We Wish You Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year

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Xmas Greetings and a Happy New Year from FATbit Technologies

Christmas brings snow, gifts and joy;  Also family, laughter and toys.  So, let’s raise glasses to holler ‘Merry Christmas’;  For today is a good day  And 2013 can only be better. Christmas is a time of having meal over laughter

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Landing Pages For Better Conversions & Business

Websites cannot achieve greatness without awesome and fully optimized landing pages; it’s like… umm… fishing without hook. If you have been active on web for quite some time, you wouldn’t deny that getting rankings is just half the battle; lead

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Why Gifting a Holiday Banner to Your Website is Good Idea?

Holiday season is finally here and thus boomeranging from home to home with car-load of gifts is quite justified. Nice things need to be delivered to friends, relatives, business partners, mail man and near about everyone close by. Usually, businesses

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The most Majestic Fonts for CSS

CSS as also affectionately known as ‘cascading style sheets’ was coined in 1997 and enables web designers and developers decide the look and appeal of their website. Style sheets are most importantly used for document design and web style sheet

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