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AnyTutor37 – Online Learning Platform

Thoughts - Salome Mulder - Tutor, Administrative and Management Incharge

“We have this dream, with this picture in our head, evaluating our own lives as well as looking at different lifestyles and cultures across the world, to make a platform where anybody irrespective of their financial background, culture, and age, can gain knowledge from anybody. We want to make education a way of life. What sets us apart from any competition in the industry is that we try and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We made adjustments to the basic YoCoach model to maximize our offering to our customers.”

How did your quest towards becoming a founder in this particular domain happen?

I joined the project for after 6 months of the initial start of the company, and started out at an administrative level. But good mentorship and leadership really teaches and grows each person that works with and below them. I have learnt a lot of business qualities from the founders, that have made me proficient enough in entrepreneurial and business skills, so as for me to become a part of the Anytutor37 project. The last couple of 3-4 months have been a big learning curve. The online world was not one with which we thought we’d be involved. Lot of learning is going on from our team’s side. I am involved in a majority of activities now, from revenue to customer support. A fantastic team and all the mentors always work together, with leadership and direction coming from their side. That’s how it is shaping up.

Identifying the industry demands, how have you been able to achieve the vision you set forth as you forayed ahead in this journey? Did the steps you take help you towards your goal?

I definitely think we have a lot to learn. When we initially started looking at AnyTutor37, we took up the challenge to work for a lot of unanswered industry questions. We wanted to offer something that was not already being fulfilled 100% by anybody else in the industry. We did not want to do language or subject teaching only. We wanted to set ourselves apart by offering a platform where people were tutoring life skills as well. Essentially we wanted a platform that people found easy to use, easy to navigate, easy and free for people to sign up to, where we could connect any learner to any tutor around the world, where they could learn subjects of any curriculum for school, college or university, and also life skills. We facilitated a platform where teachers could teach anybody and earn income from it. The process of learning is never done. That is what we are trying to communicate through Knowledge is a continuous process and every single one of us can always learn something new.

About your first sale/deal/transaction and the way it was special.

That was quite a historical day for us. It was 22.01.2021, 7 months after the initial process started. Once we got the website to a workable platform where everything was in place for users to join, classes to take place, and transactions to happen. It took months before the first transaction happened. Everybody now believes that things are set for processes to happen. After that we have had other transactions happening, user bases activated, and sign ups are looking fantastic. Marketing teams are doing fantastic jobs of signing up users both students and tutors. The first transaction was such a momentous occasion. We knew everything we had been working for was complete, and now we had a working product.

What was your initial annual target? Where are you – far or near to it – in your journey?

We are much much closer to where we initially wanted to be, yet we have a lot to learn and achieve.

Where do you see yourself with this venture in the post-pandemic times – say 2 – 5 years down the line?

We have actually considered this. Even at the moment everyone is confined to their houses. A lot of countries, in terms of their education system, are looking for alternate systems. The pandemic will have a lasting effect in some form at some degree. There will be a lasting market for this. Essentially we will always try and diversify us. We will always try and look for something that will set us apart from what we have done. We have a very dynamic team. We continue to grow as a business. We want to set ourselves apart year by year with what we have to offer.

Your advice to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?

Don’t stop. Just keep going. If you are persistent and keep looking for solutions, talk to different people, you learn a lot. I think for any entrepreneur, business owner, or those taking up a new venture, you cannot plan for every problem. But if you get one problem a day, count yourself lucky. There will be days when you will have 100 problems, those days you need to look at people around you and motivate each other. These days you need to know you will achieve what you dreamed of, you know this will become your life and business.


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