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Books and electronics are not the only items sold online. Nowadays, people are using internet to find and buy their next car as well. Yo!Drive is the best online solution to become part of this highly profitable online trend. It is an advanced turnkey solution used by web entrepreneurs to create car dealership websites very similar to,,, and

With its amazing features and competitive pricing, Yo!Drive is quickly becoming one of the best turnkey solutions for starting your own car marketplace.

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How Online Car Portals Work

While car buyers are using car dealer websites to make comparisons and discover great deals, car sellers are showcasing new as well as used cars on them. Making it all happen in a single website requires an advanced solution with the advantage of custom development. Yo!Drive makes it possible, and has been fitted with unique features that help:


Search and compare new as well as used cars. Our powerful car dealership solution also brings powerful filters to make the search process intuitive.


Connect with car buyers in their region to make a quick sale. Make use of Yo!Drive ad feature to put the spotlight on your car and push online leads.


List their collection of cars for buyers and also offer car related services. Manage multiple car listings with easy to use functionality of Yo!Drive.

Yo!Drive Features

Yo!Drive has been created after detailed analysis of,, and other leading car trading sites. Its focus on user requirements and unbelievable flexibility makes the auto dealer software truly unique. Check out the features that make our solution different from other auto dealership clone scripts.

Dominate desktops and mobile devices

Car trading stores built on Yo!Drive are responsive and offers best experience on handheld devices. This means your car listing website will attract customers and generate business from desktops as well as mobile devices.

User-friendly car portal platform

Make search intuitive for buyers

Help car buyers find cars, manufacturers and local dealerships quickly. Yo!Drive is fitted with powerful search features and filters that empowers car search on the basis of make, model and various other parameters.

Yo!Drive Search Function

Help dealers make an impression

With Yo!Drive, dealers don’t need separate website to sell. Our smart auto trader platform empowers dealers to create store pages with business address & contact details for showcasing their collection and car offers.

Dedicated landing pages

More profits for sellers and dealers

We understand the importance of car sales for your profits. Hence, Yo!Drive comes with multiple features to contact car sellers and dealers. Also benefit from quick messaging & comments on listing pages.

Yo!Drive Messaging Feature

Smart car comparisons

Buyers prefer car dealership websites that offer powerful comparison features to find the best car deal. Stores built on Yo!Drive come with features that let visitors compare car features as well as price with ease.

Product comparison feature in Yo!Drive
Start your car’s marketplace with Yo!Drive today.

Yo!Drive - Loaded with Amazing Features

Yo!Drive has been built after extensive market study and thus has vast array of interesting features for website users and owners. Below are some that contribute greatly to car search, selection, and portal management:

Creating Car Listings

Listings are crucial for every car portal, and that’s why we made it easy for sellers and dealers to create new ones. With car listing creation feature, Yo!Drive guarantees more listings and engagement which results in website profits.

Quick Communication Channels

Buyers need to connect with sellers to share car queries. That’s why we fitted advanced messaging system in our auto dealer website. Launch car dealership portal with Yo!Drive to benefit from instant interactions.

Sturdy Bid Management

Because sellers and dealers will get large number of bids on their listings, we made bid management easy for them. Yo!Drive facilitates quick actions on incoming bids and saves time for car sellers and dealers. .

Reviews for Transparency

To help your portal gain popularity for credibility, we have made the provision of reviews and ratings. Yo!Drive empowers buyers to rate cars and dealers while keeping the control in your hands through comment management feature.

Discovery of Service Centers

We have paid special attention to website visitors looking for service centers in their geographical region. Yo!Drive brings powerful functionality to search car service centers and make the process intuitive with map integration.

Simplify Search for Upcoming Cars

Introduce upcoming cars on your car dealership portal for generating additional traffic, ad profits, and market hype. Share car overview, features, photos, videos and much more to engage visitors interested in the new cars.

Get superior features for your car trading website

Total control. More earnings

  • Easier Management of Car Listings

    Managing car listings was never so easy. Yo!Drive with its easy-to-use car listing management interface makes tasks like car addition, listing deletion, and categorization so easy that they can be managed without any technical knowhow.

  • Smart ad Banners for More Income

    Earn more from banner advertisements placed throughout your online car portal. Yo!Drive comes with advanced banner management options that makes it super easy to create, edit and change ad banners throughout website.

  • Manage Content on your Own

    Managing content was never this easier! Yo!Drive is fitted with content management system so that portal owners don’t need to hire a technical team for making changes. Manage page, listings, FAQs, and other site content on your own.

  • Manage Subscription Plans with ease

    Decide how much you want to earn from subscriptions and account upgrades. With Yo!Drive car dealership platform, you can make changes in subscription plans of car sellers and dealers as per your portal revenue goals.

  • Monitor Registrations and Preserve Value

    Keep a watch on new seller & dealer registrations with smart registration management features. Fix account issues, edit important details, neutralize spam, and do a lot more with car portal powered by Yo!Drive car portal system.

Experience the most sophisticated car trading website software.

Yo!Drive brings ready email templates to share information and updates with dealers, sellers and registered buyers. Portal owners can easily make changes in the templates to fit their business message and send notifications.

Give your car trading website the advantage of modern email marketing. We have integrated Yo!Drive with Mail Chimp to help you send impressive emails and newsletters to dealers, buyers and sellers within seconds.

Yo!Drive - Value for Money

Yo!Drive is obviously not the only turnkey car trading solution in the market. There are many other clone scripts that can be used to create a car listing site. But not every car listing store solution sweetens the deal with various additions that saves as well as makes money. Some of the most tempting features are:

Online car marketplace portal deal cannot get better than this.
  • 01 Search engine friendly script

    Yo!Drive has been created with popular search engines in mind. This means your site will attract more traffic.

  • 02 Built for conversions

    We created Yo!Drive with user experience and conversion in mind. That’s why it generates actual sales and traffic.

  • 03 FREE support for 1 year

    Our team is here to help you with every query regarding platform’s working and usage for no extra charge.

  • 04Flexible for future

    Yo!Drive is not limited to just car selling. Use our highly sophisticated platform to sell cars, scooters, boats or any other vehicle.

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