Big Data And Content Marketing Journey – Reach the Right Customer With Your Content

Big Data And Content Marketing Journey – Reach the Right Customer With Your Content

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FATbit Mashobra Trip

Mashobra Mania: FATbit Takes a Break from Technologies

With the third quarter of 2018 about to pass, it was time for Team FATbit to take some days off the routine. The year has been going great so far, and a much-needed getaway was calling. This is the story of FATbit Family’s excursion to Mashobra, a scenic town near the picturesque Shimla.

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Online Event Venue Rental Website

Events Venue Rental Website – Features and Business Model

Renting out space for personal use was a fairly new concept few years back. Ever since Airbnb has marked its presence, people have started understanding sharing economy better. Hosting an event requires a lot of planning. The activities can include hiring entertainers to decorating interiors, event planner has to perform a lot of tasks. The need of the hour is to launch a event venue booking platform. Learn more about the business idea here.

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Ecommerce Marketplace Challenges

6 Challenges To Tackle When Creating an Ecommerce Marketplace

The Internet has changed the way the activity of selling is conducted. To provide a frictionless shopping experience and entrepreneurs across the globe want to be a part of the e-commerce sphere and start their own marketplace to earn a profit. To make an educated decision while starting out, they must know the challenges and their solution. Continue reading to know more.

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Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

5 Reasons Behind High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate (with Solution)

From long checkout forms to delayed shipping, this article addresses all the major reasons behind high shopping cart abandonment rate. In this article, we list reasons behind cart abandonment along with their solutions to improve the conversion rate. Continue reading to know more.

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Start Online Rental Marketplace

Build Product Renting & Selling Marketplace with Yo!Rent

As customers evolve and embrace the online world with all its glory, renting unused items is a pragmatic and good source of revenue. Now, people can easily rent and sell unused products. Start your renting and selling marketplace with YoRent.

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Online Bag Customization Business

Business Analysis and Critical Features of Custom Bag Websites

The latest trend for customers is to own customized product which is made specifically for them. This new trend has made a huge hole in the market for various products which can be customizable. A lot of customers would want to carry around bags which are customized. Before you jump into the business, understand the working, revenue model and industry giants of custom bag website. Read more to get insight into the lucrative business

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