AirSide Chat

AirSide Chat

Online Consultation Platform To Connect Aviation Enthusiasts

The Mission

Sebastian Hall and Paul Tom Linson (Founders of AirSide Chat) had a mission to build an online consultation platform, designed to bring together aviation professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. Further, they wanted to build a unified platform that provides flexibility and accessibility to aviation enthusiasts, who by chatting with someone who has already achieved success, could either get into the industry or further their careers.

Defining the Requirements

Since the Wright Brothers' first flight in 1903, the aviation industry has grown manifold. The success of the industry intrigued our clients who wanted an online platform, using which industry experts could impart their knowledge to aviation enthusiasts.

In order to foster fruitful user interactions on the platform our clients shared the following key inclusions:

  • One-on-one chat and group chat functionality
  • Quick aviation expert registration
  • Seamless payments
  • UX/UI updates

The Solution

Sebastian and Paul's vision was successfully accomplished with AirSide Chat, a first-of-its-kind platform that was built by customizing FATbit's online consultation software, Yo!Coach. Moreover, to perfectly align the platform with the requirements shared, a one-go registration form for experts and a customized checkout page were implemented.

Beyond Borders - Creating Better Experiences

In the modern era, the importance of the aviation industry is hard to overstate. This is primarily because it is globalized and helps connect different continents, countries, and cultures. Therefore, bringing industry experts together with enthusiasts from across the globe is pivotal. So it was important for us to deliver a platform with advanced features and integrations that facilitates seamless interaction and provides a rich end-user experience.

Deliver a better user experience with the enthralling features of Yo!Coach
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For a face-to-face conversation about any subject related to the aviation industry, a video chat feature was added. It delivers rich personal experience and interaction with industry experts.


To facilitate quick payments and achieve localization with globalization, the multicurrency feature was integrated. It reduces cart abandonment and helps in increasing overall revenue.


To resonate with the target audience and overcome cultural barriers, the multilingual feature was incorporated. It also aids in developing a competitive language.


To browse for experts as per requirements, check their availability, and book a slot, aviation experts can use the booking management feature.


Aviation enthusiasts and experts can either converse with each other via an in-person chat or via a group chat - if an expert is hosting it with respect to certain aviation topics.

Deliver a better user experience with the enthralling features of Yo!Coach
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The Result

Within a short period, AirSide Chat has been able to build a network of individuals from all over the world, who enjoy having conversations about aviation. A sizable number of experts have registered and even enthusiasts are seeking consultation as per their preference.

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