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Vivocabs is our answer to entrepreneurs who are looking for an on demand mobile based taxi app solution to kickstart an Uber-like business. Our solution offers features that are backed by in-depth market analysis and a user experience that's a joy to explore every time the app is launched.

  • Developed on a holistic design.
  • Choc-a-bloc with modern & exclusive features.
  • Engaging & user-friendly Interface.
  • Major payment gateways supported.
  • Competitive Pricing.
white label taxi app solution

Why VivoCabs for your Cab Booking Business

You can't expect to make an impact in a competitive market with a run of the mill app. Hence our solution - VivoCabs, a sophisticated, interactive, and feature-rich app that puts maximum control in the hands of the app owner.

Hiring a team of dedicated developers, designers, business analysts is both a time and cost intensive affair. With our premium turnkey solution, you can say goodbye to all that hassle and set your focus on the launch.

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VivoCabs Comes with all Essential Features

Fare Estimator

Fare estimator is a useful feature that allows riders to know the cost of their trip before confirming a booking. To get an estimate, the riders need to enter their pickup location, destination and the ride-type.

Driver Verification

Upon a ride-match, the driver’s personal information such as name, license number, and a photo is made available to the rider. Also, before starting a ride, the driver needs to enter an OTP, which is sent to the rider’s registered mobile number.

Share Ride Details

After ride booking confirmation, the riders can easily share the ride details with their contacts using any of the instant messaging apps installed on their smartphone.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking uses high-precision GPS that allows riders to quickly look up the accurate location of nearby drivers. This way, riders can make an informed decision about their booking.

Car Selection

The riders are offered a wide range of car-booking options. Depending on the individual preference of the rider, they can select the car that best suits their purpose or preference of the ride.

Confirm/Cancel trip

Once a ride is matched for the selected pickup and drop off location, the riders can easily go ahead and confirm their booking. In case, they have a change of plan, they can also cancel their ride.


SOS is a safety feature in the app that allows riders to send an SMS to all their emergency contacts in case they sense danger. The alert message bears driver’s name, contact, cab registration number and their current location.

Call Your Driver

To discuss any queries or get a quick update, the riders can directly call the drivers on a number provided in the app. Riders use their carrier’s services to make the call and the same is chargable.

Promotion Code

Riders are awarded special discounts for promoting the app to other people. After a successful promotion, the riders can apply the code and get a discount on their booking.

Easy Payment

Riders can make payment for their ride using cash, credit/debit card, or a variety of e-wallets available on the app. A wide range of payment options is key to attract a large audience.


A self-intuitive, web interface is presented to the driver to upload verification documents for registration. Once the verification is complete, the driver can start offering rides.

Easy Sign-in/out

By using a simple sign-in/out options, drivers can set their availability for offering rides. This allows them to work on their own schedule and exercise maximum flexibility.


Drivers are able to send status updates to the passenger at various times during the trip such as - accepting/rejecting a trip or upon reaching a pickup point or a drop off location.


New booking request are displayed and assigned on a first come first served basis. The drivers can view the pickup point and the drop off location to plan their trip in advance.


After accepting a trip, the drivers can use the navigation feature to reach the rider’s location.Driver can select either the app’s in-built navigation or choose to redirect to Google Maps.

Booking History

A well-defined log of driver’s booking history is kept on the app for quick reference. Here the driver can fetch details about the status of all the trips, including the cancelled ones.

Rating & Review

The rating and review section allows the drivers to share their trip experience such as leave comments about rider’s behaviour, route/detour, or a special request for certain feature addition.

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Admin Panel

Profile Management

This option serves as the central point for an admin to view and manage everything from rating, review and history of all rides for different drivers and riders on the platform.

VivoCabs profile management feature

Ride Details

Having maximum control on everything that goes on the platform is vital for an admin. Under ride details section, admin can pull up the history of all the rides along with the name of drivers and riders.

VivoCabs admin feature

Transaction Management

The transaction management panel helps admin to extract report of total earning by the business within a specified time frame. This proves useful in subsequent policy formulation.

VivoCabs transaction management feature

Fare Management

Admin has the rights to manage different fares for different cities based on the type of vehicle. Features like surge pricing can be enabled based on the day of the week and time of day.

Fare management feature


Whether it's the start of service in a new area or discontinuation in an existing one, the admin can add/remove cities/provinces or states with relative ease.

Geo fencing - VivoCabs admin feature

A safe and secure platform is the basis for any successful online business. To that end, drivers are sent a unique one-time password via sms to complete the registration and login.

An online platform attracts a wide-array of vehicles. Admin can add/edit new vehicle categories and manage their fare depending on the make/model and specific city guidelines.

Admin can set/change SMTP mail settings, manage site settings, social media templates, payment gateways and social networking site as per his/her unique requirements.

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Mobile Apps Pricing

Ride and Drive appUSD 1499* $1999

*without source code

Ride and Drive appUSD 1499* $1999

*without source code

Android + iOS AppsUSD 1999* $3998

*without source code

Full source code for mobile apps available at an additional cost. Need more details?
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VivoCabs is an ideal cab booking software for anyone planning to launch a cab booking mobile app like Uber. Our both iOS and Android apps are quality tested to work flawlessly under demanding circumstances.

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White Label Reseller Partnership - VivoCabs

Become a white label partner with VivoCabs and resell our solution under your brand name. Our white label program enables you to focus on selling the cab bookig app solution and controlling the profits while we stay anonymous. VivoCabs team will be your outsourcing and final deployment partner.

Expand Business Reach
Expand Business Reach
Rebrand and Resell
Rebrand and Resell
Additional Revenue Stream
Additional Revenue Stream
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I'd like to have my brand identity reflected in the solution. Does VivoCabs support redesigning/rebranding?

Yes. Our solution is 100% white-label; that means the customer application and driver application can be redesigned with your brand name, logo, etc.

Is it possible to integrate additional payment gateways, map APIs, and other third-party services?

Yes, as a customizable solution, VivoCabs can be integrated with additional payment gateways, map services, and several other third party services. Please get in touch with our support team to discuss more.

How long does it take to set up the solution and get it ready for launch?

Usually, the applications can be set up in less than a week after which you're ready to launch your solution.

Can VivoCabs be used to develop web/mobile applications for other modes of transport like Bikes, Trucks, Autorickshaw?

Absolutely. Our solution is quite flexible and can be customized for different types of transport. Please contact our support team to discuss your requirements in detail.

Do you provide source code?

Yes, we provide the source code of the application. For more details about pricing and process, please contact us.

Is there any additional monthly subscription or annual subscription cost involved in the product?

No. Once you buy VivoCabs, you acquire a lifetime license to use it.

Is translation available for Vivo Cabs Front end and back end into any other language?

Translation functionality can be added to VivoCabs at an additional cost.

Do you provide technical support after the purchase?

Yes, VivoCabs comes with 1-year free technical support.

Do you have features like dynamic pricing or Automatic mapping with Driver?

Yes. The detailed feature list is here

Do I need to have a minimum fleet size in order to use this application?

The system is quite flexible to handle very small to large size fleets.

Do you have a limit on the number of drivers that can be registered on the driver's app?

No, currently there is no limit on the number of drivers that can be registered on the driver app. With the increase in the number of users, you may need a powerful server.

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