7 Reasons Why Live Chats Are Crucial For a Business & Its Consumers

7 Reasons Why Live Chats Are Crucial For a Business & Its Consumers

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What separates a stagnating business from those that are always in the process of growth is their ambition; their need for improvement, to be exact. Every single update you incorporate in the way you do business – even the smallest ones – have an effect on the final outcome. Naturally, all businesses, both big and small, strive towards success, which is why special attention needs to be paid to the slightest detail, including live chat.

Let’s simplify –  the success of any business depends on one thing; customer satisfaction. That is why you should do everything in your power to increase those satisfaction levels and earn your reputation, and live chat will help you achieve that. It is highly beneficial for both ends – your business and your customers – so let’s take a look at how live chat is useful from the perspectives of buyers as well as sellers.


1. It’s Cost-effective

Every business needs a customer service department, and this necessity is undisputable. However, this kind of expansion obviously affects the funds required for a business leader to be able to pay off all their employees.

With a live chat, your customer service staff can be decreased to a minimum. First of all, any of your team members can chat with potential customers and provide them with the right kind of advice, so all that work gets divided equally. Second, this is a task your employees may juggle in between their work schedule, so it allows for some multitasking. Finally, being in touch with the receiving end will have a positive effect on your whole team – you begin to see your work in a different light when you’re aware of who you’re working for.

2. It Puts You Ahead of the Competition

No matter what you do and what business niche you’re in, being ahead of your competition must be on your priority checklist as competitor research can improve your business. Competitors are fierce and you can bet they are using all sorts of resources at their disposal to beat you.

Be that as it may, this piece of information shouldn’t affect the quality of your work, because that is what counts in the end. Besides, something as simple as live chat can definitely be a significant push to distinguish you from the sea of similar businesses.


3. Conversion Increment

This is one of the numerous benefits of live chats. Let me draw you a little picture – nearly all the people who arrive at your website are already interested in what you’re selling. Instead of browsing through your website, trying to find a particular list of products or find specific information on one of the many web pages, they can get in direct contact with you via live chat and simply ask about a matter they find unclear for some reason.

In this case, direct help is quite precious, because instead of wasting their precious time, your potential customers can have a chat with a real live person in real time and receive insightful data they need before they can finally make that purchase. Several studies have shown that this can make an increment in conversion rates of over twenty percent – simple as that.

4. Direct Data Gathering

For your business to be able to increase the quality of your products and services, you need to gather the data necessary to do so, which is usually done through polls and surveys and other methods that later need to go through detailed analytics, so you can actually apply them to the way you do business.

Live chats are very direct when it comes to this – each question and every dilemma a potential customer may present to you is a valuable insight you can and should use to improve your website and introduce changes to your list of products and services.


5. Live Proof of Contact

Now you should take a look from your potential customers’ perspective. When in need of a certain product or service, they will google keywords and start browsing through the results. Having a business website is the most common thing now – actually, it’s so common that even businesses that are not legit have them. So, an average customer is used to encountering frauds, which is exactly why they will be careful.

The chat box on your website will make a huge difference for them – having an option to get in direct contact with you is not only helpful but also living proof of your business being legitimate. This is a reassuring gesture that will help you create a loyal circle of customers.


6. Quick and Convenient

Enabling visitors of your page to receive an answer within seconds instead of spending a few minutes reading various reviews will save them time, which makes live chats efficient and convenient. Although it’s a matter of minutes, they really count – customers are in a hurry and they want to make a good purchase and do so quickly.

7. Availability for Loyalty

Placing yourself out there and putting this additional effort in the form of 24/7 availability is a thing everyone who visits your page will appreciate – that appreciation comes in the form of loyalty. The average customer is tired of being treated as a part of a large mass of consumers, and not as an individual. Thus, this kind of exchange – your attentiveness for their loyalty – are terms both parties will be thrilled to agree on.

One last piece of advice – a live chat is quite simple to install, so you should have no problems with that, but you should have your employees go through a simple but efficient training program that will cover basic points of how to treat visitors with the care and politeness they deserve.

Introducing this small update to your business isn’t time-consuming or expensive and it will obviously have a positive effect on the future success of your business. Smart decisions such as this one will make a difference and help put your business on the map.

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