Dynamic Content

What is Dynamic Content ?

Dynamic content is the content on a website, forums, email, etc. that changes based on viewer. Unlike static content, dynamic content is processed based on user’s query and then generated.
For example, a user searching for 'web design service' on a search engine in India will see different results from the user searching for the same in the US. Dynamic content changes based on user's preferences, i.e. browser history, location, and other such factors.
Another example for dynamic content is the result list produced when a user searches for, say shoes, on an online store. The results he would see are highly personalized based on his browser & purchase history.

Subject : Website Design & Development

Disclaimer: The term explained above has been compiled with consideration and care after consulting multiple sources. Despite our continuing efforts, we advise- the readers should not take decisions completely based on the information shared by FATbit on its glossary section.

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