How to Find if Your Website Sucks? How to Make it Sell? Actionable Tips

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What is Exit and Bounce Rate. Learn how to reduce them to make your website sell more.

Want to find out what people do after landing on your website? Which pages are not being liked by your website visitors? At what step in the checkout process do they abandon their shopping cart? Google Analytics can give you all this information which most business owners do not know how to interpret. Through this post you will learn what ‘Exit Rate’ is and how it’s different from ‘Bounce Rate’. It will also guide

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How to select the best eCommerce Solution/Script for your online store?

There is no single best ecommerce solution but with extensive research, you can certainly find the best solution for your online store. Shopify is a popular hosted ecommerce solution but it charges transaction fee over and above payment gateway transaction fee. Open source solutions like OpenCart are best for people who want flexibility with design and functionality. This blog post will make you familiar with pros & cons of all ecommerce solutions. Read on

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What is CloudFlare? How it works? Reviews and Feedback.

CloudFlare does a great job in making websites load faster and resistive to abusive bots but is it the only way of doing it? Certainly not! Learn what the CloudFlare service is all about, how it works, and also discover other ways to decrease load time & increase security.

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Who designed and created Flipkart brand?

Want to know how an ecommerce brand is created and made to sell more? Read about Flipkart and get answers to your queries on establishing an online store. This post will tell you all the facts about - What is Flipkart, Who designed it, What technology does it use. Read the complete story, to know what made Flipkart a successful online brand of India.

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Sorry Google Analytics but CrazyEgg and ClickTale are better!

Most of you are using Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic but how do you find out why most of them close your website (bounce) within first 5 seconds? Google Analytics cannot tell you this but CrazyEgg and ClickTale can. Read on to get deep insights about each of the three analytics tools.

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Why Use Shopify?- Pros, Cons & Critical Details

More than 400,000 online stores are registered with Shopify but this fact doesn’t make it the best online store builder in the market. Advantages of Shopify are abundant, but it also lacks in some areas. Read this post to learn what makes it so popular and why it is not chosen by entrepreneurs who want to create big ecommerce brands.

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