online cab booking portal
Launching Online Cab Booking Website in India? Clone these Features in your Portal

With time online travel agencies, travel review sites, travelogues, etc have gained popularity. With all travel booking gradually moving online, the industry soon found the need to have dedicated platforms for online cab booking portals as well. Indian players have been late to adapt to this development but are soon catching up. This blog post will make you familiar with online taxi booking industry basics, technical requirements, business challenges, and software requirements. So those

Website Quality Assurance
Outsource Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Services to Offshore Professionals

Software testing is something companies invest enough time and money into. Like any software, a website also demands thorough testing by professionals to insure all bottlenecks to its efficient performance online are reported on time. Browser testing, functional testing, performance testing, etc are some common testing procedures outsourced to professional website testing teams. Through this quick blog post, learn how they discover bugs, issues and errors in a website and ensure that they are

How Can Realtors Fight Negative Links or Fraud Reviews Online

Real estate companies and investment firms are often affected by bad online reputation and defamation with negative reviews, spam links generated by competitors and declared as fraud by dissatisfied customers. Realtors dealing in complex investment plans and ventures are also bombarded with negative reviews. As a web services brand, FATbit understands what negative links & resources can do if left untreated. FATbit has been helping B2B and B2B industries in maintaining a positive brand

Online membership portal
Gym Membership Portal- Custom Designed and Developed by FATbit

FATbit with its experienced design and development team has successfully launched many complex online stores, website and portals. It is now working on a Gym Membership Portal: a unique concept which acts as a combination of being a fitness directory and an online store. This portal (when live) will allow fitness related businesses like chain of gyms, clubs, yoga trainers, athletics instructors and other fitness related businesses to market their business and attract memberships.

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Best Non Profit Websites that Attract – Engage – Convert Donors Easily

It’s high time for nonprofit websites to change and step ahead for reaching out to a vast pool of supporters, volunteers, contributors and participants available online and attracts more donations. No more can they expect to get more donations and connect with more people if they maintain a boring and outdated online presence that appeals to no one. Here are some tips shared by FATbit design experts with the help of industry best examples

crowdfunding website features
Advanced Features List to Launch The Best Crowdfunding Website

To successfully launch a crowdfunding website clone, you need a script that promises best features and also the flexibility to add new ones. Read on to learn about key features that can make any platform the most popular fundraising website online. With many cheap clones available in the market, we will advise startups to analyze their inbuilt features and only then invest in the most advanced and competitive web solution.

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PPC Rip Off Companies
How to Find PPC Rip-off Companies and Manage Your Low Cost PPC Campaign?

Though Google markets AdWords as a super easy way of promoting businesses online. FATbit digital marketers have however always said that you must not spend any money on PPC if you don’t have the desired expertise. Startups and small businesses want instant traffic from a tight marketing budget. They then go ahead and hire PPC rip off companies who make false promises and pay little attention to such small budget accounts. Learn how to

must have features for an online food delivery app
Tips to Make Your Online Food Delivery System Succeed

Online food ordering and delivery websites like UberEats and its competitors GrubHub, Delivery Hero & Just Eat have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Such websites have made the food delivery process much more convenient and given rise to these platforms Startups and opportunists are thus looking for Ubereats and GrubHub like platforms that can help them instantly launch their online food delivery business. Here is a blog post that