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Yo!Rent is an online rental marketplace platform that serves as an ecosystem in the burgeoning rental economy. It was valued at $19 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $59.4 billion by 2022, making assets more accessible.

Equipment Rental

The rental equipment industry's massive scale is disrupting the established model of the construction sector. Market size of the industry exceeded $120 billion in 2019. Increasing number of infrastructure development projects and government spending on smart city projects are the leading drivers. Hertz rentals' estimated annual revenue is $2B. Equipments' availability in accordance with market segmentation is further widening its share.

Travel Gear Rental

Travel gear rental industry has created a mammoth of value in the market. In 2017, $3 Billion was spent by consumers on camping equipment. Joymode, a startup recently raised over $14 million in funding. A solution oriented option for users stuck in an investment quandary, the sustainable model satisfies the demand for affordability, space utilisation and experiential freedom.

Furniture Rental

The rental furniture industry has become a ubiquitous concept in a short time. Changing economics and customer preferences put the sector's revenues at $13,066.55 Million globally by 2025. Online furniture rental firm Furlenco's annual revenue increased by 58% in 2019. A shift towards an eco friendly lifestyle is transforming the traditional structures to adapt well to these new age themes.

Dress Rental

Clothing rental market is dominating the global sphere. It is touted as the pioneering solution for millennial wardrobing. Predicted to reach $1856 million by 2023, it is the future of fashion. Rent the Runway recently joined the unicorn club with a valuation of $1 billion. Growing sensibility of fashion consciousness and more access to a variety of clothing feeds the disrupting phenomena.

Car & Bike Rental

Car and bike rental industry has seized the global market to emerge as the fastest growing sector. It is projected to grow to $10.1 Billion by 2027. CityBee, a European startup's total funding has amounted to $124.3 Million. It is the global need for micro mobility, stricter emission norms and congestion free roads that has propelled the consumer shift.

Books Rental

Book rental industry is harnessing technology to emerge as a powerful force in the global market. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.74% in the next four years. Chegg, a leading vendor has a valuation of approximately $3.2 Billion. Digital integration and the cost effective pricing model are the key factors influencing the bloom of the industry.

Recreational Goods Rental

Recreational goods rental industry is a gigantic enterprise. Over the last three years, the US industry has made $1.7 Billion as revenue. At the forefront of this revolution are the millennials whose experience driven activities have shifted the base from owning to renting. According to a research, the recreational rental industry's revenue will grow by 4.9% per year for the next five years.

Music Instrument Rental

Music equipment rental industry has driven a tremendous business impact in the global economy. Market size for musical instruments in the US alone stands at $6 Billion. Building blocks of technological changes chart a significant path for the rental economy. Forecast of an increased per capita disposable income, increased propensity towards experiential lifestyle and logistics of renting enables the industry to grow at an accelerated pace.

Accessory Rental

Accessory rental industry is making huge strides in the global economy. Rocksbox, a leading jewellery rental service has a funding amount of $10.2 million. The ReCommerce phenomenon has captured the rising need of millennials seeking an alternative model of acquisition. Building on the existing momentum and the increasing appetite for more, the industry is set to outperform itself.

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"Excellent group of people! Always willing to help and listen. FATbit's Yo!Rent team overdelivered! I'm looking forward to continuing working together to maintain and improve the marketplace gearflow.com"

Luke PowersFounder and CEO

"FATbit delivered my project in a professional manner. The project was built to my specification and any changes I required were accommodated where possible. The team were competent and prompt in responding to my queries. Post delivery the team have been extremely helpful in resolving any outstanding issues. Overall the quality of the website produced has been as expected and of a high standard."

Neeta DusanjhFounder and CEO

" Fatbit was able to accomplish everything my rental website needed in a timely manner. Communication was excellent and the final project exceed my expectations. "

Andrew KramptonFounder and CEO
B2B diamond trading platform

Find Rent Wear

A P2P Online Fashion Rental Marketplace

Built with Yo!Rent, Find Rent Wear is a London based online fashion rental platform where users can list and rent luxury clothing, wardrobes and other designer creations.

B2B diamond trading platform


A B2B Construction Equipment Rent/Sale Marketplace

Gearflow is an online B2B construction equipment marketplace built with Yo!Rent to connect dealers, OEMs, contractors and spare part sellers from all across the US.

Yo!Rent - An Advanced Rental eCommerce Marketplace Software

Built around a scalable architecture, YoRent online rental marketplace platform can be extensively customised to cover each use case and deliver contextual user experience for each user journey. Formulated with domain specific features, it generates value by developing tailored and diverse customer interactions.

Best Solution to Build Rental Marketplace

Powerful Rental Marketplace Features

Multi-Vendor Capability

The multi-vendor model facilitates the strategic execution of the aligned objectives of the vendor and the admin. Vendors are facilitated with a separate dashboard to manage their orders, products, and other settings. To drive growth at speed, vendors can create catalogs and cart promotions on their storefront.

Renting and Selling

Renting and selling is a flexible and value maximisation approach in response to the evolving needs of the vendor. By allowing them to have separate price listings and making products unavailable for rent on selected days, scaling new growth becomes faster. Key features for end users include extending rental duration at an additional cost and product purchase by paying the full amount.

Real Time Inventory Management

Real time inventory management scales the impact for a marketplace. With a system of centralised auto sync inventory in place, workflow and supply chain processes are optimised efficiently. Digitisation of the actionable data helps in deriving intelligent insights and utilise them for future growth opportunities.

Responsive Design

Responsive design drives the transformation of a marketplace by delivering a seamless experience across multiple channels. Focusing on the factors of accessibility and usability, it implements content prioritisation for a consistent small screen experience.

Customizable System

Structured on an ever adaptable model, customisation helps bolster customer interaction, integration, process improvement and automation in a peer to peer rental marketplace. Primed for absolute flexibility, the system supports multiple revenue streams; commission, subscription, advertisement, affiliate, and more.

User Friendly CMS

Adaptability and Flexibility are woven into the CMS' fabric. A powerful CMS equips admin to manage the website navigation, page content, product collections, email templates, blogs, website language and more to manoeuvre the marketplace as per the changing customer needs.

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  • Fully Owned License,
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Package Includes

What you will get? GoQuick Package GoCustom Package
Design Default Resposive Design(Non exclusive rights) ? Client gets the non-exclusive rights to the work performed and FATbit can resell the code, design, documents, etc., to other clients. The client can use the work delivered on any number of domains owned by the client. The client cannot resell the work delivered and reselling rights will be owned by FATbit. Custom Resposive Design? For Custom Design - We do custom design for following pages:
  • Homepage
  • 9 Inner Pages - Accessible without login
  • User dashboard pages redesigning is excluded but, we will customize the look and feel to match with the pages we are redesigning
(Exclusive rights)? Client can hire FATbit under 'Work Made For Hire' engagement model, consequently Client owns all rights on the work performed including: source code, design, and documents. FATbit does not resell the same code, design, and documents to any other client. However, FATbit can work on similar projects and rebuild the software/application for other clients.
Full Source Code (Excluding Framework) (Excluding Framework)
Domain License(s)



Editable Design
Installation Free? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings. Free? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings.
Additional Development

USD 18 per hour For non exclusive rights

USD 25 per hour For exclusive rights

USD 18 per hour For non exclusive rights

USD 25 per hour For exclusive rights

SSL Certificate & Installation

$50 - Additional Charges

*Yearly Renewal Extra

$50 - Additional Charges

*Yearly Renewal Extra

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Payment Options for Indian Customers: Indian clients can make payment via NEFT or IMPS. GST will be charged as applicable.

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Insights On Online Rental Industry (2019 - 2023)

The expansion of the rental industry has accommodated the future of all other industries. Many industries have understood the benefits and adopted a rental model into their business.

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Rental Marketplace App Solution

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The order interface displays all key details - shipping status, payment status, etc. in one place, and can be coupled with a multiple quick search tool to make the whole order management process effortless.

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