MVP advantages to power your future

MVP advantages to power your future
Accelerate time to market
MVP advantages
Get highest fidelity feedback
Why MVP is necessity
Uncover innovation opportunities
Success comes with MVP
Validate product hypothesis
Build with MVP
Secure additional funding
Start your business with MVP
Improve mission outcomes

Drive better outcomes through our MVP development services

By deploying agile software development methodology (exhibit 1), we compare, sequence, and prioritize Epics to define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) scope and avoid it turning into a Mediocre Value Proposition. Once the MVP is complete enough to deliver the business value, we release it as a public pilot, analyze the data gathered and synthesize it to identify the top and bottom quartile feature-set and create a roadmap for the scaling up the MVP to full-fledged product.

MVP development services

Exhibit 1:Agile software development methodology

Collaborative MVP strategy

We focus on the intersection of empathy and economics to distil the needs of users and the context from which they emerge. Through our research, we analyze emerging signals, trends, and drivers to understand potential impacts, risks, or opportunities, and together with your team, we will establish well-informed future-oriented perspectives (exhibit 2: Kano evaluation table) acting as the scope of the MVP.

How do you feel if the feature does not exist?

Kano evaluation

Exhibit 2: Kano evaluation table

Deciding MVP scope

Exhibit 3: Deciding MVP scope

MVP scope

Exhibit 4: MVP scope

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Occupy opportunity spaces with greater confidence

MVP prototype design

Using design sprints, we diverge and discover different user flows for a use case or connected use cases, evaluate high- -level feasibility to converge at the path of least friction. Using these well-defined user flows as the bedrock for designing, we iteratively produce technically feasible MVP prototypes to validate the product hypothesis and remove impediments that lead to product failure.

MVP development cycle

Exhibit 4: MVP scope

Pilot MVP development

We develop MVP on the back of an architecture that can support scale and implement sprint-based agile development practices to maximize the rollout speed of MVP. Based upon the goal and domain of your business idea,we engage our prepackaged, highly customizable solutions OR implement the best combination of technologies, be it full-stack, mean stack, native-OS and so on, to deliver value at the earliest within the budget.

Case Study

How shifting from offline to online-first engagement model improved price transparency in fragmented liquor distribution market in Africa

MVP bring your business to new heights
Snapshot of features delivered
  • Remarkably improved operational efficiency by enabling synchronized order placement from a single system(POS)
  • Spiked up the positive purchase behaviour by integrating Africa's leading loyalty program platform
  • Significantly improved the return rate of reusable glass bottles through empty bottles/crates return management functionality
  • Delivered price transparency through basket price comparison capability
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MVP marketing

Our array of multi-channel marketing experts provides leading-edge strategy for (exhibit 5: POEM model) paid and organic marketing based upon the powerful combination of analytics, customer-centric data insights and a test-and-learn approach to increase awareness, improve investments, reduce revenue leakage and drive qualified engagements.

Best MVP development services

Exhibit 4: MVP scope

Case Study

How the introduction of the world's first B2B ecommerce marketplace for the diamond industry enhanced the trust between buyers and sellers across the diamond value chain

MVP development Services
Snapshot of features delivered
  • Improved customer service efficiency. Reduced inbound calls from both sellers and vendors
  • Significantly reduced duplicate, redundant processes. Reduction of manual processes for driver trip sheet collection, metric reporting, returns, invoicing etc
  • U.N.I Technologies delivered seven-plus successful digital tenders and trade shows on the global scale
  • Delivered a complete Back-office Management Engine connected with a secure logistic solution (Malca Amit) with intelligent scheduling and dispatch capabilities
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Scale MVP to full product

Our experienced scrum teams incorporate the insights generated from the MVP launch and incrementally scale the MVP to the full-fledged product by engineering custom purpose-driven modules and integrating cloud services like CRMs, payment APIs, tax APIs, shipping APIs, among others.

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