How to Build an On-Demand Handyman App Like Taskrabbit
Thumbnail - Multi Vendor Food Ordering System
How Does an Online Food Ordering System Work

A multi vendor food ordering system lets entrepreneurs manage their food businesses efficiently. In this article, we will explore the workflow of such a system and will see through the benefits for new and existing businesses. We will also discuss why a multi vendor system is ideal for food businesses.

Yorent thumbnail FedEx
How to Build Courier Delivery App like FedEx

FedEx has been catering to the demand for courier deliveries across the globe with its efficient platform and business model. Here’s how you can build a logistics delivery business like FedEx.

Rental Software to Launch & Scale Online Baby Equipment Rental Business

Help parents find reliable and hygienic baby gear anywhere by launching an online baby equipment rental business.

How to Start An Online Coaching Business?

The demand for online coaching platforms across the world has shown positive growth. In this blog, we describe in detail, trends, market size, features, and approaches to scale an online coaching business.

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Step to start online tutoring business
5 Steps to Start an Online Tutoring Business

In this blog, you can read the key steps to start an online tutoring business

How to Build a Peer to Peer Marketplace

There are hundreds of peer-to-peer marketplaces in the market today covering all the needs of the modern population. This article covers why are these marketplaces popular, what are the common challenges of these marketplaces, the key players in this industry, and what it takes to build a successful peer-to-peer business.

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Farm Equipment Rental – Key Trends & Potential of Software Technologies Ahead

Digitalization is in full-swing across the farm equipment rental industry. In this blog, we take a look at the growth trajectory of the rental market, the key drivers of change, and later discuss the benefits arising out of modern farm rental management software.

FATbit Announces Release of Yo!Kart V10 – Easy Migration from Shopify, Enhanced UI/UX, New Features, and APIs

Proudly presenting the latest version of our multi-vendor marketplace software - Yo!Kart V10. The new version introduces new features and enhancements, new APIs pre-integrated, easy data migration from Shopify, interactive UI/UX, and a lot more.