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The Legal Rooms

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The Mission

Ghassan Haddad (Founder of The Legal Rooms) had a mission to democratize the legal industry, i.e. he wanted to connect legal consultants with potential clients in a seamless and affordable way. So, he came up with the idea to build an online legal consultation platform using which clients could connect with legal professionals via a one-on-one session or request a proposal for drafting and/or reviewing legal documents.

Key Requirements

Legal services have arrived at the internet epoch, so our client wanted to establish an online legal consultation platform that offered a digital bench of high-quality lawyers, pre-vetted for expertise, experience, education, and so on. So the client wanted an online legal consultation platform with:

  • Detailed lawyer registration form
  • Request for quote module
  • Enhanced search filters
  • Visually compelling design
  • Stats on the landing page

Additionally, unlike traditional law firms marred by poor communication between clients and professionals, Ghassan Haddad wanted an online platform that helped individuals get the right legal advice while breaking barriers to access legal consultants by being transparent in rates.

The Solution

Ghassan's vision was successfully achieved with The Legal Rooms, a platform built by customizing FATbit's online consultation software, Yo!Coach. Designed to meet the needs of the users, The Legal Rooms is an intuitive platform with rich UI/UX. Additionally, our team incorporated a request-for-quote module that allows clients to submit their request for legal papers to be documented and/or reviewed and get a quote for the same.

Creating Unique Experiences

In today's era of the rapidly changing regulatory landscape, it is pivotal for industry professionals to provide faster and easier access to legal help, solely based on the preferences of individuals. This can be done through well-designed online legal consultation software, which is built using agile development practices. Furthermore, to provide unique experiences to end users, a platform that offers robust features is a must.

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Clients can book an appointment with their chosen legal consultant using this feature at the preferred date and time.


A legal consultant can either conduct a webinar or a 30 mins personal session to address the concerns/queries of the client(s).


Allows the portal owner to track key metrics in real-time and aids data-driven decision-making.


Multiple payment gateways facilitate quick payments and offer augmented ease to users.


Provides a provision to add the lawyer's license and allows the management of the countries where the lawyer is providing legal services.


Clients can request a quote for either the documentation of legal papers or a review of the same.

Experience the demo to know the features of Legal Consultation Marketplace Software- Yo!Coach
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The Result

A fully functional legal consultation platform was deployed on the client's server and the preferred settings were configured. Further, to help people get affordable and accurate legal advice, webinars/individual sessions are conducted through the platform.

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