Start An Online Fitness Business – Study Detailed Feature Analysis

Start An Online Fitness Business – Study Detailed Feature Analysis

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Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for new fitness clubs and experiences. They don’t want to waste time and money at a fitness center that is not providing best service. Starting an online fitness business is an ideal solution for people to find the perfect fitness studio.  It embarks on the journey to take the agony out of searching fitness centers by putting a vast range of studio options at your disposal without the burden of a tremendous price tag.

FATbit analysts and marketers have developed this post to:

  • Throw list on the business model for launching such a website.
  • List features critical to start a fitness clone.
  • Share website enhancements.

To begin with the basic business model is completely sensible.

Basic Business Model

From Aerobics to Hip Hop, an online fitness portal makes us familiar with every fitness activity where one can search for classes, reserve their spot and join anytime.The point is why do the same activity every day when an online fitness website offers the opportunity to go for Yoga on Monday, Zumba on Wednesday and Pilates on Friday?

Leading Fitness Websites and Search Portals

  • ClassHopper aims to fill a gap in the Australian fitness market, whose level of demand has been painfully overlooked but exceptionally demanded.
  • While ClassHopper is quickly capturing the Australian fitness market, KFit is making its presence felt in Asia. The company is active in the same business but uses mobile technology to connect with fitness enthusiasts. With the idea of fitness-sharing, the KFit platform consistently unites consumers to health and fitness providers to make fitness more available, adaptable and fun.
  • In USA, ClassPass is leading the fitness game.
  • FitReserve is another player active in the same industry.There is ample scope of an online fitness portal in the market.

If you take a look at their UX design, you will see all of them are simple and easy to use. Keeping the website simple and functional enough for users is greatly important to ensure that they get enough and right information at the time they look for it. While you plan to start online fitness business, the first and foremost research must  be done on its technology part.

The UI is critical to engage visitors and make them take an action. You could hire development experts or look for a readymade system to build a fitness website; in either cases, the role of your software/builder/script will impact the overall performance- choose it wisely. There are very few website builders that offer the best combination of features and functionality at an affordable price. If you have found some good options to meet your specifications check their review on sites like comparecamp to know what’s more appropriate as per your business goals.  

Fitness Website Features

No more hunting through the internet to discover new classes and timings. All timetables and studio data can be made accessible through a fitness website along with the convenience of its unique business model. Let’s list the most powerful features of building a fitness website, starting with the homepage.

Website Home Page

Homepage needs to be visually attractive to grab the attention of visitors. Every part of the homepage should aim to help visitors subscribe to the fitness studios in an easy manner. The page must contain search functionality that includes fields like postcode, activity, day and time.

Map-Based Search

A map-based search in a site makes it more interactive so that one can easily search for a gym and activity near to his location. A map-based search displays an interactive map of a particular location and its inbuilt features can be used to add more functionality to your fitness clone.

Smooth Registration Process

Registration matters for every e-commerce powered online venture. The sign up process should be very simple. Users just have to fill some basic details like email ID, name, postcode, password. Also, the payment details should be to the point. Your fitness clone needs to be fully secure as online payments are concerned for providing the best activities.

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User Profile

Your user profile page must list all the basic details including name, email_id, postcode, and address. Adding a provision for scheduling your timetable based on daily, weekly and monthly basis would be worth noticing. User profile page basically allows the user to edit his profile and upgrade the subscription. This account section should be enriched with interesting features so that there is no way you can get away with a weak one.

FAQ Page

A new user will always have some query in mind about the type of fitness center, its services, subscriptions, offers or anything else, for which FAQ page is must to clear every doubt. Every common query needs to be answered in this page to make it convenient for users to take proper decision.

Studio Sign Up Page

An excellent fitness website believes in widening their network with more gyms. This can be made possible by adding a studio sign up page to your website which explains the benefits that studio owners get by joining a particular fitness portal. It also emphasizes how easy the management part is.

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How It works Section

It is important for every fitness website to explain how the process of discovering and booking classes work. This page describes every detail about how to reserve your place in class and get access to the website. It details the weekly trial and monthly subscription plans for your ease.

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Search result page

While searching for a fitness studio online, users fill the necessary details like country, pin code, an activity he is looking for and the time best suited to him and perform a search. The search result page will provide complete detail of the studios and classes as per the user requirement.

When a user has selected a studio near to his location, the site must display some more exciting features like:

  • Detailed timetable of each and every class
  • Booking option
  • More studios nearby

Online fitness portals are making fitness freaks explore more options in their region, and website technology is playing a great role in it. However, the website script for such platforms must include some more exciting features listed below.

An official blog is must to generate additional website traffic with interesting health and fitness related posts. It will add value to the website and encourages user interactions by keeping them engaged.

A picture can depict much more than words. Missing and low-quality images are the last things a fitness website needs. Make sure your fitness clone scores in this area.

Insufficient data about the fitness center can be a troubling thing for the visitors. The map location feature should be furnished with complete information along with the brand name and address. Don’t forget to make sure that the map icons are clickable.

Adding a Live Chat feature on your site is a way to help visitors interact easily with your brand. Get this feature for your fitness clone to give better customer support.

Fitness-related videos on the home page can get your site more engagement from people. Add video functionality to your site and make it more interactive.

A mobile friendly site generates more traffic and gives a better experience to visitors. In case you are building your fitness site from scratch, then, hire a team that can make it responsive.

To begin with a fitness clone, search for a fitness-related script that ensures all the features listed above. Also make sure that it is flexible enough to support upgrades and enhancements if required. Or hire a professional team with good experience in subscription based websites.

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While working upon a fitness clone, keep in mind all the points suggested by FATbit professionals. If you need any help with website design and development, contact us anytime for friendly advice and professional consultation.

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