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Best Solution to Start Online Rental Marketplace

Equipment Rental

Infrastructure development is in full swing across the globe. More construction projects mean more equipment requirements on site.

Cater to the demands of the flourishing construction industry by creating rental platform powered by Yo!Rent and enable vendors to rent out a wide range of heavy-duty construction equipment online and help them scale up their business to the next level.

Travel Gear Rental

The number of travel enthusiasts is increasing at a rapid place. Users are actively looking for places from where they can rent travel gear for activities like trekking, camping, and riding.

Have a good range of travel gear at your disposal? Rent it out on a travel gear renting marketplace and let your customers make memories at nominal rental charges.

Dress Rental

People today prefer having a different dress for every occasion. Millennials are the forefront of this trend but they do not prefer buying dresses that they might just wear once. Enter the world of online dress rentals — one of the fastest-growing segments in rental eCommerce.

Get your own customized online marketplace powered by Yo!Rent in easy steps today.

Furniture Rental

Furniture rentals are a big hit among the Millenials. Get a head-start in this booming business and start your own furniture rental business online and showcase the range of furniture to a target audience that is more comfortable renting instead of buying it for short term use.

Create state-of-the-art furniture renting platform in your geographical area easily using Yo!Rent.

Car & Bike Rental

A great number of people like to go on adventures and you can give them the convenience of renting out cars and bikes online.

Join one of the fastest-growing segments in the rental industry to facilitate the availability of cars and bikes on a rental basis in your area through a feature-rich and customized online marketplace powered by Yo!Rent.

Books Rental

Sharing is caring but renting is even better. Let the people and bookstores with great collection rent their books on the web and let others leverage the knowledge imbibed in them.

Create an online book renting portal for the avid readers out there and flaunt the book collections in an engaging and custom-built online book rental marketplace powered by Yo!Rent.

Sports Gear Rental

Buying sports gear can be expensive and one needs to know what fits their needs before making a purchase. This is where renting can work well and give users an option to explore products on a temporary basis.

Connect with the sports enthusiasts online and help them rent out sports equipment through a customized eCommerce rental marketplace powered by Yo!Rent.

Music Instrument Rental

Event organizers and musicians might not be able to maintain an in-house inventory of musical instruments and a renting solution for the same is a great idea.

Create a marketplace powered by Yo!Rent to enable instrument owners to rent out high-quality musical band instruments, orchestra instruments, guitars, drums, pianos, keyboards and more at affordable prices to all potential customers.

Accessory Rental

No look is ever complete without the right accessories. With customers preferring to rent out dresses, it is the right time to start an online accessory rental platform in your geographical area.

Create a state-of-the-art accessories rental marketplace powered by Yo!Rent and feature jewelry, scarves, handbags, sunglasses, hats and more to help your customers complete their look for special occasions.

Our Clients Say

"Excellent group of people! Always willing to help and listen. FATbit's Yo!Rent team overdelivered! I'm looking forward to continuing working together to maintain and improve the marketplace"

Luke PowersFounder and CEO

"FATbit delivered my project in a professional manner. The project was built to my specification and any changes I required were accommodated where possible. The team were competent and prompt in responding to my queries. Post delivery the team have been extremely helpful in resolving any outstanding issues. Overall the quality of the website produced has been as expected and of a high standard."

Neeta DusanjhFounder and CEO
B2B diamond trading platform  

A B2B Construction Equipment Rent/Sale Marketplace

Gearflow is an online B2B construction equipment marketplace built with Yo!Rent to connect dealers, OEMs, contractors and spare part sellers from all across the US.

Yo!Rent - An Advanced Rental eCommerce Marketplace Software

Developed after a thorough study of leading online rental marketplaces, Yo!Rent aims to revolutionize the rent economy by providing aspiring entrepreneurs a swift & solid way to launch a scalable rental marketplace for dresses, furniture, books, equipment, hardware, travel gear, electronics, sports gear and much more.

Best Solution to Build Rental Marketplace

Powerful Rental Marketplace Features

Multi-vendor functionality

Yo!Rent is the ideal solution to build a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace. Each vendor gets a separate dashboard from which they can manage their orders, products, and various other settings. To boost sales, vendors can also create catalogs and cart promotions on their mini-store.

Renting/Selling Option

Yo!Rent gives vendors the flexibility to both rent or sell their products online. This is achieved by specifying a separate rental/selling price for listings. Products can also be made unavailable for rent on selected days. Customers can extend the duration of rent at an additional cost or purchase the product by paying the full amount.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Yo!Rent’s real-time inventory management system gives you the much-needed control on your rental marketplace. Vendors can manage their inventory, respond in time to serve customers while ensuring accurate and prompt coordination of stock. This system helps you to respond effectively to the supply chain needs.

Mobile Ready eCommerce Platform

With Yo!Rent, you get an online rental marketplace platform that works seamlessly on all screen sizes, orientation, & platform. The responsive layout of the system is built keeping UX & conversion in mind; therefore, will help marketplace owners generate more rentals across all desktop & mobile devices.

Customizable System

New features & functionalities can be easily added to Yo!Rent-powered peer to peer rental marketplaces. The system is flexible enough to support multiple revenue streams - commission, subscription, advertisement, affiliate, and more - thus, offers a lot of scope for future scaling.

User Friendly CMS

Yo!Rent's robust & intuitive content management system makes it super easy for rental marketplace owners to make necessary changes in their website, such as adding/removing products, update product descriptions, and update other crucial website details.

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Yo!Rent Pricing

GoQuick Package

Limited Period Offer
$999 $1999
Pay $250 Now, rest after 3 months
  • Fully Owned License,
  • No Recurring Payments.

GoCustom Package

Limited Period Offer
$5999 $6999
Pay 40% upfront, rest in milestones. ?
  • 40% Upfront prior to starting work
  • 30% on completion of designing phase prior to start of development phase
  • 30% on completion of the project, prior to moving files to your server.
  • Fully Owned License,
  • No Recurring Payments.

Package Includes

What you will get? GoQuick Package GoCustom Package
Design Default Resposive Design(Non exclusive rights) ? Client gets the non-exclusive rights to the work performed and FATbit can resell the code, design, documents, etc., to other clients. The client can use the work delivered on any number of domains owned by the client. The client cannot resell the work delivered and reselling rights will be owned by FATbit. Custom Resposive Design? For Custom Design - We do custom design for following pages:
  • Homepage
  • 9 Inner Pages - Accessible without login
  • User dashboard pages redesigning is excluded but, we will customize the look and feel to match with the pages we are redesigning
(Exclusive rights)? Client can hire FATbit under 'Work Made For Hire' engagement model, consequently Client owns all rights on the work performed including: source code, design, and documents. FATbit does not resell the same code, design, and documents to any other client. However, FATbit can work on similar projects and rebuild the software/application for other clients.
Full Source Code (Excluding Framework) (Excluding Framework)
Domain License(s)



Editable Design
Installation Free? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings. Free? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings.
Additional Development

USD 18 per hour For non exclusive rights

USD 25 per hour For exclusive rights

USD 18 per hour For non exclusive rights

USD 25 per hour For exclusive rights

Payment Options for Indian Customers: Indian clients can make payment via NEFT or IMPS. GST will be charged as applicable.

*SSL integration cost: Without AWS: $100 and With AWS : $175.

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Insights On Online Rental Industry (2019 - 2023)

The expansion of the rental industry has accommodated the future of all other industries. Many industries have understood the benefits and adopted a rental model into their business.

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Rental Marketplace App with Yo!Rent
Rental Marketplace App Solution

Advanced Features of Rental eCommerce Platform

The order interface displays all key details - shipping status, payment status, etc. in one place, and can be coupled with a multiple quick search tool to make the whole order management process effortless.

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Work Progress Transparency

Get timely project progress updates through our inhouse project management system.

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