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A platform designed to shape the future of language learning.

While searching the internet for nine hours I landed on the webpage of FATbit Technologies and read their articles. I was highly impressed by their knowledge. After reading their web page extensively, I believed they were the best fit for what I was looking for and what I wanted.

Kelly Carroll, Founder & Teacher at WeYakYak

The Mission

Keeping the Christian ideology and verses in mind, Kelly Carroll (Founder of WeYakYak) had a mission to ensure quality learning and retention to expand knowledge for people.

"For WeYakYak, we have a great sense of obligation to people in both the civilized world and the rest of the world, to the educated and uneducated alike"

(Romans 1:14)
WeYakYak = "We talk-talk"

According to Kelly, language changes many things for students, and her mission from the beginning was to ensure quality learning and retention to expand knowledge for people. Her main goal was to share cultures and provide online language learning that is fun and engaging. She wanted to help students speak clearly and confidently in their chosen language of study. She also wished to help and reach out to communities on a global scale and deliver different yet impactful experiences for students.

The Challenge

Despite the presence of countless language learning websites, Kelly wanted to build another platform and deliver something different through it. She wished to keep the convenience of students and teachers first and dreamt of building a platform that would connect the world. The already existing websites did not suit the teachers' schedules, family life, and income.

Kelly wanted to overcome those limitations and wanted a platform that makes teaching functional and relevant to today's growing inclusion of technology. The only hindrance in her path was how to put her ideas and dreams into execution.

We enable our clients to lead the change in their industries.

Working with the FATbit Technologies helped us eliminate the challenges involved in building a comprehensive website for our vision.

Kelly Carroll, Founder & Teacher at WeYakYak

The Solution

We successfully accomplished Kelly's vision with WeYakYak which was built using FATbit's eLearning platform (a customizable solution) - Yo!Coach. Developed on a highly intuitive platform, WeYakYak ensured an effective and efficient collaboration between the learners and teachers. With a strategic approach and simplified UI/UX, it redefined the way of online language learning. We also eliminated the outdated, expensive, and traditional learning techniques while elevating every learner's and teacher's experience.

The functionalities of Yo!Coach enabled WeYakYak to give complete freedom to the teachers to schedule classes as per their availability and remuneration. Yo!Coach gave a proper direction to Kelly's vision and curbed the pain points of the end-users. WeYakYak is now driving positive outcomes for the inspired learners around the world and has become a prominent name in the language learning industry making it stand out among its competitors.

Creating Unparalleled Experiences

In an era where consumer expectations, technology, and data availability is multiplying at exponential rates, it was important for us to deliver an experience that entices the customers to buy the product. We worked to ensure a successful collaboration between the learners and teachers by integrating advanced features and functionality required in an online language learning portal. We focused on delivering the purpose to clients.

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As all the lessons were to be delivered online, we integrated a third-party API (AtomChat) to implement video call functionality with features like screen sharing, screen recording, audio/video notes, and many more.


To keep a common space between the learners and teachers, we came up with a feature where teachers could upload files (.doc/.pdf) for the easy access of the learners.


To showcase and open all the documents shared by the teachers, a whiteboard came into use with several features like highlight text, pen, text, shapes, zoom, etc.


During the lessons, the teacher or student might want to take notes. To facilitate this, we offered TextPad to write and make notes while taking lessons for both learners and teachers.


To make it easy for the learners and teachers to communicate, a chat option was integrated into the system.


Keeping in mind that the students are learning a new language and it may take time for them to memorize the words. This feature assists the learner to create the flashcards wherein they can review the flashcard to revise new words.


Understanding that the users can be from different countries, we also offered the GeoLocation feature that would automatically detect the user location. This feature will help other important functionalities such as auto-selection of the time zone, currency, and language.


Considering the nature of the online teaching business, we integrated the solution with the multi-currency feature. The prices on the website were displayed to the users in their selected currency and the final payment was automatically converted and accepted in US dollars.


Teachers can decide their own hours for which they will be available and work as much or as little as they want.


Allowing the teacher to define the course price and course availability. This also includes the count of lessons with the availability of the teacher making it convenient for the student to check the availability of teachers and schedule their lessons.

Walk through the demo to know all the features of Yo!Coach
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The Result

Today, WeYakYak is doing good as compared to other online language learning websites. The business has impacted countries where the remuneration of teachers is little to nothing. It gives teachers the liberty to set their session rates and build a career through this amazing service of teaching online. Within a short span of time, it has become the favourite portal of students for learning a new language. Students love WeYakYak for endless browsing and the liberty of choosing the teacher as per their preferences.

WeYakYak liberates students to browse for the teacher that best suits them and book as per the availability of the teacher. The students can come to the website and learn different languages while sitting anywhere with an internet connection. With a team of 60+ teachers, WeYakYak strives to be the change in the world of language learning. WeYakYak is still expanding with the collaboration of teachers and students.

"Within a short span of time, it has become the favourite portal of students for learning a new language. Students love WeYakYak for endless browsing and the liberty of choosing the teacher as per their preferences."

Digital Transformation

Kelly has been particularly happy hiring FATbit Technologies to make her dream a reality. The business is still in its beta phase and has already acquired a recognizable customer base. Kelly is really looking forward to taking this website and business to the next level.

Weyakyak Media Coverage

A popular news channel NewsWatch in the USA also covered WeYakYak highlighting its features and how it is a complete package for online language learners. NewsWatch mentioned WeYakYak as a user-friendly platform that can be accessed by the learners sitting anywhere in the world.

Special Mentions


The Daily Hunt listed WeYakYak at the top in the list of Top Online Learning Websites in 2020 The article mentioned WeYakYak as a great platform where students and learners can connect with each other as per their convenience. It also emphasized on the objective of WeYakYak to teach learners about cultural diversity across the globe via fun online language learning sessions.


YourStory also listed WeYakYak as a good business idea to explore the booming eCommerce industry. They promoted WeYakYak as a platform where learners can learn different languages like English, Russian, Spanish, French, etc. online from native speakers around the world.

Proven to perform!

The FATbit team was constantly on top of this project and its timeline. They were diligent in delivering outstanding service and valued our relationship every step of the way. I felt like my project, expectations and needs were always a top priority. It was great to work on both sides that involved late night and early morning hours for communication, the team was fully supportive despite the global time difference.

KELLY Carroll, Founder & Teacher at WeYakYak

We strive to design, build, and launch experiences that redefine language learning in the constantly evolving digital era.
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