Strong signals cementing
B2B ecommerce growth


Trillion B2B ecommerce market size by 2027


B2B sales will occur on digital channels by 2025


B2B leaders planned to increase spending on digital sales channels


Millennials want seller free B2B sales experience


CAGR by 2027


Amount 15% B2B buyers are willing to spend while purchasing digitaly


The total purchases through digital channels now equal those made through sales reps (42%)


B2B buyers prefer online sales interactions instead of in-person one


Jump in revenue generated from video-related B2B interactions


Point decrease in opex from 2020


Point increase in capex from 2020


B2B transactions start online

Building blocks of B2B
ecommerce marketplace

Customer Experience Journey Diagram

Initial hesitation for B2B
ecommerce orchestration

  • Typical concerns

  • Our response

Create Online Product Bundles

Typical concerns

Our products & services are not compatible for ecommerce

Our response

This does not apply to your entire portfolio. Focus on a particular customer segment, assess your existing portfolio, select products with low barriers for online adoption, sufficiently explain the value of the products, evaluate the life-cycle of the product and the seasonality of the demand, go beyond selling individual products and create ‘online-only product bundles where possible.

Complex Pricing Model

Typical concerns

Our complex pricing model represents serious hazard to go digital

Our response

Review and revise price & discount policy. Carefully set the prices of products or services because of higher price transparency. Implement agile pricing rules approach to calculate offerings price. Customer-specific dynamic pricing, account-based personalization, smart discounts and promotions allow you to increase your top line and create more traffic to your B2B ecommerce marketplace.

Individual Attention Needed for Conversion

Typical concerns

B2B ecommerce does not offer the individual attention needed for conversion.

Our response

The new generation of professional buyers are digital natives used to build relationships and collaborate through various online channels. The key is to use their voice to design frictionless, edgeless B2B marketplace experiences. Use predictive AI and real-time synthesis of data insights to understand the customer journey and analyze their digital trail, and identify their pain points.

Customers need support to complete a purchase

Typical concerns

Our customers need support to complete a purchase

Our response

There are several ways to provide excellent customer service. Online customers expect your presence and support in all their preferred channels (website, live chat, social media, email, mobile, SMS, self-service). We, therefore, stress investing in multi-channel supporting lines.

B2B Liquor Selling Platform

Impact story

How shifting from offline to online-first engagement model improved price transparency in fragmented liquor distribution market in Africa

B2B liquor selling platform
Snapshot of features delivered
  • Remarkably improved operational efficiency by enabling synchronized order placement from a single system(POS)
  • Spiked up the positive purchase behaviour by integrating Africa's leading loyalty program platform
  • Significantly improved the return rate of reusable glass bottles through empty bottles/crates return management functionality
  • Delivered price transparency through basket price comparison capability
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The priorities spectrum
of B2B businesses

The priorities spectrum of B2B businesses
  • To increase visibility across the supply chain
  • To adjust demand planning in real time
  • To improve fraud prevention and protection
  • Omnichannel experiences with low-code agility
  • To provide a wider range of products and services
  • To achieve faster order fulfillment time
  • To have a consistent view of enterprise data
  • To simplify workflows for business users and administrators
  • To monitor budgets more closely and identify cost savings
  • To create new direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels
  • To streamline experiences across all engagement channels
  • To reduce the
    delivery costs
The Priorities Spectrum of B2B Businesses
Reach the True North of B2B eCommerce

Reach the true north
of B2B ecommerce

Nomenclature of successful
B2B ecommerce marketplace

Price Management

Price management

Price Management

B2B ecommerce pricing is complex considering the number of variables involved: diversity of products, customers, and different sales channels. To combat this complexity, we engineer custom price management capabilities to enable you to set tiered prices based on the combination of various parameters like; product type, customer type, commercial agreements, and deal size. In addition, we develop and deliver you any custom functionality like; customer quoting and price negotiation capabilities, tracking the price changes made, implementing pricing segmentation down to the SKU level, and configuring volume-based pricing for customers or groups.

Catalog Management

Catalog management

Catalog Management

Subpar product information contributes significantly to cart abandonment and adversely impacts the bottom line. To ensure detailed, error-free product information across all digital channels, we equip you with a purpose-built catalogue management functionality that allows you to create product hierarchies, manage entitlements, enable product up-sell and cross-sell, amongst others. Furthermore, we custom-built capabilities to let you gain the ability to; implement product-specific shipping policies, set replacement substitutions, assign permissions for specific catalogue view and other state of the art functionalities as per your business needs.

User Management

User management

User Management

B2B ecommerce involves a large number of users with different responsibilities. Lack of permissions matrix for these users leads to severe operational hazards. To streamline the operations front, we develop a precisely tuned B2B ecommerce solution as per your business goals and equip you with the following capabilities: Provide business policy-based access to users, grant or revoke use privileges, approve or reject user approval requests, efficient onboarding of new users among other purpose-driven front-end, back-end functionalities.

Shipping Management

Shipping management

Shipping Management

Drawn out manual processes coupled with sudden sharp demand peaks are a surefire way to sabotage the fulfilment experience. To deliver a frictionless, agile fulfilment experience and to cope with demand peaks, we pick the right technology building blocks and devise futureproof shipping capabilities like batch shipping, third-party logistics provider (3PL) integrations, continuous monitoring of shipments, and advance reporting. Additionally, we enable you to - integrate all your carrier accounts, manage geography dependent compliances, generate shipping labels in bulk, among other functions.

Quote Management

Quote management

Quote Management

B2B organizations saddled with legacy sales systems witness sales ineffectiveness, eroding margins, excessive discounts because of the cumbersome, inefficient and slow quote-order cycle. To counter these bottlenecks, we equip you with a custom-developed quote management solution. The solution will enable your sales team to efficiently generate customized, branded quotes by pulling vital information like - personalized discounts, shipping cost, product availability, product price, customer details, terms and conditions, and many more.

Inventory Management

Inventory management

Inventory Management

We customize our B2B ecommerce marketplace solution to provide you with an inventory management module with features like - Gain accurate visibility into inventory balance, achieve zero overstocks and out-of-stock incidents, get in-depth reports to forecast future demand and sales, access a single view of inventory across the web and wholesale channels, set rule-based product(s) availability, move products to where they are most valuable, coordinate inventory transfers to improve on-time delivery metrics along with prepackaged features of our marketplace solution.

Uni Diamond Case Study

Impact story

How the introduction of the world's first B2B ecommerce marketplace for the diamond industry enhanced the trust between buyers and sellers across the diamond value chain

Uni Diamond Case Study
Snapshot of value delivered
  • Improved customer service efficiency. Reduced inbound calls from both sellers and vendors
  • Significantly reduced duplicate, redundant processes. Reduction of manual processes for driver trip sheet collection, metric reporting, returns, invoicing etc.
  • U.N.I Technologies delivered seven-plus successful digital tenders and trade shows on the global scale
  • delivered a complete Back-office Management Engine connected with a secure logistic solution (Malca Amit) with intelligent scheduling and dispatch capabilities
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High-level B2B ecommerce
Implementation roadmap

High-level B2B eCommerce Implementation roadmap
Adopt a digital-first engagement posture

Adopt a digital-first
engagement posture

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