White label solution to power successful Live-Chat business

YoLivechat is a white label solution to help you establish and grow in the live chat software market.

Flourishing live-chat business landscape

Statistics elucidate a robust demand for live-chat solutions for present and the future to provide interactive, engaging, and instant customer service.

$1.28 Billion

Live Chat Software Market projected to reach USD 1.28 Billion by 2027

7.3% CAGR

Rising at a market growth of 7.3% CAGR from 2020 to 2027

978 Chats

A typical business now handles 978 chats/month (a number rising YOY)

Advanced capabilities in YoLiveChat to deliver exceptional end-user experience

YoLiveChat is an off-the-shelf solution for entrepreneurs considering to launch their live chat software similar to Tawk.to, LiveChat, Zendesk, LivePerson, and Kayako. New or existing businesses can market YoLiveChat in their own brand. Existing businesses can add a rebranded YoLiveChat to their product portfolio to offer an additional quality product to the clients.
YoLiveChat is equipped with many essential features that are required by online businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time, via messaging to deliver next-generation customer support. Your clients will be able to solve the queries of the website visitors proactively and boost sales. YoLiveChat is completely customizable as per your business requirements.

Customizable Chat Widget
Attention Grabbing Triggers
Pre-Chat Qualification Form
Chat Ticketing System
Real-time Visitor Monitoring
Sound & Visual Notifications
Working Hours Scheduler
Quick Response Shortcuts
Disruptive Visitor Banning
In-depth Analytics & Reporting
Private Chat Supervision
Easy File Sharing
 Power of Yo!LiveChat for Seamless Conversations

Embrace the power of YoLiveChat to build a seamless customer tool

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Catalyzing time-to-market & placing your live chat business in the right orbit with YoLiveChat

As a ready-to-use solution, YoLiveChat enables you to accelerate your go-to-market strategy for your live chat business, and scale it as per market response. It shortens the time span between Proof Of Concept (POC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to make it available for early adopters.
With the right ingredients in it and backed by a team of experts, YoLiveChat is a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to help you start a live chat customer service platform without developing it from scratch.

Starting a Live Chat Business with YoLiveChat
Live Chat Business Model
Yo!LiveChat Features Banner

Out-of-the-box features to aid proactive customer interaction

Trigger messages

Customizable trigger messages to interact with customers in the right context, and at appropriate moments in the buyer journey to offer a personalized experience.

Common reply shortcuts

Instantaneous response with predefined messages to stimulate positive user engagement and achieve higher operational efficiency.

Customizable agent accounts

Added human element with personalized agent accounts for better customer connection. The chat is traceable with exclusive widgets for every agent.

Pre-chat form

Pre-chat forms provide customer-sourced, relevant information on the matter to facilitate prompt support from the most suited agent for the task.

Operating hours scheduler

Automatic management of live-chat status based on predefined, customizable agent availability hours. Timezone-based changes ease global service.

Help whispers

YoLiveChat facilitates instant collaboration between agents without the need to leave the chat window by sharing messages in private.

Right technology set for excellent performance

YoLiveChat is powered by a combination of technologies that give it customizability, security, and a host of nifty features to generate ROI through higher customer retention and enhanced productivity. Engaging customers with faster contextual interactions on live chat catalyzes conversions, drives leads, and fosters brand loyalty. Customizability of YoLiveChat further allows you to tailor the solution, enhancing its appeal.

Live Chat Industry Landscape
Redefine the Live Chat industry landscape with white-labeled YoLiveChat
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Yo!LiveChat Features

Features to track visitor interactions and data

Extensive Monitoring

YoLiveChat works tirelessly behind the scenes to provide businesses with comprehensive analysis facilitating a data-driven approach to gauge performance.

Active Chats

Active chats provide a continuous thread of interaction between the customer and the business stimulating a natural, connected, and contextual conversation.

Messaging & Tickets

Tickets-based chat adds a reference to customer support enabling trackable resolution, consolidating multiple interactions, and organizing data.

Analytical Reports

Detailed analytical reports give the necessary tools to understand, plan and boost crucial underpinnings, and strategize with tangible results.

YoLiveChat presents ease of starting a new live chat software business

YoLiveChat has been developed to provide startups and SMBs, with a readymade, feature-rich live chat solution with long-term business benefits and easy adoption.
Engineered by an Agile team at FATbit Technologies, YoLiveChat is the latest in the list of high-quality, and robust solutions.

Fully Customizable
Highly Scalable
Lifetime Ownership
No Recurring Fee
GDPR Compliance
100% White Label
Live-chat Business Landscape
Future-proof your live chat business with YoLiveChat
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