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Reinvent The Way Of Food Ordering & Delivery With Yo!Yumm

Build your online food delivery business by leveraging our power-packed solution - Yo!Yumm. Manage the marketplace with a contemporary admin dashboard built to tackle the modern business demands. With robust designs and impeccable capabilities, Yo!Yumm will enable you to take the 'next progressive step' in your food journey. It’s your time to lead the market with faster, securer and high performing web & mobile apps that will help you serve your customers "on the go".

Seller/Merchant App

Ensure a wider reach with Yo!Yumm's robust seller apps that are specially designed to complement online businesses. With the help of these agile apps, sellers can effectively analyze their sales, fulfill orders, manage offers and quickly respond to the buyers.

Buyer App

Empower buyers with an interactive mobile application that helps them satisfy their craving by exploring popular nearby restaurants. With an intuitive interface that makes it easy to place orders and offering lucrative deals with easy payment options, Yo!Yumm ensures great food delivery on the customer's doorstep.

Delivery Staff App

Yo!Yumm comes with an advanced mobile app that enables a delivery agent to successfully manage order delivery status, profile updates, navigate to buyer/seller location, view wallet transactions, etc.

A Scalable Solution Made To Keep Your Business Running During COVID-19

Contactless Deliveries To Limit Exposure

As the fear of coronavirus intensifies, consumers wish to limit their exposure to the outside world. Entail a superior online food delivery experience by offering contactless deliveries to the customers as well as the fleet. The customers have the freedom to opt for zero contact deliveries by simply mentioning it while placing orders.

Encouraging Cashless Payments With Zero Contact Streams

Are your customers hesitant about making and accepting cash payments? Eliminate transacting via cash and stay ahead of your competition with electronic payment methods. Limit the delivery personnel, customers, & merchants exposure to COVID-19 by promoting cashless payments. Enable customers to choose their preferred payment option with our robust food ordering system.

Safer Food Deliveries with Geofencing

Provide restaurateurs with the option to deliver food in their preferred delivery zone with Geofencing. Allow restaurants to set virtual boundaries and ensure customer’s safety with this location-aware feature. Leverage this advanced-feature to offer a safer online food delivery experience to your customers.

Easy Curbside Pickup Amid Covid-19

Serve your customers from a safe distance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Enable users to place orders online and collect it from the restaurant with Curbside Pick up. The customers will receive notifications once the order is ready for pick up with this advanced feature.

COVID-19 Notification Pop-Ups

Notify customers about the hygiene practices and the initiatives being taken against COVID-19 for safer food deliveries. With this feature, keep customers informed on a regular basis via pop-up notifications. Reassure customers by maintaining transparency about the safety practices being followed.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Yo!Yumm’s Phenomenal Features

Track Delivery

With Yo!Yumm, launch a food ordering marketplace that entails a wide variety of features. Integrated Google maps functionality enables easy real-time location tracking of the delivery staff. Get instantly notified whenever the delivery personnel reaches to pick-up the order.

Push Notification

Restaurant owners will receive instant notifications for every critical activity taking place on the platform with this feature. Never miss an order as this feature enables restaurants to get notified whenever an order is placed, delivered, and payments are received.

Easy Restaurant Management

With our online food delivery solution, the merchants can log into the application using secure credentials. All restaurants added within a single merchant account can be easily accessed and managed using one application.

Tracking Payments

To enable easy payment tracking, our online food ordering software comes with this powerful feature. View the status of all pending payments and the payments received. You can also swipe to payment histories using this advanced feature.

Support And Assistance

Build an engaging and feature-packed marketplace with Yo!Yumm. In case of any bugs and errors, the restaurant can seek assistance from the admin for smooth operations. Get immediate assistance for any possible errors and experience trouble-free operations.

Comprehensive Daily Sales Updates

Know how your food ordering portal is performing with Yo!Yumm’s advanced analytics. Formulate comprehensive strategies by getting daily sales updates and monthly reports for various key metrics such as traffic source and signups.

Instant Reply To Reviews

Launching a marketplace has been made easy with Yo!Yumm. Reach out to a wider audience by achieving customer loyalty. Communicate with customers directly by instantly replying to reviews. The marketplace owner can moderate reviews as per his discretion.

Order Management

Launch a feature-rich food ordering marketplace with Yo!Yumm. Hover through multiple orders instantly using the order management feature. Streamline order processing and check order histories whenever required.

Menu Management

Practice easy management of catalogues with Yo!Yumm’s menu management feature. Update menus by marking items as available or unavailable based on demand and customer’s choice.

Restaurant Listing (based on geolocation)

Customers can choose from a variety of restaurants listed on the website based on geolocation filtering. Enhance the experience of your customers by allowing them to filter their search based on their current location.

Multiple Payment Options

Yo!Yumm entails a variety of payment options for payment convenience. Additional payment options can also be added by getting our food ordering website customized. Customers can also pay using digit wallets and cash on delivery.

Reviews & Ratings

Yo!Yumm comes with an inbuilt reviews & rating system. This feature enables the users to leave authentic reviews and ratings based on the quality of services being offered. Build trust and draw more customers to your online food ordering marketplace.

Reward Points

Yo!Yumm comes with this advanced feature which enables the customers to gain extra reward points on every order placed. These reward points can later be used to earn discounts on the next order. Attract more customers to the website with exciting offers and benefits.

Takeaway Options

Yo!Yumm’s customer centric feature allows customers to select takeaway options. Customers can opt to pick-up their orders themselves. With this feature, customers can place an order, make payment and schedule an offline takeaway as per convenience.

Order Tracking

With Yo!Yumm’s robust marketplace solution, launch a website that houses customer centric features. This feature enables customers to track their orders in real-time. Receive notifications to stay updated about the order status.

User Registration

Yo!Yumm has been designed to empower you to render a rich user experience through the food ordering marketplace. Create exceptional customer experiences with easy registration feature. Social media integrations allow customers to register using different login methods.

Advanced Search

With Yo!Yumm, an online food ordering marketplace system, customers visiting the website will be able to filter out their choices by entering keywords. The advanced search feature will enable customers to easily select restaurants and dishes.

Discounts & Offers

Discounts and offers are fundamental to every food ordering website. This feature becomes an essential part of the website with Yo!Yumm. Offer your customers the best deals and experience recurring sales.

Delivery Management

Yo!Yumm’s food ordering software comes with this exemplary feature which empowers the delivery personnel to manage multiple deliveries in one-go. The delivery staff can properly view the orders and schedule accordingly.

Secure Login

To maintain data security and privacy of the delivery staff, our robust online food ordering software comes with this feature. The delivery staff can securely log into their account to accept/reject orders. They can also update profiles whenever required.

Push Notifications

This key feature inbuilt in our online food ordering software helps the delivery staff to streamline all orders effectively The delivery staff will receive instant notifications and stay always updated when a new order is received for delivery.

Manage Multiple Deliveries Using The App

Yo!Yumm offers intuitive mobile apps using which The delivery staff can administer multiple delivery requests and practice easy organization of orders. The delivery staff can accept or reject orders as per schedule.

Real-Time Tracking

With integrated Google maps functionality in Yo!Yumm, the delivery staff can conveniently view the full route and commute to the location of delivery without any hassle. This powerful feature promotes easy navigation for the delivery staff.

Convenience Of Operating

Our online food ordering solution comes with this unique feature where the delivery staff is allowed to mark their availability. The delivery personnel can mark themselves as active or inactive. With this feature, only the active delivery staff will receive orders.

Packed With All Features To Make Your Food Ordering Marketplace Successful

An Admin Dashboard Designed For The Ease Of Use & Efficiency


Yo!Yumm enables the admin to run multiple restaurants using a single account, thereby making it extremely easy to manage restaurant details, menus, offers, orders, reviews, and payments from one place. The admin also has an option to add sub-users for effective management of different restaurants.

Restaurant Review

What’s a food ordering marketplace without helpful reviews that could simplify decision making for customers? Yo!Yumm's built-in restaurant review and rating system brings transparency, helping your business earn customers' trust. The admin can edit and moderate the reviews as per discretion.


Sell food wherever you want! Our online food ordering and delivery system supports multiple languages that enables the admin to streamline the business expansion process and cater to local clients. With the ability to serve more than 240 languages, you can start your business in any region.

Marketing Modules

Our food delivery marketplace is loaded with enriching features like affiliate programs and advertising to help you generate maximum revenue. Yo!Yumm packs the functionality to run customer loyalty programs, affiliate programs, advertisement requests, and discount offers that play a crucial role in generating additional orders and increase market penetration.

Customer Insights

Understanding customer behavior is pivotal from the strategy point of view. That’s why our food ordering and delivery software leverages powerful analytics to generate data on diverse platform matrices. .

Control Over Restaurant

With Yo!Yumm’s insightful features, the admin can add or remove restaurants from the platform as per discretion. Manage every operation taking place on the website efficiently with the help of this feature. Delivery management and managing withdrawal requests has been made convenient with our feature-rich online food ordering system.

Build a Feature-Packed Online Food Ordering & Delivery marketplace

Take a Glance at the Food Ordering & Delivery Platform

By leveraging our cross-functional platform Yo!Yumm, we offer both web portal and mobile applications for buyers, merchants, and delivery staff at the same price. No matter if you need a cutting edge web portal or an interactive mobile application, Yo!Yumm is there to help you!

User-friendly Frontend
Organized Admin Dashboard
Advanced Merchant Dashboard

Access All Possible Revenue Channels With Yo!Yumm

With the escalating growth of the FMCG sector across the world, there’s a huge demand for online food ordering & delivery solutions in the market. Maximize your business's profit margin by exploring all possible revenue channels with Yo!Yumm.

On-site Restaurant
Commission From
Third Party
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