our clients had in mind, we started working on it and added features that will make Rent For All a highly engaging online rental marketplace.

  • Client Rent For All
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive, Custom, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery

Footloos Powered by FunAway

Footloos is an online marketplace that connects travelers directly with local businesses on island destinations in Asia. Footloos delivers the best travel experience by enabling the traveler to choose his experience type such as Culinary, Adventure, Fitness, Water Sports, and more. The company's aim is to raise environmental awareness and social responsibility, which is why a small portion of the fee is automatically donated to charities.

When Footloos came to FATbit with their idea, they wanted to stand apart from the rest of the travel portals. By analyzing their targeted user base our designers formulated a website design, which scored very high on user experience. Rather than going for a traditional website, we tried a new approach of offering all the crucial information on the homepage itself and carefully segregating everything into different sections. This made the whole website user engaging.

  • Client Footloos
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive, Custom

BW Marts Powered by Yo!Kart

When we were approached by people behind BW Marts, it didn't take us a lot of time to understand their business requirements. After all, they wanted to launch a multivendor ecommerce website, which is something we are known for. We recommended YoKart V8 as the solution. We added a new module to handle commissions for admin and sellers, minimum order price, modified header design, etc. The resulting website, named BWANAZ, packs a functional design with all the products featured right on the front page.

  • Client BW Marts
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive, Custom, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery
Online marketplace build by YoKart

Decor Exchange

The client shared following requirements with us:

  • Customers have the freedom to accept or reject the delivered item
  • Payment made by customers don't reach the vendor till the time the customer has accepted the package
  • An item should be removed from the listing if it is out of stock for a particular time frame
  • Requirement for a base shipping cost on distance and an additional payment gateway integration

We suggested GoCustom package of YoKart V6 to the client. After that, we made additional customizations to integrate a module for shipment calculation. For correct distance calculation, we integrated Google API. We also made additional design changes to meet client's design requirements.

  • Client Decor Exchange
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive, Custom, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery
online food marketplace powered by YoYumm


FATbit was the technology partner of Mangan to launch their food ordering & delivery service. Built on YoYumm, Mangan is an online food ordering and delivery marketplace based in Philippines.

Keeping the current and upcoming marketplace trends in mind, we created this custom developed website with great focus on user experience. Working on the same model as Zomato and Foodpanda, we knew what it takes for an online food ordering and delivery business to attract and convert more users.

From customized design to a robust structure, we made sure each and every necessary feature is added to their online marketplace, to help Mangan admins streamline their operations. The ease of use and safe payment gateways add to the overall user experience. Louie Alcantara, the CEO at Mangan, gives us 5/5 for the stupendous support, and end-product, which got ready within a matter of few months. He's on the way to double up sales (from 3,000 deliveries to 6,000 deliveries per month) within just 6 months of operations. We wish him good luck for future.

  • Client Mangan
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom


The client wanted us to create a website that engages right from the first glance. Keeping their requirements in mind, we suggested them to go for the GoCustom package of YoKart V7. Here is a glimpse of additional customizations done by us:

  • Integrated DHL API for shipping
  • Category management as per popular wholesale ecommerce benchmarks set by major market players
  • Facebook and Google Plus login for Sellers

The resulting website, named DealAfriq, stands true to the motto ''Bringing Africa to The World.''

  • Client DealAfriq
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive, Custom, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery


The client got in touch with us with a requirement for online rental marketplace. By the time they were done explaining their business requirements, we narrowed down the solution to YoRent. As per the requirements, we offered YoRent's GoQuick version. The final website offers a neat design and easy navigation. The categorization of products further enhances user experience.

  • Client MaltaMarkt
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive, Custom, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery

Visitors Guru

With an online travel insurance business on mind, the client wanted us to create a website for specifically for the niche. Given the exact requirements, it was decided to proceed with a WordPress-based solution. After a detailed discussion, we set forth to create an online travel insurance website that's not only pleasing to look at, but also a delight to use. Getting quote is extremely easy and quick as the form is right at the top fold.

  • Client Visitors Guru
  • technology WordPress


After understanding esimplicity's requirements, the web development and design teams at FATbit Technologies built simplicity.com from scratch. The focus was on branding and a clean responsive website design. We developed a solution to reflect the kind of work esimplicity is involved in.
The company works toward expanding research, scientific knowledge, and innovation in health and medical domain. They also partner with professionals and other organizations.

  • Client esimplicity
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive, Custom
website development by FATbit Technologies

Invent Right

Inventright was created for one of our US based clients. It is one-on - one coaching program meant for students including lawyers, plumbers, stay-at-home parents, doctors, retirees, and more people. The company offers coaching on licensing ideas. Viewing the uniqueness of business model, the client wanted a site scoring high on user engagement. We planned every page of the website based on unique coaching service offered by Inventright. The delivered project is the result of various discussion rounds held between team members and the client.

Based on the research and analysis, we created a site that offers unique user experience and does justice to the business model too. The site is developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

  • Client Invent Right
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Custom


By following the best design and coding practices, the FATbit has created helloeggheads.com website from scratch. The Bangalore-based company, Eggheads, focuses on building a highly qualified distributed team of experienced developers.
Their selection criteria are based on the level of expertise and skillset. They prefer candidates from premier educational institutions and tech companies in India. The selection process comprises of aptitude test, logical reasoning, programming, and soft skills test.

  • Client helloeggheads
  • technology HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery
FATbit Technologies website development portfolio


The US Asian Institute (USAI) is a United Nations-associated NGO, which works towards strengthening ties between governments of the United States and Asia. Through exchanges, briefings, receptions, conferences, and programs, the US Asia Institute has successfully kept the dialog channels open for more than 35 years. USAI has successfully led over 135 delegations to Asian countries covering themes like economic development, terrorism, environmental protection, and more.

The website requirement was of a simple website that can enable a visitor to keep himself updated with the recent happenings at USAI. FATbit tested several website designs for US Asian Institute before finally settling on one, which was responsive and offered news updates starting right from the homepage.

  • Client usasiainstitute
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom

Certified Gold Exchange

One of America's premium precious metal (gold & silver coins & bar) traders, Certified Gold Exchange provides licensed dealers, institutions, and household investors a common trading platform. For its impeccable customer services, Certified Gold Exchange has maintained an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating for over a decade now and also has a 5-star Google customer rating.

Certified Gold Exchange asked us to turn their existing website into an online platform that reflects their authoritative image as a precious metal trader in the US. Using technologies such as xHTML for UI design, PHP 5.5 for server side scripting, we did a complete makeover of their website. We also integrated social plugins to bring in a perfect balance of professionalism and user-friendliness to their website.

  • Client Certified Gold Exchange
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Custom

Excursions Dubai

Excursions Dubai is a tour and travel website that offers the best holiday experience for people who plan to visit Dubai. Excursions Dubai pays special attention to ensure customer satisfaction and respects customer's safety by using encryption technology for the transfer of data and making transactions. FATbit Technologies did an in-depth analysis of various travel portals to give the best custom solution to Excursions Dubai.

The entire platform is built on top of CodeIgniter framework, which is based on MVC architecture. The added benefit of such a framework is the availability of 3rd party functionalities that can be used to further enhance the platform. FATbit paid special attention to the brand value and customized the entire User Interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery. The platform also comes with payment gateway integration and support for multiple currencies, integration with Juniper API for affiliates program, and more.

  • Client Excursions Dubai
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive, Custom
FATbit Technologies client - TravelStruck


Travelstruck approached FATbit with the requirement of creating a travel price comparison search engine via which people can search and compare fares for Flights, Hotels, Cars, Cruises, and vacation packages. Since the website focused on price comparison, the design team worked towards improving the user experience of the website. Additionally, we integrated blog, content management system (CMS), custom WordPress plugins, and more.

  • Client travelstruk
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive, Custom
FATbit Technologies Portfolio - BOGT


Blue Ocean Global Technology is a web solution provider of USA that offers a wide range of technology solutions like digital branding, custom web design, and value engineering. Sameer Somal, the Chief Financial Officer of BOGW group wanted a subtle design that could educate as well as represent the company.

Our team created the website from scratch after pulling together the requirements list and blueprinting the design. Blue is the theme of BOGT, so our designers knew that it could be anything but not-blue. Designed for the businesses that want to adapt with ever-growing sphere of technology, this project is appreciated for well-crafted UX. The website is built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery and is integrated with wordpress (customized).

  • Client Blue Ocean Global technology
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive, Wordpress

Small N Great

SmallNGreat is an organization built to benefit the younger generation. Bridging the gap between parental needs and a platform for overall-development of children, SmallNGreat offers a unique learning experience to children. They bring out the best in a child through activities which focus on making children think beyond their own needs and by helping others, it encourages kids to become a better member of the society through cultural exchange, more engagement with society, pursue hobbies, and get a better understanding of environment through awareness.

The client approached us with requirements for a new website with features like an integrated online store, blog, responsive layout, a multilingual platform, etc. The design and development teams, along with project coordinators at FATbit, immediately went to work. The end product turned rough ideas into a beautiful and elegant website.

  • Client Small N Great
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom

Erik's Adventures

Erik Rasmussen has been organizing adventure vacations from the past 11 years. Turning his passion into a profession, Erik's specialty is in organizing active singles tours and adventure running vacations. Together with his wife, Myra, the adventurous duo has organized numerous events including Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu and more.
When Erik approached FATbit and told us about his requirements, the team immediately got down to work. However, during the analysis phase, many notable points were raised by team members to improve the user experience and make the navigation more intuitive. Starting right from the homepage, the website provides an engaging experience to the user with high-resolution images and immediate access to information about upcoming events. Additionally, FATbit integrated the website with WordPress, which provided a content management system for easy management of the website.

  • Client Erik's Adventures
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom


Elderscamp is a fully custom website made for the elderly users (senior citizens) to find opportunities at an old age. Built using LAMP technology, Elderscamp is a unique portal that aims at redefining life of senior citizens and offers access to elder homes, elder events, elder jobs, etc.

Our client wanted a design that served the purpose without overdoing anything for which the site has been fitted out with needed features and functionality suggested by our business analysts. Everything from listings to search feature has been planned, designed and implemented after thorough research conducted by the team. The project involved decent use of HTML, CSS, jquery and Java script.

  • Client elderscamp
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive, Custom

Fly txt

Flytxt provides mobile consumer analytics solution to many communication service providers. They provide a variety of services such as big data platform, integrated analytics, telecom marketing consultation; big data managed service, insight monetization services, mobile ad marketplace, and more.

Flytxt approached us for a complete website redesign. After carefully analyzing the requirements, the web development and design team along with digital marketing analysts came up with the design recommendations, which resulted in a beautiful responsive website that provides a seamless experience across all screen sizes. We customized the content management system to make the entire website easier to manage for Flytxt employees. Additionally, we also integrated WordPress with the website.

  • Client Fly txt
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom
website design by FATbit Team- NRIA


National reality investment advisor is a Philadelphia based real estate investment firm that offers high return investment opportunities for investors. They approached FATbit for redesigning of their website and to ensure that it fared well on user engagement.

After careful analysis of the website and their target market, the UX experts of FATbit prepared a redesign plan, which included website design and Search engine optimization. We incorporated several strategies during the redesign phase, which included CTAs, engaging images, SEO friendly URLs, intuitive design and lot more. After the redesign, the website saw substantial growth with more than 70% increase in website traffic. The redesign also created prospects of catering to a much larger audience.

  • Client NRIA
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Responsive, Wordpress

Rubicon Red

Rubicon Red is an Australia based organization with offices in India and US offering a range of services pertaining to Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform. Their MyST product provides cloud independence, allowing businesses to move their middleware infrastructure across different cloud providers. They took services of FATbit for building their website from scratch and offering a highly intuitive platform.

As this was a corporate website, we adhered to the best practices, making it informative and user engaging. The whole website was built from ground up to make it responsive and intuitive. Our designers kept the design of the new website akin to the parent website to ensure a single identity.

  • Client Rubicon Red
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive, Wordpress


Kazadu is a US-based database of service professionals of real estate industry that includes real estate agents, property managers, house inspectors, house service professionals, etc. Apart from being a handy online directory of real estate professionals, Kazadu also hosts ratings, reviews, & testimonials provided by clients to professionals, making it one of the most trusted web portals for real estate industry professional search in the US.

Despite being a trusted online resource, Kazadu was lacking in conversion. After initial project analysis, FATbit team was quick to recognize that their website needed some UX upgrades as per current web designing trends. We worked on improving the website information architecture, added key trust elements, and implemented enhanced social media integration and review & rating system to make the platform more user-friendly.

  • Client Chris Carlson
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Responsive,Custom


website design portfolio-FATbit Technologies


Stan Ventures is an India based company offering exceptional outsourcing and digital marketing services to varied business domains. They came to FATbit Technologies for redesigning of their website and making it stand out. Their main concern was to ensure that the website could cater to a vast audience.

Designers at FATbit analyzed the target market of the company and developed a responsive website using HTML5 and CSS. Our UX experts ensured that the UI and UX of the website are optimized to make the overall website look modern and elegant. The redesign of the websitewas done in accordance to the services offered by the company. The content was also redone by FATbit to make the information more appealing and engaging.

  • Client Stan Ventures
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive


From articles to social media updates, the client wanted to connect customers with experienced writers. This is where Paperweight's GoCustom package came into the picture. Custom design for Paperweight with minor tweaks as per client's requirements enabled the client launch this beautiful and fully functional website.

  • Client ContentYak
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive, Custom, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery
notes and books sharing website built by FATbit


Notebudd is a Canadian notes and books sharing website for college students. It provides services to enable discussions between users, and online groups for studying together, scheduling events in calendar, and more. The entire platform is custom developed by FATbit Technologies using latest open source technologies.

To improve the usability of the entire platform, we designed the website with an easy to use interface. To address the problem of sharing notes and books in a safe way, we integrated the platform with Scribd API, which enables users to share documents effortlessly. The platform also comes with an easy to operate content management system, integrated payment gateway, and more.

  • Client Notebudd
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Custom


Mouauportal.edu.ng is the website of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. It is one of the three universities specialized in agriculture and established by Federal government of Nigeria. The client required a robust university management system to manage staff, students and all administrative activities.

We created the website from scratch and integrated ERP system named Campus to Mouauportal.edu.ng. The website delivered by our team enables Michael Okpara University administration to keep records of all finances, admissions, students registrations and more. All the required features were added to site after planning with client and taking suggestions from our UI experts. The site includes distinct sections like community, academia, and admission catering to diverse needs of the client like informing staff and communicating with students.

  • Client Mouauportal
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Custom
YoDeals portfolio - Nyanfu


Nyanfu is a daily deals site of Nigeria that not only sells daily deals but also focuses on helping small businesses and supports charities in Nigeria. The project requirements were centered on users seeking discounts and small businesses that need more footfall. Gauging the requirements, we created this daily deal portal using our own product, YoDeals, a daily deals system.

YoDeals offers responsive and scalable websites packed with advanced features meant for website owner, sellers and buyers. Nyanfu aims at supporting communities and reducing poverty by building human capital. FATbit met its requirements by delivering a platform that totally focuses on making user experience and ensures high rate of conversions as well as engagement so more and more businesses/shoppers can be allied through this business. The site is equipped with sound deals and affiliate management as well as all important features like voucher redemption, and content management.

  • Client nyanfu
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom


Environmental Products & Applications (EP&A) provides a variety of products and services to control dust and erosion. Their Envirotac polymer series is used in stabilizing soil particles, to avoid soil fracturing. EP&A's services are used in various industries, such as Mining, Military, Energy, Transportation, Construction, Oil & Gas, and Slope Stabilization. Also, EP&As products are environment-friendly and odorless. FATbit Technologies redesigned EP&A's website improving navigation as well as the brand image. By improving the website's SEO, EP&A ranks on the first page of major search engines.

FATbit improved the quality of images and increased the size of the slider images to improve engagement. Since EP&A is a global company having a presence in multiple continents, FATbit also provided their website with support for multiple languages, such as Arabic, French, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  • Client Envirotac
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Custom
project management system built by FATbit Technologies


BIZixx is an advanced Project Management System we created for organizations requiring a systematized way to manage projects, people, and managerial activities. It is developed after analyzing glitches that companies face on a daily basis while coordinating with team members, clients or monitoring status of various projects. Built from scratch, this project management software comes with various features like invoicing, accounting, report generation, and announcements. With the system, you can easily track project progress, keep every one including you, clients, team members updated about the ongoing tasks, share suggestions/feedback with concerned team members more effectively, and coordinate with any department smoothly.

Although we keep on upgrading this system, yet the major changes were brought in lastredesign, which got concluded recently (in 2016). The official website of BIZixx is developed using Photoshop and Flash (for the demo) and development has been executed using HTML, CSS,JavaScript, Flash, PHP, MySQL, and AJAX.

  • Client Bizixx
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom

Ad System LED

Ad System LED is a US-based firm that manufactures and supplies indoor & outdoor LED signs & screens across the American continent. The company has been in business since the 1970s and is a trusted business partner of businesses of all sizes across the US for indoor & outdoor LED displays & outdoor digital billboards for advertising, communication, and entertainment purposes.

Ad System LED came to us for their website redesign. After reviewing their old website, our team of business analysts did a thorough research to acquire a clear understanding of the latest industry trends, then worked with designers to come with a website design that ideally meets clients' requirement and delivers value to their business.

  • Client Ad System LED
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom


Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS) exists to help Canadian post-doctoral scholars by acting as a liaison and institutional representative. It also highlights the role and value of Canadian postdocs within the academic community. The CAPS also enhances the postdoctoral experience by assisting institutional postdoctoral associations.

FATbit Technologies provided a custom solution to CAPS, which came with a blogging feature to announce news and opinions as well as a content management system, which made managing the entire website easier. FATbit also developed custom WordPress plugins to implement other features of the website.

  • Client CAPS
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Custom

Insist Gaming

Insist Gaming was founded in 1994 to provide gaming gears to competitive gamers. Their main products are gaming eye gear, gaming keyboard, and gaming mouse. The gaming eye gear protects the eye from the ill effects of staring at computer monitor for hours.

FATbit made the website for Insist Gaming keeping the brand value in mind. The website is designed from scratch using technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more. Due to the responsive nature of the website, it automatically adjusts according to the screen size of smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktops. The team of web designers and UX experts at FATbit emphasized on the use of high-quality images, which improved the overall viewing experience of visitors.

  • Client Insist Gaming
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Custom


Backed by a highly experienced team of technology experts, certified engineers and system architects, Zion Cloud Solutions (ZCS) provides technology services to large businesses and government organizations. Working with clients belonging to different industries, ZCS helps them by providing cloud consultation and solutions, IT infrastructure and cyber security consultation, training and education, and more.

ZCS is a US based client of FATbit Technologies, whose requirement was to redesign its website. After analyzing the business, the design team identified all the key elements, which needed to be highlighted on the website. We specifically used a color theme, which would appeal to their client base and bridge the gap in-between. We also added Google Maps API on the website in order to highlight their location in contact page. Special care was given so that the website could highlight their motto "Reliability as a service".

  • Client Zionclouds
  • technology HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery


Bluesphere Advisors provides financial consultation to individuals and businesses. The firm is driven by strong principles, where the client's interest is given top priority. While working on their website, we felt that we needed to come up with UX, which was in tune with Bluesphere Advisors philosophy.

We used blue as a primary color, which according to color philosophy builds trust among consumers. We also used WordPress for content management system and integrated a plugin to improve the SEO of the website. Overall, the website was kept professional as well as user friendly.

  • Client bluesphereadvisors
  • technology HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery
email marketing system built by FATbit Technologies


Redcappi is an online email marketing system developed by FATbit for Mr. Alec Beglarian, who came to us with DIY email marketing tool idea that needed User Friendly Interface for DIY Email Template Design Tool and Campaigns Management. Our team studied his business plan and developed this email marketing platform, which lets marketers create & send emails and track statistics/analytics.

The site was created using various technologies including PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Mysql. Redcappi developed by FATbit is the result of extensive planning and months of (iterative) design and development to match the vision of Mr. Alec Beglarian. And, very proudly, we say that he appreciated the dedication and commitment we delivered along with the project.

  • Client Redcappi
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom


Optistar offers technology consultation service to small and medium scale businesses. Their core team consists of industry experts having 12 to 22 years of experience. They serve clients from places like North America, South America, and Europe. Over the years, Optistar has served clients belonging to different industries including, Retail/wholesale, Medical, Engineering, E-commerce, Legal, Construction Management, Environmental Services, Insurance Services, and more.

After analyzing the requirements, analysts at FATbit created blueprint of the website. The website serves the simple purpose of giving information about Optistar's business, so our designers paid special attention to the flow of information to ensure a good conversion rate for our client. We built the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, and integrated WordPress to add blogging feature along with a content management system.

  • Client Optistartech
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom
online deal marketplace powered by YoDeals

Next Big Deal

The Neighborhood approached FATbit with a project to make a website featuring deals from local businesses. The marketing team researched about competitors and due to high competition, major focus was put on branding to stand out of the crowd. The design team and analysts finalized a website that was custom built using YoDeals, which is a daily deals platform. In addition to responsive nature of the website, FATbit also integrated payment gateway, ratings, reviews, content management system, and more.

  • Client Next Big Deal
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom
 Daily Deals website powered by YoDeals


1StoryBook is a US based client of FATbit. The team behind 1StoryBook has many websites which have been developed by FATbit including YoDeals based The Neighborhood Daily Deals website. 1StoryBook focuses on small and medium scale businesses. With 1StoryBook, business owners can promote their products and services in an engaging way, which will keep the customer coming back.
Unlike their daily deals website, the requirements for 1StoryBook were simple. Upon analyzing the requirements from the client, FATbit built a static website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, the team at FATbit did an exceptional work to make the website look appealing, thus providing seamless viewing experience across all screen sizes due to its responsive design.

  • Client storybook
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom


Integrated Computer Services, Inc. (ICS) has over 30 years of experience in providing IT support, networking, cloud computing and managed IT services. Over the years, ICS has served many industries including Manufacturing, Medical, Financial, Legal and more. Due to the use of outdated methods of building a website, FATbit decided to build ICS's website from scratch. With primary focus on branding and engagement, the team also worked towards making the navigation intuitive. We designed 300+ webpages and integrated additional services like custom blogging module, Zopim, Zendesk, and more.

  • Client icssnj
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom
Website developed in drupal platform by FATbit

Inmotion Delivery

Inmotion Delivery is a US based client of FATbit Technologies. The company focuses on providing the best quality last mile delivery service. It also offers services like white glove delivery, logistics management, and warehouse management services. After conducting a thorough research on best website designs, the team at FATbit decided to build the website using Drupal platform.
With clean code and optimized use of images, the development team was able to build a website that loads fast and performs well in Google search. The best part was that the website was responsive in nature offering a similar experience across different screen sizes.

  • Client Inmotion Delivery
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom
custom website development - FATbit Technologies


The client wanted a custom website where customers can book a variety of services such as Hotels, Day packages, Restaurants, Beauty & Spa ,etc. After understanding the client's requirements, we concluded that a Magento website built right from scratch will be the best solution. The website packs all the required features needed to run the business in the most effective way possible. From checking hotel availability to booking places, everything happens effortlessly.

  • Client Loisirs
  • technology Magento
online marketplace powered by YoKart


Wildrobe is an online marketplace, where people can buy and sell branded (used as well as new) clothing in Greece. Anyone can list their personal branded clothing on Wildrobe by taking pictures and submitting them to be reviewed by Wildrobe.
Once the pictures are approved by Wildrobe, the item can be listed on the website enabling the owner of the item to sell the clothing and earn money. Creating such an ecommerce platform was a UX challenge for experts at FATbit. Being an ecommerce marketplace provider, FATbit offered custom YoKart solution to build Wildrobe website.

  • Client Wildrobe
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom
online furniture marketplace built by YoKart

Artisan Born

Artisan Born is an online furniture marketplace, where people can buy and sell crafted furniture in the USA. We custom built Artisan Born on our own e-commerce marketplace platform, Yo!Kart. From pixel perfect ratio to category based search; everything on this online furniture marketplace is designed in accordance with client's unique requirements.

We introduced professional module where a professionals can add their portfolio. This can be further shared by potential buyers on social media or can easily contact the professional through the website. Additionally, the product addition process was modified to suit the requirement of the client.

  • Client Artisan Born
  • technology HTML & CSS, JS, Custom

Wiser Community

From connecting elderlies to providing them a shared home, the client wanted to make everything easy for the target audience. Keeping their requirements in view, we started developing Wiser Community right from the scratch with CodeIgniter. We divided the whole project into 4 phases and worked on them to give the client exactly what they required.

  • Client Wiser Community
  • technology CodeIgniter
YoKart portfolio - Bon harvest

Bon Harvest

Having years of experience in building ecommerce marketplaces, our team easily understood the business requirements and challenges associated with Bon Harvest. With ecommerce being our key expertise, we custom built Bon Harvest on top of our own ecommerce marketplace platform, YoKart.
Bon Harvest is an online marketplace, which bridges the gap between farmers and consumers. Their aim is to stop the food wastage in United States, which accounts to $165 - $200 billion in wasted food each year.

  • Client Bon Harvest
  • technology HTML5 & CSS3, JS, Responsive, Custom
UNI-Diamonds - Android App
UNI-Diamonds - Android Application
UNI-Diamonds - Android
UNI-Diamonds - iOS App
UNI-Diamonds - iOS Application
UNI-Diamonds - iOS


B2B Polished Diamond Market Platform

The team at FATbit Technologies designed and delivered the B2B diamond trading marketplace for its client based in Israel. As a Technology Partner to UNI Diamonds, FATbit has delivered native Android and iOS mobile apps with a Web application.

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Yo!Kart Buyer

Mobile App For Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace.

FATbit team has developed buyer mobile app to provide your customers a hassle-free online shopping experience. Yo!Kart Buyer App is available for both the Yo!Kart Versions - V7 & V8. It is loaded with tons of features.

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YoKart seller App
YoKart android seller App
Launch marketplace seller app with YoKart
Yokart android Seller App
Seller mobile app  for multivendor marketplace
YoKart android seller app features
eCommerce seller app wallet feature
YoKart Logo
YoKart android login/signup
YoKart IOS seller app
IOS seller app for eCommerce marketplace
Yokart IOS seller app feature
Multivendor system IOS seller app
YoKart IOS seller app
IOS eCommerce seller app development
IOS seller app wallet feature
Yokart logo
YoKart IOS app login/signup

Yo!Kart seller

FATbit team has created a separate Seller mobile app for our readymade multivendor ecommerce platform- Yo!Kart Versions V7 & V8. The app makes it convenient for sellers to list products and manage their online shops.

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Growcer android app
Launch grocery android app
start online grocery app
launch online grocery app with Growcer
Android Grocery app features
Grocery app login/signup
Android grocery app development
IOS grocery App
launch IOS grocery app
launch IOS grocery app with Growcer
Start online IOS Grocery App
IOS grocery app feature
IOS grocery app login/signup
launch IOS grocery app with Growcer


Mobile App For Online Grocery Shopping Marketplace.

Is a mobile app developed by FATbit team for the online grocery marketplace solution- Growcer. It has all essential features to make online grocery shopping an admirable experience.

It is available for both Android and iOS.

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Bizixx android App
Bizixx App created by FATbit Technologies
Mobile App For Project Management System
PMS android mobile app
PMS mobile app developed by FATbit team
PMS mobile app login/signup
PMS IOS mobile app
IOS Bizixx App created by FATbit Technologies
IOS Mobile App For Project Management System
Bizixx IOS App
PMS IOS app feature
PMS IOS app login/Signup


Mobile App For Project Management System.

FATbit team has developed a PMS mobile app. From file sharing to live chat, advanced search and detailed reports, it packs rock-solid features to plan, track, and manage projects & team.

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YoYumm android buyer App
YoYumm android buyer App feature
Online food ordering buyer app
android food ordering app for buyers
food ordering buyer app solution
launch android food ordering app for buyers
YoYumm buyer app login/signup
YoYumm IOS buyer app
YoYumm IOS buyer App feature
online food ordering IOS buyer app
launch IOS food ordering app for buyers
YoYumm logo
IOS food ordering app for buyers

Yoyumm buyer

Mobile App For Online Food Ordering & Delivery Marketplace.

This mobile application is full with latest features to boost your online food ordering and delivery business. The Buyer app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

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YoYumm android merchant app
YoYumm android merchant App feature
launch android food ordering app for merchants
online food ordering android merchant app
YoYumm android merchant App
Android merchant app solution
YoYumm android merchant App login/signup
IOS food ordering app for merchants
YoYumm IOS merchant App feature
launch IOS food ordering app for merchants
YoYumm IOS merchant App
IOS food ordering app for Merchant
IOS app solution for merchants

YoYumm Merchant

Yo!Yumm Platform has a standalone mobile application for merchants to manage their restaurant and orders like a cakewalk.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms.

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YoYumm android delivery staff App
YoYumm android delivery staff App feature
Android food deliver app for deliver staff
launch android  food delivery app for delivery staff
Android food delivery staff app build by FATbit
YoYumm android food Delivery staff App
Launch android app for delivery staff
Android food Delivery staff App login/signup
IOS delivery staff App
IOS food delivery staff App feature
IOS food deliver app for deliver staff
launch IOS food delivery app for delivery staff
IOS food delivery staff app build by FATbit
YoYumm IOS food delivery app for deliver Staff
Launch IOS app for food delivery staff
IOS food Delivery staff App login/signup

Delivery Staff

Yo!Yumm Platform has a mobile application for delivery staff to keep the customer and merchant up-to-date with the food order status. It is available for both Android and iOS.

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YoDeals android app
YoDeals android app feature
android online deals marketplace app
launch android online deal marketplace app
android deals marketplace app build by FATbit
launch android deals marketplace app
Mobile app solution for deal marketplace
online android deals marketplace app login/signup
YoDeals android app build by FATbit
YoDeals IOS app
YoDeals IOS app feature
IOS online deals marketplace app
launch IOS online deals marketplace app
launch IOS deals marketplace app
YoDeals IOS app build by FATbit
IOS app for online deal marketplace
online IOS deals marketplace app login/signup
YoDeals IOS app build by FATbit


Mobile App for Online Deals Marketplace

Yo!Deals - Online Deals Marketplace solution comes with ready to launch android and iOS mobile application. Both mobile application are designed and equipped with essential features to make buying deals an enjoyable experience.

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vivocab android App
Vivocab IOS App

Cab Booking Mobile App Solution

VivoCabs is our answer to entrepreneurs who want to start with own cab booking app business. It comes packed with features supported by deep market analysis and a user experience that's a joy to explore every time the app is launched.

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