Farm-to-Door Fresh Food Ordering & Delivery Platform

  • Country: Croatia
  • Platform: Web & Mobile Apps
  • Solution Implemented: Growcer
Panvia case study

About Panvia

About Panvia

About Panvia

Panvia partnered with FATbit Technologies to start an online platform that can deliver fresh food from local farmers to the community. They chose Growcer- our ecommerce grocery software, to set up a web application where customers could buy local products and a mobile application for delivery staff to manage and track deliveries.


Design & Development

Client & Location

Panvia, Croatia

After examining the offers on the market, we decided that FATbit Technologies was offering the best solution- Growcer, matching the use-case we desired

Antonio Zivolic

One of the Founders of Panvia

Farm Food Ordering & Delivery Platform

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Farm-to-door Delivery Services

The Challenge

The main objective was to set up a platform that would enable the local community to order fresh food from local farms on a daily basis. The customers would, after selecting their products, decide about the delivery location, time and date. The last step in the process would be the delivery of the purchased products.

Business Challenges
Daily Fresh Food
Business Challenges 2
Delivery Locations
Business Challenges 3
Safe Delivery

The Solution

The FATbit team had a series of introductory meetings, where we explained the working of Growcer in-detail to the client and his team. We provided them with a demo server to test the software to make an informed decision.

We managed to launch the web application within four months, despite there being many requirements that were required specifically for the client's region, including a specific payment gateway and integration with other third-party software for tax purposes.

User Interface Designs
User ExperienceDesigns

Technology Stack

Fatbit Framwork

3rd Party Integration

Amazon Pay
Google Analytics integration in Yo!Kart
Mailchimp integration in Yo!Kart
Farmer Marketplace

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Farmer Marketplace

FATbit Technologies managed to deliver the website powered by Growcer, in a timely manner despite the extra requests for additional features that we gave during the development process. The team kept a daily communication throughout the project duration. They were responsive and approachable.

We liked the fact that the web application has an amazing admin interface that allowed us to modify most of our website without the need for redeployment or any other inputs needed from the FATbit team.

We were also impressed with the large number of third-party integrations that were available as default. It is worth mentioning that the FATbit team helped us at every step on the way and when deadlines were tight, they even worked on weekends. Some of the change requests were done free of charge which is something we appreciate.”

Antonio Zivolic

One of the Founders of Panvia

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