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YoYumm is a white-label & fully customizable online food delivery software that enables entrepreneurs to quickly create an online delivery app & website. It provides an intuitively-designed admin panel to help business owners manage their website activities conveniently. With mobile apps and web portals for buyers, sellers, & delivery staff, YoYumm makes it easy for startups to start a food delivery business that is simple to use and easy to navigate.


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FATbit/Yo!Yumm is not associated or affiliated with any of the brand name or trademark used on the page. They are properties of their respective owners. Features of these websites may or may not vary from those available in Yo!Yumm. Additional features or APIs can be added in the customization plan.

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Provide Seamless Experience With Our Readymade Food Delivery Mobile Apps

Seller/Merchant App

Ensure a wider reach with Yo!Yumm's robust seller apps that are specially designed to complement online businesses. With the help of these agile apps, sellers can effectively analyze their sales, fulfill orders, manage offers and quickly respond to the buyers.

Buyer App

Empower buyers with an interactive mobile application that helps them satisfy their craving by exploring popular nearby restaurants. With an intuitive interface that makes it easy to place orders and offering lucrative deals with easy payment options, Yo!Yumm ensures great food delivery on the customer's doorstep.

Delivery Staff App

Yo!Yumm comes with an advanced mobile app that enables a delivery agent to successfully manage order delivery status, profile updates, navigate to buyer/seller location, view wallet transactions, etc.

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Our Clients

A Scalable Solution Made To Keep Your Business Running During COVID-19

Contactless Deliveries To Limit Exposure

As the fear of coronavirus intensifies, consumers wish to limit their exposure to the outside world. Entail a superior online food delivery experience by offering contactless deliveries to the customers as well as the fleet. The customers have the freedom to opt for zero contact deliveries by simply mentioning it while placing orders.

Contact Less Delivery

Encouraging Cashless Payments With Zero Contact Streams

Are your customers hesitant about making and accepting cash payments? Eliminate transacting via cash and stay ahead of your competition with electronic payment methods. Limit the delivery personnel, customers, & merchants exposure to COVID-19 by promoting cashless payments. Enable customers to choose their preferred payment option with our robust food ordering system.

No contact image

Easy Curbside Pickup Amid Covid-19

Serve your customers from a safe distance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Enable users to place orders online and collect it from the restaurant with Curbside Pick up. The customers will receive notifications once the order is ready for pick up with this advanced feature.


COVID-19 Notification Pop-Ups

Notify customers about the hygiene practices and the initiatives being taken against COVID-19 for safer food deliveries. With this feature, keep customers informed on a regular basis via pop-up notifications. Reassure customers by maintaining transparency about the safety practices being followed.

Covid19 Notification

Phenomenal Features to Elevate Online Food Ordering & Delivery Performance

Track delivery

Our multi-restaurant food delivery software - Yo!Yumm equips the merchant with a variety of features that refine restaurant operations. Android & iOS mobile apps with real-time location tracking enable a merchant with instant notifications on orders picked-up/delivered. Tracking order delivery allows improved in-transit management.

Push notification

Yo!Yumm powered online food ordering and delivery platform is enhanced with features like push notifications that augment customer service. The multi-restaurant online ordering software supplements system responsiveness via alerts and notifications on the merchant's app keeping them updated on latest orders coming to the restaurant.

Easy restaurant management

Restaurant management for the merchant made easy and secure with Yo!Yumm multi-restaurant food delivery software. Single merchant account facilitating complete supervision with important features allowing systematic data segregation and restaurant-wise business execution.

Tracking payments

Advanced features keeping track of pending payments and completed orders on the Yo!Yumm powered multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery platform help restaurateurs stay organized and efficient. Improved merchant responsiveness with easy track on incoming orders and payment information keeps them updated on their restaurant economics.

Support and assistance

Yo!Yumm’s tech support system provides merchants with quick assistance to tackle minor bugs on their platform. Admin support for tech back-up, timely troubleshooting, and streamlining operations helping merchants on the marketplace begin business steadily.

Comprehensive daily sales updates

Restaurant owners enriched with daily sales data and monthly numbers on significant KPIs manage everyday business operations better. Descriptive analytics by Yo!Yumm online food delivery software solution strengthens merchants with the power of informed decisions on comprehensive strategies for stronger futuristic planning.

Instant reply to reviews

Yo!Yumm facilitates merchants with access to customer reviews and comments on their restaurants. Restaurateurs can access reviews, reply on order feedback, and refine performance to enhance customer satisfaction. Our online food delivery software offers instant connectivity between merchants and their customers.

Order management

Order management feature allows restaurant owners easy hovering through multiple orders, checking order histories, completion status, and organizing the entire order processing. The Yo!Yumm multi-restaurant food delivery software is the perfect solution to launch an efficient online food ordering and delivery platform with streamlined order management for the merchants.

Menu management

Yo!Yumm multi-restaurant food delivery software supplements a merchant’s online food channel with besuited menu management features for a superior customer experience. Allowing merchants with easy category-wise item listing as per their customer demands enhances the whole online food ordering experience on the platform.

Restaurant listing (based on geolocation)

Yo!Yumm’s online food delivery solution helps build user journeys that augment the overall online food ordering experience. Geolocation based filtering for nearby restaurants as per consumer location facilitate prompt and quality services. Time saved allows more time for food selection and a better satisfaction quotient.

Multiple payment options

Secure and multiple payment methods integrated through the Yo!Yumm online food delivery solution ensures a seamless customer experience. Freedom of payment via most contemporary payment methods adds to the element of freedom while buyers order food online supplementing user journey on the platform.

Reviews and ratings

Customers build trust in transparency. The Yo!Yumm online food delivery solution’s review and rating system integrated into the online platform allows first-hand customer feedback reach the restaurant directly. Instant replies to customer comments improves loyalty quotient, enriching customer experience.

Reward points

Yo!Yumm built online food ordering and delivery platforms offer elements of enhanced engagement on every order. Reward points and exciting offers enhance end-user satisfaction quotient, involving them deeply into the process of online food ordering, rendering enriched customer experience as the value add.

Order Delivery options

Our online food ordering solution provides multiple delivery options to choose from. Customers can now conveniently select a delivery time, opt for self pick-up, and request for contact-less delivery. Augment user experience with delivery options provided at check-out on the Yo!Yumm powered online food delivery platform.

Order tracking

Yo!Yumm elevates food delivery with customer-centric mobile app features enabling order tracking. Alerts and notifications keep users engaged with constant updates on their order status as the food is delivered. An interactive app UI significantly augments the online food ordering and delivery process as a whole.

User registration

Yo!Yumm helps you design exceptional user journeys, empowering restaurants, as well as their customers on the online food ordering portal with easy and quick registration. Existing social media and email enabled registration adds credibility to the online food ordering and delivery platform adding to user satisfaction.

Advanced search

Yo!Yumm’s online food delivery solution offers advanced search features enabling quick item search for an express online ordering. Brief processes depict efficient design of the online user interfaces, menus, and customer journeys, enriching the experience while ordering food online.

Discounts & Offers

The Yo!Yumm online food delivery solution builds the online food ordering and delivery platform focused towards customer engagement. Discounts and offers enlisted attractively enable significant user involvement adding to the delight experienced while ordering food online.

Delivery Management

Yo!Yumm enhances delivery services on the online food ordering platform with a dedicated delivery app facilitating streamlined management. Sorted broadcast list and ability to complete chosen deliveries promotes streamlined last-mile order transition with an efficient resource utilization.

Secure Login

The Yo!Yumm multi-restaurant delivery software accomplishes privacy and security issues skillfully via secure staff log-ins. Managing profiles and controlling activities from within work accounts created on the platform allows clean work-flows accomplishing adept resource management .

Push Notifications

Delivery app enabled with push notifications allows drivers to stay notified on upcoming orders promoting efficient planning to meet deliveries in time. The Yo!Yumm online food delivery solution equips the delivery app with accomplished features to keep drivers up-to-date with new orders on the platform.

Manage multiple deliveries using the app

A ready-made mobile app for delivery along with the Yo!Yumm powered online food ordering platform strengthens operations by facilitating delivery staff to address multiple orders. The app interface augments user experience to manage multiple activities in a streamlined and seamless manner.

Delivery tracking

Mobile apps integrated with essential features like Google Maps for a streamlined food delivery process uplift business quality. Yo!Yumm enriches the apps with delivery tracking ability to allow order surveillance and troubleshoot driver issues to meet ETAs in-time.

Convenience of operating

Yo!Yumm sanctions the delivery staff on the online food ordering and delivery platform with seamless convenience to function productively. Ready-made mobile apps supplement the platform with features that bridge gaps and upgrade operations for a streamlined online food ordering.

An Admin Dashboard that holds everything together

Control Over Restaurant

Yo!Yumm’s powerful features empower the online food ordering platform’s admin with comprehensive control over every activity. Selecting restaurants, creating their profiles, managing deliveries, withdrawal requests, and approving drivers, at the admin’s discretion allow complete command to manage platform operations proficiently.

Platform Management

The Yo!Yumm software solution adds value through competent design development of the online food ordering and delivery platform enabling easy switching between feature tabs to manage multiple functionalities. Restaurants, orders, reviews, delivery staff and alot more can be taken care of with finesse.

Restaurant Review

Launching the online food ordering platform with Yo!Yumm allows transparency to view, reply and moderate customer reviews for all restaurants. Access to customer feedback and merchant responses adds to the insights desired for well informed decision making.


The Yo!Yumm online food ordering and delivery software offers seamless probability to the vision of business expansion. 240+ languages enables one to launch the online food business anywhere around the globe keeping the glocal element surpassing boundaries and restrictions.

Marketing Modules

Engage visitors endlessly on your platform with customer-oriented modules designed with the Yo!Yumm online food delivery solution. Campaigns and engagements play a significant role in order conversions on the platform, like offering reward points, affiliate programs, advertisement requests, and discount offers.

Customer Insights

Descriptive analytics on the admin’s portal allow a clear vision of what is most popular with their customers. With a crystal clear insight into customer behavior, choices, in-demand restaurants, and problem areas help strategize business decisions well-in-time bringing ease in business management.

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Our Clients Stories


FATbit Technologies Alkki

A regional online marketplace focused on improving the environment, health, and sustainability. We deployed a system that handles the technology behind the food delivery platform with the following deliverables.

  • Feature for pre-order/ scheduled delivery at both customer's end and the merchant's end.
  • Store page modifications including the product image enhancements, product info, and additional filters.
  • 3 customized deliveries/orders- “Pre-order”, “Delivery”& "Pickup".
  • Area-specific Date formatting.
  • Geared to work with Euro currency
  • New payment gateway integrated: Stripe

Based in: Germany


FATbit Technologies Client Winkls
Online Food & Drinks Marketplace

An online food and drinks marketplace providing exemplary service with a feature-rich platform. The system was deployed with the following deliverables.

  • New payment gateway integrated
  • Chat plugins embedded into the system
  • Precise order management module enhancements
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Last-mile delivery management.
  • Advanced order management.

Based in: Nigeria


FATbit Technologies Craviors Fallback

Our US-based client approached us with a requirement to build a platform that would offer premier food delivery experiences to private jets, airports, and corporate events. Our team deployed Yo!Yumm that streamlined last-mile expertise delivery, allowing multiple restaurant orders for multiple customers in a single go, with the following deliverables.

  • Allow the customer to order from multiple restaurants in a single order.
  • Ability to place orders from multiple users in a single transaction.
  • Notifications for scheduled delivery management.
  • Helps consumers provide instructions with individual food items to facilitate order customization.
  • Delivery based on precise location at airports.
  • UI enhancements for better user experience.
  • Payment page optimization to minimize complexity at the user end.

Based in: USA


P2P Fashion Rental Marketplace

We deployed a multi-vendor e-commerce food delivery platform with multilingual support- that allows tourists to locate local events and restaurants for delivery, take-away, and dine-in. It encapsulates the following deliverables.

  • Global language selection.
  • Free subscription tab in addition to two base subscription models
  • Custom location-based search for local events.
  • 3 customized deliveries/orders options - “Dine in”, “Delivery”& "Self Pickup".

Based in: Thailand

BitBit Delivery

FATbit Technologies Hireduty Fallback
Online On-Demand Marketplace For Food & Groceries

Our Philippines-based client wanted to build an online on-demand food delivery platform for same-day deliveries and scheduled celebrations. Our team deployed Yo!Yumm to build BitBit, with an extensive range of features to meet the client's requirements. The system was integrated with outstanding features to facilitate the delivery of food, groceries, pharma, shopping, and parcels.

  • Customer-centric platform allowing on-demand deliveries through Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • A COD verified parcel service, embedded with ID proof and mobile phone number verification.
  • Option for admin to incentivize preferred food items through promotions.
  • Delivery management module for food and grocery.
  • Options to manage permanent and ad-hoc delivery fleet.
  • Control to define varied delivery prices based on locations.
  • Sub-admin option for area-specific delivery management.
  • Separate tab for scheduled deliveries.
  • New payment gateway “Paymaya” integrated.

Based in: Cabanatuan, Philippines


FATbit Technologies Tiger Parrot

A Sydney-based food ordering platform delivering across Australia with an endless variety of food, grocery, and alcohol. We deployed the system with the following deliverables.

  • A customizable multilingual platform
  • Last-mile delivery management.
  • Advanced order management
  • Unhindered operations with multiple restaurant management.

Based in: Australia

Our Clients Say

"Honestly, everything was great. I am very happy with the result and am continuing to try to scale my business."

Frederick Tommy Martinez
BullDog Delivery

"Very happy with the product and the current support. We are hoping to upgrade our website to a mobile app soon. Great communication with the sales and support team. The best Multivendor Marketplace System in the market "

Volkan Demircan
we feed

"YoYumm helps me deliver food to people that don't stay close enough to restaurants in my city, I cover more ground with my orders and my deliveries. Providing service to the few that UberEats and DoorDash can't cover. The team of Fatbit which setice Yo!Yumm have also been exceptional in taking care of the demands that I have faced in using Yo!Yumm"

Oladotun O
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With the escalating growth of the FMCG sector across the world, there’s a huge demand for online food ordering & delivery solutions in the market. Maximize your business's profit margin by exploring all possible revenue channels with Yo!Yumm.

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Pre-integrated 3rd party APIs

Yo!Yumm is integrated with several third-party APIs to help you build a more scalable and robust online food ordering & delivery marketplace.

App Store
Google Maps

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Become a white label partner with Yo!Yumm and resell our solution under your brand name. Our white label program enables you to focus on selling the online food delivery solution and controlling the profits while we stay anonymous. Yo!Yumm team will be your outsourcing and final deployment partner.

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Yo!Yumm FAQs

Is Yo!Yumm platform synchronized with POS?

Yo!Yumm platform can be customized to provide a POS system as per the requirements of your on-demand food delivery services.

Does Yo!Yumm provide IOS and Android apps with multilingual functionality?

Yes, Yo!Yumm apps are enabled with multilingual functionality. Currently, the system supports 3 languages: English, Arabic, and French, as default languages. The system is enabled to cater to additional languages as per requirements.

What is a last-mile delivery feature?

Yo!Yumm is enabled with the last-mile delivery feature. It refers to the last level of supply chain operations. It comprises the crucial final leg of a food item’s journey before it reaches the customer’s doorstep.

Is Yo!Yumm suitable to build platforms like Just Eat, Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Talabat?

Yo!Yumm is a feature-rich software that can be fully customized to build platforms similar to Just Eat, Grubhub, and Uber Eats. The framework of Yo!Yumm is flexible enough to cater to different online food ordering and delivery business models.

Is the Personalized Demo Free?

Yes, the first personalized demo is free. All you have to do is get in touch with our sales team to request a personalized demo.

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