Is Customer Really The King? Perspectives of Different Organizational Departments

Is Customer Really The King? Perspectives of Different Organizational Departments

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For long, it has been said that ‘customer is king’. Every business, whether online or offline, claims to be committed to rendering customer satisfaction. But is customer really the king or are these mere words to woo him?

Let us try and get to the answer but from a different perspective this time.

Any business organization is run successfully by the coordinated efforts of several departments. So, how does each department look at the customer? Do they regard him as the king or not? Let’s delve on it.

Marketing department: A ‘certain customer’ is king

This creative wing reasons only a certain customer as king, referring to ‘high-value’ customers that increase revenues and are good for business. Resources are hence thoughtfully allocated to sustain the loyalty of these kings. The ones that demand all the attention for little money they spend certainly don’t qualify for the king title.

Top management: Customer is more than a king

A businessman nurtures his business like his first born. He thus knows the value of every customer. To him, customer is not just the king, he is in fact everything. He owes it to the customers for his present enviable position. However, one must not compromise with ethics and values even if that implies your customers taking the back seat.

R&D: Customer is a nominal king

It is said that markets create what the customer wants but research has long established that customer is sometimes as clueless as the maker. One must have the knack to seed the idea in customer’s mind and they are sure to want your product. For instance, consumers were not aware of the need to cook using microwaves until they arrived.

Some legendary brand makers also assert the same in their statements;

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford

“It’s really hard to design products with focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs

HR department: Customer’s kingship rests on employee management

This department is the direct link between a company and its customer. It favors satisfying the employees to satisfy the customers. The chain is simple, keep your employee happy and he will render better services while attending to your valuable customers. A happy employee:

  • Is highly motivated
  • Is more interactive and fun to talk to
  • Is more attentive to customer needs

Not satisfying your employees will result in degradation of products or services on offer.

IT department: Customer is like an infant

These experts see the customer as an infant who is to be spoon fed and handheld while he takes baby steps. The perspective is very much justified with the demanding nature of clients when it comes to technical glitches. This is the reason for some companies like FATbit offer free technical support and affordable maintenance packages for its customers.

Finance department: Customer isn’t always the king

According to these money managing maestros, having a loyal customer base does not imply monetary gain. Speaking of service industry, loyal customers are rather demanding and, in some cases, this can lead to higher transactional costs than profits earned.

Now that we have discussed different perspectives in answering the same question, it is up to you to decide if customer is really the king.

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