7 Tips for Global-Friendly Website- Grow your Business Internationally

A global website is a single website that targets visitors from multiple geographic locations through same content and for same category of products. When investing in a global web design, there are many things that need to be considered so that your website has a universal appeal. The look and feel, the way it works and how user friendly it is are the primary factors. There are many technical details as well that need

Website Features List to Launch Best Clone of Restaurant Review System

Sites like Zomato, Menu Group UK, and Zootout have grown into globally known restaurant discovery brands, and motivated others to launch their clones. If not all, a major chunk of credit goes to their advanced websites that are rich with unique features. In this blog post, we share the complete list of restaurant discovery features to help you build the best restaurant review platform.

Website Pop up
How to use website pop-ups to increase conversion? Pro Tips with Real Examples

Pop-up is mostly considered an irritation but it is helping website owners and online entrepreneurs in garnering second visits and if used effectively even product sales. This blog post will introduce you to the power of persuasive pop-ups, and how to generate leads & profits from them without pissing off the website visitor.

Biggest Online Startup Failures – Read to Learn What NOT to Do

We always read about success stories to get inspired but it’s the lessons learnt from failures that make us strong. Read about 10 online web based startups who had great idea but still could not make it big. There can be multiple reasons for startup failures but there are some fundamental points that affect the growth trajectory of all budding businesses. We bring to you the complete analysis of why these startups failed and

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Top Features for Restaurant Discovery & Review Platform to Pick The Right Solution

In a span of few years, online restaurant discovery platforms has become one of the hottest business model in India. This has garnered interest from online entrepreneurs, and also created demand of clone script. In this post, we bring for you the top features that can help any website grow at lightning pace. Read on to learn what makes the website click.

How to create best call to action that creates more leads & sales

Call to actions (CTAs) are the big bold buttons on your website that prompt the user to buy a product, fill up a form or download a software. When executed efficiently, they take the visitor one step closer to the purpose of your web page. Designers are seen obsessing over their look and color but not about what actually makes people click on them. To help you generate higher sales and leads, FATbit now

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PPC - Pay per click
How to Choose Best PPC Management Company for Guaranteed Results?

PPC campaigns generate website traffic, sales, and branding benefits but only if you hire best PPC management company. Small businesses as well as big brands search for top PPC Management Company to make sure they get the worth of their ad investment. While there are manage PPC management companies with all kind of certification, there are very few who are good at getting results with a limited budget. In this post, we bring top

7 Valid Reasons to Redesign your Ecommerce Website: Expert Views

Ecommerce website redesign is one of the complex projects that should not be started without setting prior goals. You must be clear about what you expect to gain out of a redesign and the expectations should be real enough to meet. After talking about the wrong reasons for redesigning an online store in our last post, we are discussing here the actual reasons that call for revamping an ecommerce website. Follow our checklist of