What were you Thinking While you Made such Podcast Mistakes?

Podcast has been around for quite some time as internet hasn’t stopped bloating. It is a form of digital media entailing episodic series of audio, radio, video, PDF, or ePub files that are subscribed and downloaded through web syndication. The

Xmas Greetings and a Happy New Year from FATbit Technologies

Christmas brings snow, gifts and joy;  Also family, laughter and toys.  So, let’s raise glasses to holler ‘Merry Christmas’;  For today is a good day  And 2013 can only be better. Christmas is a time of having meal over laughter

Potential in Mobile Commerce, Growth Trends and Requirements
Potential in Mobile Commerce, Growth Trends and Requirements

Growth of mobile commerce has improved the shopping experience of customers. As customers prefer to complete their online shopping experience on the move, there is huge potential for entrepreneurs launching a custom mobile application. In this blog post, you will understand the potential in m-commerce, growth trends and requirements.

How to Create a Clean and Neat Web Design (Updated for 2019)

There is something about a clean web design that is very luring; non-designers often use the words ‘neat and simple’ to define it. Designing minds, on the other hand, use much complex vocabulary for explanation. It is a popular perception

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How To Choose The Best Website Design Outsourcing Firm?

The numerous ideas present on the internet complicate the decision-making process for end-users. With so many individuals claiming to be experts, it gets difficult to narrow down your options and distinguish reliable service providers from unreliable ones. The same applies

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