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Nexia Wellness

Virtual Health and Wellness Marketplace

The Mission

Mary Elizabeth Solis (Founder of Nexia Wellness) had a mission to build an online community of health and wellness experts, where she could connect individuals seeking good and reliable health providers. For personalized and optimal healing, she wanted to offer a "wholistic" approach that focuses on mind, body, and spirit and complements conventional medicine. So she came up with the idea to build an online platform, where conventional western medicine is merged with holistic health practices.

Key Requirements - Defining the Challenge

As a practicing pharmacist herself, Mary wanted to break the stigma surrounding holistic healing and improve the access to same without any geographical limitations. So she wanted to build a platform that offered:

  • Quick Bookings
  • Electronic Paperwork
  • Seamless Payments
  • GDPR Compliance

But the challenge was that she had no technical expertise to transform her mission into a reality and so she contacted FATbit Technologies.

The Solution

Mary's vision was successfully accomplished with Nexia Wellness, a platform designed by customizing FATbit's online consultation software, Yo!Coach. The platform was built by fusing agile ways with a human-centric approach for better communication between customers and healthcare providers. Additionally, our team designed the UI/UX of the platform in an intuitive way for a rich user experience keeping in mind the expansive range of use-cases.

Creating Unique Experiences

Embracing the power of technology, we enable aspiring entrepreneurs to unlock their business potential through novel solutions designed specifically for them. We offer a path built with technical expertise that entices customers and offers unique experiences to them. Advanced features and integrations further provide a seamless experience to end-users.

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To enable video chat functionality, we have integrated a third-party API (AtomChat). This allows for building client connections and having more secure video appointments with health providers. Features such as screen recording, screen sharing, audio/video notes, and more are also available.


Breaking the barriers of geographical limitations, the solution was integrated with the multi-currency feature. The prices on the website are displayed to the users in their selected currency. Stripe and Connect are also integrated into the solution.


This feature assists clients to create notes of the session held with the provider. They can also review the notes to revise a previous session or to get a brief about the consultation.


At the time of subscribing to a plan by a health provider, e-signing the document is required. This is done by canvas.


A health provider can define the price of a session be it for a client or a group session. This also includes two-way syncing of Google calendar where the clients can check the availability of the health provider to schedule a session.

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The Result

Today, Nexia Wellness is driving positive outcomes and the website is gathering several visitors. Since the launch of the Practitioner module, a sizable number of health providers have registered on the platform. Further, to deliver the best quality care, virtual sessions are being conducted through the platform.

"Within a short period, Nexia Wellness has gathered several visitors. A sizable number of health providers have registered. Even the clients are seeking consultation as per their preference."

Digital Transformation

The latest telehealth technology has been used to build Nexia Wellness. It incorporates tools like online booking, secure payment processing, electronic paperwork, a secure client engagement portal, intake forms, and much more.

Nexia Wellness

Mary has been happy hiring FATbit Technologies to make her dream a reality. The platform has been doing well. Now, Mary is looking to take the website to the next level.

We develop strategic digital consultation solutions as per the defined requisite so that businesses transcend boundaries and discover new horizons.
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