How to Improve Ecommerce Website Ranking on Google
How to Improve Ecommerce Website Ranking on Google? [SEO Case Study]

People launch online shopping websites but when they fail to generate sales and search traffic wonder on questions like ‘why my online store is not getting rank in Google’. FATbit team helped Nigerian online shopping brand, MyStore dodge such questions by working on its online presence through advanced SEO techniques. Go through this case study to learn how FATbit SEO experts resolved issues with ecommerce website and made it the leading shopping website of

Multi Vendor Stores- Analyzing their Benefits over eCommerce Shops

The dynamics of online shopping is changing as ecommerce entrepreneurs are realizing that investing in multi vendor store is just the better deal. Ecommerce investors as well as business owners are favoring multi vendor systems – also referred as online marketplaces – over regular online stores because of vast range of advantages. This post will guide you about what are multivendor websites and why they are becoming the first choice of people who want

Protect Your Online Business Reputation – Best Reputation Management Tips

Those who are completely inactive still get affected by the negative reviews, bad press coverage and poor customer feedback that they receive online. This post will discuss the various challenges that are making brands and businesses invest in online reputation management. We will not just highlight the issues but also suggest best approach to protect your online brand reputation. Read on for proactive strategies, tips, and tools to keep a check on what is

FATBIT is now a Registered Trademark in US!

FATbit adds another feather in its cap by getting the brand name FATBIT registered in United States. By getting our brand name filed under Advertising, Business & Retail Services, Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services category, we plan to make our global ambitions clear. Read the complete post for more details!

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Content Marketing for Real Estate Websites – How to Get it Right?

Top real estate agents and realtors know the craft of generating leads through their website’s engaging content, simple blog posts and content sharing. This blog post brings top content generation and marketing tips for real estate developers, brokers, agents & experts to get website and promotional content right. Read on for more online contacts, referrals and direct leads for your real estate business.

How to Choose a Custom Mobile Application Development Platform?

More and more established businesses as well as startups have started investing in mobile applications. With numerous options and limited budgets, people are confused about Native App Vs Hybrid App Vs HTML5 Web App. This article will help businesses figure out how to make a choice between the 3 mobile application development platforms based on their requirements and budget. This is a simple guide for those who are looking for a mobile app development

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5 Ideas You Can Steal From Small Successful Online Businesses

Want to start you own business online? Need ideas to ensure success in your dream venture? Read this post to know how successful business startups who really started small earned greater profits through their planned approach. This post will give you the answers for all worries & fears that stop you from taking the first step in online business world.

Top social media strategies for healthcare industry
8 Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing in Health Industry

Social media marketing has been used innovatively by almost every industry. Doctors, physicians, vets, Pharmacists though have not yet actively adapted to this concept and are somewhere lagging behind. Here is a quick post to help the healthcare industry successfully use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ to their benefit. These simple steps will help you reach out to your target without as much effort as you think it takes.