Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

Fulfill the standard of what’s minimum & viable.

Better Market Acceptance with Data-Driven Continuous Integration

Validating your idea requires focus, design of substantial and relevant contact with potential customers. MVP exactly does that. It is a core component of build-measure-learn-loop (lean startup methodology) and the basis for an iterative development of a business model.

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Understand Consumer Expectations & Transform

For startups or SMBs, developing the right product for right target audience is important without spending too much. This is where the role of MVP begins. It allows you to start with less budget to engage users and collect feedback which you can use to build a better product.

Learnings from MVP:

  • Bring attention to the value proposition & efficiency to the process.
  • What problems we should be solving?

Purpose of MVP:

  • To establish a fan base before releasing the final product.
  • To confirm product/market fit.
  • To test postulates.

Venture capitalists (VCs) will invest in businesses which they believe will add value and increase profit. MVP acts as a throttle that you need to push your startup off the ground while the funding acts as a fuel.

Create Value With An Adaptable Business Model
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MVP Development - The FATbit Approach

We emphasize on solving problems that matter and designing simple solutions that simply work. It’s all about applying creativity to maximize the fundamental potential of the product.

mvp development

Our Expertise

Our team is well versed in iterative and lean development methodologies. If you are a startup or a large organization, our expertise can help you from idea validation to a complete product launch.


Mobile App-based MVP offers you the shortest possible route to reach the market and get an insight on the user experience that helps to evaluate your product.


Our team covers all the must have technical components (such as protection, scalability, and performance) that are important for a SaaS-based MVP.

Performance Tools

Performance tools MVP gives you a light-weight approach to gather actionable metrics that helps you to make data-driven decisions.


We hold vast experience in developing ecommerce marketplace solutions to connect service provider with seeker & buyer with vendor. Depending on the idea & industry, we provide the core features of a MVP.

Team Behind MVP Development

Behind every successful project is a resourceful and methodical team that steers the project towards a timely and successful delivery. Take a look at different roles that are involved to fulfill your business requirements and deliver a minimum viable product.

  • MVP Development Team

  • Business Analyst

    Identifies and understands the business requirements

  • Project Coordinator

    Monitors project plan, schedule work hours, expenditure, and budget

  • Technical Mentor

    Guides the team by leveraging the experience in problem solving & other technical aspects

  • UX Planner

    Gathers data via research & other means to help other team members

  • UX Designer

    Creates wireframe, personas, scenarios, and protype

  • Front-end Developer

    Creates an easy-to-use, intuitive, and user-friendly website

  • Programmers

    Builds a functional version of the product

  • Quality Analyst

    Maintains high-quality standards by conducting tests

  • Delivery Manager

    Delivers project in time using the lean project management methodology

  • Marketing Strategist

    Strategize marketing goals & develop campaigns to increase traffic

Why Us?

We follow lean framework which leads to fast development, better scalabilities possibilities, and rapid responses to changes. We also take care of transparency during all the development phases.

Extremely Agile

We respond rapidly to changing market dynamics and follow agile methodology to achieve speed and quality.

Respects Privacy

Through the optional Non-Disclosure Agreement, we respect the confidential information you provide and not use it to your detriment.

Extensive Experience

Having an ample experience in delivering B2B and B2C solutions of all scales, FATbit is one of the top web design and development companies.

Dedicated Support

We always believe that customer’s perception is our reality. Therefore, we provide dedicated business analyst who ensure superior customer service day in and day out.

Lower the Risk Involved with Scale Change using MVP
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Our Clients Say

FATbit Client Feedback

You guys are really on top of all the new technology, and I am just glad that my project ended up in such great hands. I am extremely proud of what we have created. You have always gone above and beyond for me, and have never said "This is impossible" or "We can't do this", which I love.

Chris Carlson Kazadu LLC
eCommerce Store Developed by FATbit

It was fun working with FATbit as they are very supportive. I received a quality work from them and their team. Whenever I needed their support they, were always there to assist. Theirs is the only Multi-vendor solution running in Mauritius. you guys work in well mannered and professional way. Will definitely work on many projects in future.

Vishal Anand (Founder & CEO) Mycart
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