customer is king
Is Customer Really The King? Perspectives of Different Organizational Departments

For long, it has been said that ‘customer is king’. Every business, whether online or offline, claims to be committed to rendering customer satisfaction. But is customer really the king or are these mere words to woo him? Let us

How to connect with online buyers & generate quality leads – Top Tips, Tricks & Cheat Codes

Selling a service on internet can be a demanding task but there are some entrepreneurs and companies that make it seem as easy as pie by paying attention to some points. Read on to find real tips & tricks to sell your services online, & making a fortune.

User Experience Design and Optimization
User Experience Design and Optimization: What-Why-How

Nowadays, everyone keeps on saying how critical user experience is & how focusing on it can multiply website sales. But very few articles & posts actually describe the concept in detail. Is it just about simplifying search and certain tasks for visitors or goes beyond that? Let’s learn the meaning, importance and all the crucial details about user-experience.

How to Generate Traffic: Free and Paid
How to Generate Traffic: Free and Paid Online Promotion Mediums

Do you have an online business but no online sources generating traffic for you? Use these free and paid marketing methods to spread your brand name & business message. Get visitors from every prominent web source, increase visitors drastically, create relevant online profiles/resources and also an enviable online presence.

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keller’s brand equity model guide2
Keller’s Brand Equity Pyramid Perfected by Young Online Businesses

Building something like Amazon or TripAdvisor requires finding answers to critical branding related questions. Read the post & learn how Keller’s brand equity model can help you in establishing your online brand. This is also precisely how young ecommerce platforms are making online bigwigs sweat.

All Web Design & Development Outsourcing Queries Answered in One Post!

When it comes to outsourcing design development work, many questions need to be answered to avoid financial loss, and trauma of seeing your brilliant idea in a half-cooked state. Here are all your questions answered in a detailed manner to guarantee you the best partner for your online idea;

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Potential in Mobile Commerce, Growth Trends and Requirements
Potential in Mobile Commerce, Growth Trends and Requirements

Growth of mobile commerce has improved the shopping experience of customers. As customers prefer to complete their online shopping experience on the move, there is huge potential for entrepreneurs launching a custom mobile application. In this blog post, you will understand the potential in m-commerce, growth trends and requirements.

How to Create a Clean and Neat Web Design (Updated for 2019)

There is something about a clean web design that is very luring; non-designers often use the words ‘neat and simple’ to define it. Designing minds, on the other hand, use much complex vocabulary for explanation. It is a popular perception