July 1st – Google Removes ‘Reader’ From Its Product Shelf

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Matt Cutts Speaks, Google Panda Update on Friday (15 March)

Occupying the stage at Search Marketing Expo, Matt Cutts (head of web spam at Google) stated that his team would be rolling out a fresh Panda update on approaching Friday or Monday. The revelation kicked off heated discussions in web

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4 February 2013 – Google Page Rank Update Has Arrived

Google Page Rank Update is the latest from the search engine giant. Webmasters are reporting fluctuations in PR, and there are strong reasons to believe that the new update has been sweeping the web to commend good work done recently.

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What were you Thinking While you Made such Podcast Mistakes?

Podcast has been around for quite some time as internet hasn’t stopped bloating. It is a form of digital media entailing episodic series of audio, radio, video, PDF, or ePub files that are subscribed and downloaded through web syndication. The

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Google Panda Update on 22 Jan 2013-1.2% Of Search Queries Impacted

We recently reported news about SERP fluctuations on 17 January 2013 from all over the world. Forum and Twitter world were laden with reports of lost rankings from remorseful businesses and website owners. While no official update came in past

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Landing Pages For Better Conversions & Business

Websites cannot achieve greatness without awesome and fully optimized landing pages; it’s like… umm… fishing without hook. If you have been active on web for quite some time, you wouldn’t deny that getting rankings is just half the battle; lead

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Why Gifting a Holiday Banner to Your Website is Good Idea?

Holiday season is finally here and thus boomeranging from home to home with car-load of gifts is quite justified. Nice things need to be delivered to friends, relatives, business partners, mail man and near about everyone close by. Usually, businesses

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