New-Age Rental Business Ideas in Sharing Economy for Digital Entrepreneurs

New-Age Rental Business Ideas in Sharing Economy for Digital Entrepreneurs

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5 Trends Driving Changes in Online Food Ordering and Delivery Business

Trends govern the shape and profitability of an industry. For food ordering and delivery businesses, the consumer’s preference is a highly important factor for the changing trends. The fastest-growing sector has been releasing innovative ideas and businesses to become sustainable. In this post, we have listed trends that are influencing food ordering and delivery businesses.

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What you Should Know Before Going for Mobile App Redesign?

Knowing when your app is due for a redesign is crucial for its success. You need to figure out multiple aspects like ongoing trends in app design and a clear idea of the app’s layout. The entire process can turn out to be chaotic if you do not enlist the help of a mobile app redesign company. You must find a way to maintain your app’s unique propositions while creating brand new designs.

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Growcer Now Comes with Interactive Mobile Apps for Delivery Agents

Gone are the days when grocery delivery used to be an intimidating task. With current dynamics in mind, FATbit recently launched mobile apps for its feature-packed grocery software, Growcer. These mobile apps for delivery agents will help them manage orders & deliveries more efficiently. Read here to know about different features of these delivery apps and understand how they can be of great help to the grocery business.

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Business Model Innovations: Components and Types with Examples

The discovery of a business model is when the c-level executive of a firm sets out to discover and describe (through components) how their firm will capture and create value. A firm may already be in the market, but not necessarily have all the components of a business model figured out. After analyzing each component of the business model, they can then decide if the value is being derived, the revenue model and the

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Experiential Travel - Unlocking Opportunities for Entrepreneurs (Featured)
The Rising Trend of Experiential Travel: Unlocking Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

The experiential and adventure activity segment perfectly conveys the idea of more local, adventurous, immersive and active forms of travel. Travelers believe that excursions, attractions, events and activities make their travel experience better at an emotional level. Long underestimated, experiential travel and adventure activities are now crowned as the next big growth segment. Continue reading to know more on growth within this segment, strategy to launch your own experiential and adventure activity booking business.

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What is a Two-Sided Marketplace and How to Build one?

A two-sided marketplace business model is both simple and complex. Such a marketplace model enables you to sell products or services like any other marketplace, but without owning, manufacturing, or selling these products or services. Wonder how do you provide value then? Continue reading to learn more.

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