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DotDune – Namibia’s Leading Ecommerce Brand

“We believe that creation is never linear and that it is constantly changing, molding iconic and dynamic fragments and pockets of phenomenon’s that are mysterious and majestic – not only across the globe, but in our nation. Discover Namibia’s distinguished and reliable online shopping experience that flows with the rhythm of your life.”

What was that Eureka moment that led to the creation of DotDune?

Initially, when planning a project in Namibia, it has to be noted that Namibia is a developing country with a small population of approximately 2.5 million people.

Little interest existed from international online retailers to unlock the Namibian online shopping opportunity. As a result, we embarked on the journey to develop an in-house eCommerce multi-vendor business based on a white-label solution.

After extensive research, Yo!Kart was found to offer the most suitable solution.

Can you share a little further about this – What was your vision behind this and how you got about achieving it?

eCommerce was deemed to be a visionary fit, as a result, DotDune wanted to implement a solution providing Namibian buyers, sellers, and vendors with an opportunity (Internally or Externally) to conduct business online with the vision of becoming Namibia’s leading eCommerce platform.

Can you share the experience of witnessing the first transaction?

The first sale was a small item but witnessing the sale register and the same getting displayed on the Yo!Kart Admin dashboard was a moment that we cherished and celebrated as a team.

It was a moment that culminated and fructified our months of conceptualizing, planning, implementing, and testing. Furthermore, upon engagement, the customers responded with positive feedback ― assuring us of a bright future.

Can you share any targets that DotDune has set for itself?

We crafted a 5-year strategy aspiring to become Namibia’s leading eCommerce marketplace by 2025. The strategy is summarized in our internal game plan consisting of milestones and overall deliverables to be achieved by 2025.

Can you share some of the challenges that you faced initially?

Namibia is a large geographical country with a small population of 2.5 million people (2020). As a result of the low population density, cost-effective parcel delivery remains the greatest opportunity.

To grow the business and to achieve our overall objectives and key deliverables, certain tools are required – I am very happy to say that this is why I appreciate working with you guys so much that even though we have all these challenges, the response is never like no it cannot be done the response is always ok how can we do this how can we fix this how can we make this work.

Your advice to other businesses that are facing the same challenges as you did

Speak to FATbit, they’ll help you

There are many large businesses in Namibia however there is a major lack when it comes to technological transformation. Embracing technological change remains the largest opportunity amongst larger organizations in Namibia. Among larger businesses. My advice to other businesses would be to look into being open-minded towards technological change and embracing technology change to a new extent, be it eCommerce or online marketing, you need to embrace the latest technology or else your business will eventually fail.

Your future plans apart from the targets?

I think for DotDune, apart from the targets, the biggest plan is to customize and scale the platform and bring it to a world-class standard like Amazon(worldwide) or Takealot in South Africa.

Next is – improving the logistics like completing deliveries with electric vehicles. Additionally, we are looking at warehousing and want to adapt our system to stock and inventory management and also offer warehousing services to our vendors.

In essence, the future plans for DotDune will be focusing on customizing the platform, streamlining deliveries, and adding a warehouse

Anything you would like to share, regarding your experience with the software and FATbit?

Namibia is unique compared to the rest of the world, hence, platforms require substantial customization, and no solutions offer a plug-and-play solution. Regardless of the request, FATbit has always been very helpful and accommodating with responses such as “Let’s figure it out” or “We’ll make it work”. The DotDune team appreciates all efforts thus far.

Any suggested improvements regarding the product, and the FATbit team?

Suggestions – From an improvement basis, I would suggest when you offer a Whitelabel solution, do not offer the same product to everyone at the same price, rather offer a basic solution, a mid-range solution, and a fully customizable solution. That is something that I would prefer. Also, invite your clients to come to visit your offices.

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