W-Tutors – International Online Tutoring Platform

“We want to bring affordable tutoring to everybody. With our online tutoring platform, everybody will be able to access, and get qualified tutors everywhere. It is a dream, that we are able to bring this platform to the world, not only to Asia and Singapore, but for everybody who wants to get education”

AnyTutor37 – Online Learning Platform

“We have this dream, with this picture in our head, evaluating our own lives as well as looking at different lifestyles and cultures across the world, to make a platform where anybody irrespective of their financial background, culture, and age, can gain knowledge from anybody. We want to make education a way of life. What sets us apart from any competition in the industry is that we try and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We made adjustments to the basic YoCoach model to maximize our offering to our customers.”

SabiTeach – Online Education Marketplace

“Our concentrated intent to resolve the prevailing education problem within Nigeria propelled us to work towards the solution and building SabiTeach - a platform that brings learners and teachers together. With SabiTeach we are able to provide teachers to all learners across Nigeria at affordable costs, empowering them with a platform to connect.”

DueDash – Online Start-up Fund-raising Community

“Marketplaces function on a triangular approach. Before people trust peers in any marketplace, they have to trust the team as an entity. That's how we started looking into building trust, and DueDash is a marketplace with such trust at its backend”