Best Grocery eCommerce Software for Both Entrepreneurs & Enterprises

Growcer, a feature-packed online grocery delivery software built with modern retail technology and 20+ APIs, is a unified platform to launch an online grocery business. The technologists and operational experts behind Growcer developed it to cater for the needs of both entrepreneurs and enterprises. Being a comprehensive suite of web and mobile applications, Growcer assists you to launch, manage, & scale your grocery brand that not just attracts shoppers but help them with the complete shopping journey. The leading technology and pre-integrated features set up & back the supply chain of your grocery ecommerce platform.

You can also build grocery delivery apps like Instacart, Peapod, Amazon Fresh with Growcer and customize them according to your needs.

  • Easy to Setup
    & Manage
  • Totally
  • Android & iOS
    Buyer/Delivery Apps
  • 12 Months
    Free Support
  • One-time Fee,
    Lifetime License
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A Comprehensive Grocery Delivery Software for all your Business Needs
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Online Grocery Business Models

Aggregators (Multi-Vendor)

Enlist multiple grocery stores on the website and build an aggregated marketplace.

Standalone Stores (Single-Vendor)

Take your offline grocery business online and create a digital presence.

Multivendor Grocery Business Model

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Gaining Insights Into Growcer's Exemplary Features

Product Catalogue System

With an effective product catalog management system, omit errors such as misleading product descriptions, uploading poor quality images, and wrong product specs. Practice better control on assets, procurement, vendor info and more.

Advanced Reports & Statistics

Draft future strategies and plans for business growth based on useful information. Get insights into the overall performance of the grocery eCommerce platform and conduct a complete product-specific demand assessment.

Seller Approval & Management

Admin can mark the seller approved or rejected after checking the information he/she fills in the registration form, along with business authenticity proofs, on the seller onboarding page.

Commission Management

Admin can easily define/edit/manage; a) Commission on products (order value)- charged from a seller, and Commission on delivery- charged from delivery staff, on grocery eCommerce platform.

CMS Management

Admin panel of Growcer, a grocery eCommerce solution, includes a full-fledged in-built CMS system that enables admin to have full control over hierarchy, content pages, and navigation.

Delivery Drivers Management

A simple and easy-to-use module is integrated to manage delivery drivers, i.e. view new delivery drivers' requests, accept/reject requests, set global delivery commissions, etc.

Tax Management

Intuitive tax management features help in defining & managing taxes effectively. Conveniently, add/manage/edit seller level taxes, category level taxes, global level taxes, and products level taxes.

Subscription Packages Management

It provides programs and libraries where admin define various subscription packages for vendors- they have to pay to list their store and products on grocery eCommerce platform.

Currency Management

To expand your reach, Growcer is configured with a currency management option that offers flexibility to add or change currency on your grocery delivery solution, as per dynamics of customers and market.

Shop/Delivery Management

Growcer's exceptional shop management features enable sellers to manage shop details such as shop timings (set up the working days and time), delivery slots (date & time), and packaging time.

Seller Dashboard

The seller can go through a detailed matrix of sales graph, revenue earned, the total number of orders count, messages, latest 5 orders listings (with sub-orders), etc.

Subscription Plans

A vendor can easily select and pay for a subscription plan to list his store and products. He can check plan details- plan name, expiry date, cost, etc, and also change the plan according to his business strategies.

Order Cancellation/Refund Requests Management

Growcer powered multi-vendor grocery marketplace provides the seller an easy and simple refund management system, to initiate full or partial refunds.


Sellers get a detailed report of a)how their store/products are performing on the grocery eCommerce marketplace and b) stock & inventory status.

Pin Shop on Map

Sellers can easily drag the red pin on Google map to the middle of their business location and click apply to make sure that the address is up to date and contains no irrelevant information.

Bulk Import/Export (Inventory)

Experience strategic inventory management with Growcer. Monitor stocked goods regularly with precise inventory forecasts. The seller can export/import data for categories, catalogues, and brands in excel and CSV format.

Wallet Management

This module allows the seller to view the entire transaction history, check and add (if required) credits to the wallet, send withdrawal requests of transferring the virtual credits into money in the registered bank account.

Banner Ads (Shop Level Advertisement and Home Page Banner)

Well crafted promotional strategies like advertising and on-site promotions ensure long-term business acceleration. Growcer comes with many such options for business scalability and growth.


The grocery marketplace can easily auto-detect the buyer's location through GPS. Also, he can manually enter the address or location.

Nearby Shops

Based on the buyer's location, listed shops that fall in that location within the specified radius (set by admin) appears.


Buyer can order products from multiple shops, with no limit and complete the payment process in one bill.

Order Substitution

To increase utility, the marketplace can automatically replace a product (which is not available) with another one within the same order entry.


Growcer comes with this inbuilt option- buyers can shop online and schedule a pick-up at the store or pre-selected location.

Order Tracking

Buyer can easily track their orders, get alerts for status changes, syncing across web buyer portal, etc.

Multiple Payment Options

Growcer comes with easy and secure payment methods; COD, Paypal, bank transfer, Amazon, etc to ensure full convenience and safety to its buyers.

Delivery Schedule

It enables the customers to select the preferred day and time when they want their groceries to be delivered.

Progressive Web Apps

Deliver a great, 'app-like' user experience across all platforms. Get key benefits such as access to the app through the mobile app home screen, offline app access, and push notification.

Profile Management

A delivery personnel can easily create & update profile- adding personal details, uploading profile picture, and filling bank account details.

Define Radius

He can set or define a specific radius (in kilometers or miles) under which orders would be assigned to him. The delivery radius limit starts from where he last delivered.

Accept or Reject The Order

The orders are listed with details like pickup and delivery point, QTY, and volume on the delivery driver app. The delivery personnel can accept or reject the order according to his convenience.

Delivery Order Management (Upcoming, Active, and Overdue)

All three types of orders are easily manageable from the delivery drivers app. They can view the details of current, upcoming, and overdue orders- booking ID number, location to deliver, pickup time, etc.

Route Navigation To Sellers' And Buyers' Location

Growcer enables easy route navigation to sellers' and buyers' location for the delivery partner. It facilitates quicker deliveries and cultivates a great user experience.


A delivery personnel's dashboard displays all the important information such as total accepted order count, orders picked count, orders out for delivery count, orders delivered count, latest accepted orders, total earnings, today's earnings, etc.

Click And Call To Sellers And Buyers

With just one click, a delivery person can make a call to the seller and buyer and share his concerns or queries.

Push Notifications

With the email, whatsapp, and SMS notification feature, the delivery boy can filter, track progress, check orders and deliveries, etc.


To solve the linguistic differences between buyer and delivery boy, the app is enabled with multilingual functionality, including RTL & LTR language options

Growcer Pricing Packages

The team Growcer constituted 3 pricing packages that cater to different sizes/requirements of businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur or already running a retail business, Growcer is a one-stop grocery ecommerce platform that assists you in every stage of business; Launch, Manage & Scale.
  • White-Label Web Version of
    Admin, Sellers & Buyers
  • Delivery Driver Apps
GoQuick Boost
  • White-Label Web Version of
    Admin, Sellers & Buyers
  • Delivery Driver Apps
  • Buyer Apps
  • White-Label Web Version of
    Admin, Sellers & Buyers
  • Delivery Driver Apps
  • Buyer Apps
  • Custom Requirements
Plan Details GoQuick $1999

(Default Design Web Version with Delivery Apps)

GoQuick Boost $3999

(Default Design Web Version with Buyer Apps, Delivery Apps & Marketing Services)

GoCustom Contact Now

(Custom Design Web Version with Buyer Apps, Delivery Apps & Marketing Services)

Includes All
Standard Features
White-Label version of
Admin, Sellers & Buyers
Delivery Driver Apps (Source code for mobile apps is not included)
Buyer Apps (Source code for mobile apps is not included)
Frontend Design Default Default Fully Custom
Additional Functionality
Integration of ERP,
WMS, POS, TMS, etc
Unlimited Sellers & Buyers
Dedicated Project Manager
1-Year of Free Technical Support
System Documentation
Free Installation
SSL Installation
Lifetime Ownership & Source Code (Source code for mobile apps not included)
Zero Recurring &
Transaction Charges
Free Digital
Marketing Service
Worth $500 Worth $1000
Flexible Payment Options

Launch your Online Grocery Store with Our Custom Grocery Delivery Software

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Readymade Grocery Ordering & Delivery Apps

Become a disruptor with Growcer's mobile apps that empowers your grocery eCommerce platform to meet buyers, and delivery drivers need.


Grocery Ordering App

Provide a customized-grocery shopping experience to customers with mobile applications that are equipped with the following features:

  • Cart Sharing
  • Order Tracking
  • Click and Collect
  • Multilingual
  • Delivery Scheduler
Google Store iOS Store

Grocery Delivery Driver App

Online Grocery Marketplace solution comes with readymade mobile applications for the delivery boy to ensure a seamless last-mile grocery delivery. Available features are:

  • Order Management
  • Geo-Location (Route Navigation)
  • Wallet Management
  • Convenience of operating
  • Push Notifications
android-icnGoogle Store ios-icniOS Store

Empowering Businesses to Grow by Providing Access to Possible Revenue Channels

You can generate profits from your grocery marketplace through our in-built modules.

Commission On Every Transaction

In order to increase revenue, the marketplace owner can charge a commission on each transaction taking place on the platform. The commission will be charged to the seller once the transaction is complete.

Commission On Each Delivery

The amount of commission from each delivery made will be charged from the buyer and the delivery driver. The respective commission amount will be added to the total value of the order.

Banner Ads & On-site Promotion

Sellers can promote their shops and products though banner ads and on-site promotions. Admin charges an amount for it.

Vendor Subscription

Admin charges a subscription/membership fee from sellers for listing, accessing, and selling products on the multivendor grocery marketplace.


" Having an online site was critical in resuming business during the COVID-19 quarantine. Throughout the process, FATbit Technologies prevented feature creep to keep the costs within budget."

South West Market Source: Clutch

" We hired FATbit Technologies for providing us with a software called “Growcer” to develop a platform that will enable local community to order fresh food from the local farms on a daily basis. We were impressed with the large amount of third party integrations that were available per default. It is worth mentioning that FATbit team helped us every step of the way and even weekend work was done when deadlines were tight."

Panvia Source: Clutch

"Online Grocery from Growcer fulfils all my requirements. The user experience is great. The admin panel is clear and easy to use and understand. The team who was working with me were so understanding, patient and full of knowledge about new technologies."

Shop Drop

"Great company to deal with customer support wise. Would recommend"

M&R Traditional

"I am here to say I had the best experience with FATbit. It was most pleasant for me to work with the FATbit Team. I am very satisfied with the website that they created for my shop. They helped me alot."


Why Growcer?

We are there, every step of the way, to help you grow your business

Free 1-year Technical Support

Experience zero lags in business operations with our free technical support for one year. Get bugs and errors resolved quickly and your business running smoothly with our free expert assistance

Free Installation

Our grocery delivery software, Growcer comes with free installation services as per your choice of server & domain-the process can take between 1-3 days.

One-time Fee, Lifetime License

With Growcer, pay once and get a lifetime license. Experience complete ownership without any recurring payments.

Multiple Support Channels

Get instant assistance from a dedicated team of experts. Our multiple support channels include:

  • Live Chat
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice Call
  • F2F Meetings

Know more About Our Grocery Delivery Software

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Fully Customizable Software to Launch Various Online Delivery Businesses

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

Launch your fruits and vegetables online delivery marketplace in a competitive area.

Milk Delivery
Milk Delivery

Start your own online milk delivery marketplace in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space.

Meat Delivery
Meat Delivery

Launch an online meat delivery marketplace and connect meat producers with end-buyers such as restaurants and more.

Farm Products
Farm Products

Start an online farmer market and scale as you dominate one micro-market after another.


Launch an online pharmacy marketplace with Growcer for the distribution of prescription drugs and other items.

Liquor and Wine
Liquor and Wine

Create an online liquor marketplace and sell effectively by leveraging data using our solution.

Pet Food
Pet Food

Create an online marketplace for pet food ordering and delivery and reinvent the dog food culture.

Vegan Food
Vegan Food

Create an online vegan food delivery marketplace and add disruption to traditional measures with Growcer.

Supplements Delivery
Supplements Delivery

Launch an online marketplace for ordering and delivery of health and dietary supplements using the solution, Growcer.

Online Board Games
Online Board Games

Launch an online board games marketplace and reach a transformative scale using the solution.

Popular Online Delivery Businesses Compatible with Growcer

Good Eggs
Good Eggs

Disclaimer: FATbit/Growcer is not associated or affiliated with any of the brand name or trademark used on the page. They are properties of their respective owners. Features of these websites may or may not vary from those available in Growcer. Additional features or APIs can be added in the customization plan.

Share your Business Idea, and we will Customize Grocery Delivery Software for you

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Pre-integrated Third Party APIs

*Apart from these, any other API can be integrated at an additional cost.

Start your Own Online Grocery Store with Growcer

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What sustainable advantage does Growcer offer over other competitors?

Growcer- a multi-vendor grocery marketplace solution, has been created with the objective of streamlining online grocery shopping processes and escalate the user experience. With numerous intuitive features, the grocery marketplace solution supports a plethora of options that offer a sustainable advantage over your competitors. Below listed are some of the major benefits that set Growcer apart:

  • Get free 1-year technical support with Growcer
  • Irrespective of the country you reside in, the multi-lingual functionality lets you launch your grocery multi-vendor marketplace in any language.
  • The grocery marketplace solution is fully-customizable. The team at Growcer will ensure that every requirement is met as per business needs
  • The add-on advantage of Growcer is that the exclusive package is inclusive of an on-site demo, as well as a personalized demo.
Is RTL included in Growcer?

Yes, Growcer supports right-to-left scripting (RTL). With an increase in the demand for e-grocery solutions in the Middle East region, we have created a custom Grocery solution that suits business requirements. Since the Middle East region supports languages that are written and read in a right-to-left format, we understand the importance of including the RTL feature in Growcer. This enables entrepreneurs to build a marketplace in any preferred language.

What is unique about the Growcer delivery driver app? What makes it the best choice for delivery agents?

Growcer, a turnkey solution that lets you launch a multi-vendor grocery marketplace also supports Android and iOS apps dedicated to the delivery staff. The delivery app packs easy to use features that help in managing all processes effectively. Managing each delivery becomes quick and convenient.

Below mentioned are some points that convey why Growcer is unique and what Unique selling proposition (USP) does it support for the delivery staff?

  • With our advanced mobile app, the delivery agents can easily send push notifications. This will enable delivery agents to send push notifications allowing customers to receive promotional offers & discounts, and stay updated.
  • The delivery staff can effectively manage all functions and perform according to convenience.
  • With Growcer's innovative app, the delivery staff can view and manage the delivery status of the order. The delivery staff can also update profile, set location, view all transactions, and much more.
Can Growcer be customized?

Yes, Growcer, a grocery delivery software can be customized according to the unique needs of your business at additional costs.

Can functionalities such as -ERP, Routing, TMS (transportation management system), POD (Proof of delivery), Telematics, Dock/Yard, WMS (warehouse management system) be integrated into Growcer?

Yes, all the above-mentioned functionalities can be integrated into Growcer at an additional cost. You can customize your online grocery marketplace as per your business needs. Contact our professionals to know more about customizations in detail. Contact Us

Can Growcer provide market & competitor analysis? or Will I be able to conduct market & competitor analysis with Growcer?

Yes, market analysis and competitor analysis can be performed at additional costs. Be it any requirement such as launching an online grocery marketplace in the U.K. or tapping the online grocery opportunities in the Saudi Arab region, the team at Growcer is always at your service!

Is the personalized demo free?

Yes, the personalized demo for Growcer is free for the first time.

Can the source code be modified by the owner of the marketplace (admin)?

Growcer, a feature-rich multi-vendor grocery solution is completely customizable. You can customize the marketplace as per the unique requirements of your business. The developers working on the code, in the initial stages, will have to become familiar with FATbit’s framework.

Does Growcer have geographical restrictions?

No, Growcer does not have any geographical constraints. With Growcer, you can launch your grocery marketplace solution anywhere in the world.

Will the source code, database scripts, and all other additionals be given with the full product?

Yes, you will be given the full product including the source code (minus framework), database scripts, etc.

Is the Email notification system and configuration for the same included in the product?

Yes, the product (Growcer) supports the Email notification system and configuration.

By whom will the domain name and hosting be managed?

On purchasing the package, we will require the following details:

  • Domain name
  • Cpanel details

After receiving this information, our team will install the full system on the server respectively.

Does Growcer come with mobile apps for buyers and delivery drivers?

Yes, Growcer, a grocery delivery software is equipped with mobile applications for both buyers and delivery staff.

Where should I get more information on Growcer?

We have a dedicated website of Growcer Please check it for information.

Apart from grocery, what are the other niches that can be launched with Growcer?

Growcer can launch online multivendor marketplace for pharmacy, liquor, board games, funeral products, fruits and vegetables,farm products, poultry, dairy etc.

Where should I get detailed information w.r.t Growcer clients?

Please visit the following page

How to start grocery ordering & delivery marketplace with Growcer?

Please refer to the following page

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