Top Custom Software Development Companies in 2024

Top Custom Software Development Companies in 2024

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Last Updated: 20th November, 2023

Custom software can meet a business vision accurately, fulfill desired objectives, and provide a competitive advantage to power success. A custom software development company can provide that leverage by designing and developing software that meets the desired business goals.

Moreover, technical support during deployment and after-sales support can further provide long-term benefits to the business.

But, with the multitude of companies that offer custom software development services, it can be difficult to ascertain which company will deliver precise results befitting your business goals. What comes together as a singular product takes a systematic and cross-team effort to engineer a reliable and robust product.

In this blog, read about the considerations for choosing a custom software development company to partner with a well-researched list of top 10 custom software development companies.

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How is Custom Software Development Different from Software Development?

Unlike commercial software, custom software is developed on a specific set of requirements shared by the client. It is also referred to as bespoke software.

The steps to engineer a custom software remain the same, but the software will be developed on a unique set of requirements  一   its implementation, integration, scalability, and upgradability differs, and needs specific attention.

The software is developed to meet specific business goals, in a way off the shelf solutions can not.

Custom software development offers multiple advantages, some of these are discussed below.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

Custom software are purpose-engineered, with increased capabilities to meet desired business objectives. Some such benefits are as follows:

  • Specialized Business Needs

Top custom software development companies can analyze requirements to develop software that has distinct functionalities, best suited to the business goals. 

These can give a business competitive edge in its niche, catalyzing success.  

  • Operational Benefits

A custom-built software can potentially increase productivity. Unique functionalities can also drive ease of business operations.  It can help an organization align with its vision.

  • Enhanced Security

Custom software can offer enhanced security by incorporating more security features in the code. 

Another security advantage that custom software has is that they get targeted less often by hackers. Mass-market software gets targeted by hackers simply because of the sheer number of businesses using them. But since custom software is built on a unique code they invite less attention from hackers. 

  • Faster Adoption Within Organization

By providing tailored functionalities, custom software is easier to use and adopt within an organization. 

  • Higher ROI

Software that is purpose built can better meet long term business objectives. Overall, a well-built product that performs as per its intended purpose will be a good ROI for a business. 

  • Option to Pivot

If the business goals change, custom software development may allow one to pivot, if necessary. This can save precious investment capital. 

  • Availability of MVP in Custom Software Development

A minimum viable product or MVP is that version of a product that can be used to validate assumptions taken before development. 

An MVP has only a minimum set of functionalities that helps in gaining feedback from targeted users. 

A custom software development company may offer an MVP that can help gain crucial insights and enhance chances of success. 

  • Technical Support

Top custom software companies offer technical support to back custom software that they develop, giving clients ease of use. Teams that have to work on the software, can get an easier hands-on know-how for best utilization of the software via product demos and more.  

The reasons listed above make custom software a compelling option for a business. For best results, partnering top custom software companies will result in quality products. 

List of The Best Custom Software Development Companies 2023:

Discussed below is a well-researched list of the best software development companies of 2023 that provide custom software development services.

1. FATbit Technologies- Custom Software Development Company

FATbit is a top custom software development company that excels in delivering research-driven bespoke solutions for web and mobile ecosystems, MVP and CMS development services, purpose-built enterprise solutions, data-driven marketing solutions, and more.

FATbit has worked in multiple domains delivering quality services. The company leverages expertise in the eCommerce sector to propel success for businesses in one of the most lucrative sectors in the post-pandemic world.  It also provides customizable standalone solutions for retail, renting, online coaching, hyper-local grocery or meal delivery, and more. These solutions can be tailored for business models such as B2B, B2C, B2B2C, P2P, and others.

Furthermore, the company extends its 17+ years industry expertise by offering business consulting and digital marketing services.

The company delivers high ROI to the client through its customer-centric approach and implementation of Agile methodologies. Agile enhances customer involvement in the project and aims for rapid delivery of the product through iterative and incremental delivery of functionalities.

FATbit has a diverse team of 200+ expert professionals that follows a collaborative and cross-team approach to maximize innovation in the project.

The custom software development company has delivered projects to a global clientele, receiving good client feedback, as evident by a rating of 4.9/5 on Clutch. FATbit has also featured in top business publications such as INC, Nasdaq, Forbes, and more.

FATbit Technologies Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: eCommerce, retail, education, rental, business services and others
Key Differentiator: Agile, collaborative, affordable solutions, customizable turnkey eCommerce multi vendor and single vendor solutions
Tech Stack: Node JS, Apache, Linux, JS, PHP, Laravel, React, MySQL
Key Clients: UNI Diamonds, Superlivery, Oyo Cater, HCL, MyCart, TVF-Play, Excursions Dubai Kazadu, KoutureStudios
Suitable For: All size businesses
Country: India
Website URL:


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2. Intellectsoft- Software Development Company

Intellectsoft is a custom software development and IT consulting company. It has worked with multiple fortune 500 clients from all across the globe. The company offers ERP software, mobile app development, IT consultation services, UI/UX design services. They deliver mobile app experience for startups and enterprise clients.

The company has dedicated developer teams that look to provide digital disruptive services to the hospitality, healthcare, and insurance sectors among others. It has received recognition by featuring in the INC5000’s list of top 250 fastest growing private companies. 

Intellectsoft Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Energy and natural services, Healthcare – medical & dental, business and financial services
Key Differentiator: Tailormade Solutions for healthcare, hospitality, and insurance sectors
Tech Stack: ASP.NET, Java, Swift, Spring, React, Node JS, Kotlin, C++, Flutter, Symfony, TypeScript
Key Clients: Harley-Davidson, Eurostar, Universal Pictures, Jaguar
Suitable For: About 90% of Intellectsoft’s clients are from mid-market ($10m-$1bn) and enterprise status (>$1bn)*
Country: US
Website URL:

3. ScienceSoft- Software Development Company

ScienceSoft offers custom software development services to cater to all OS and browsers. It provides innovative solutions with the latest tech trends. The company also offers IT consulting, data analytics and cybersecurity services, and software solutions such as CRM, ERP, and eCommerce solutions. 

They provide solutions for the complete IT ecosystem for both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. The company also provides complete QA and testing services to assist in TCoE setup and evolution. 

The company has worked with clients from multiple sectors and offers full-cycle software product development.

ScienceSoft Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Medical, Energy & Natural resources, IT, manufacturiing, retail, financial services, telecommunications eCommerce and others
Key Differentiator: 30 years of experience
Tech Stack: ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Python, JS, GO, C++, React Native
Key Clients: Invention Machine Corporation, Viber, Dynamics, CRM implementation for a Multibusiness company
Suitable For: Sciencesoft has worked with businesses with all sizes
Country: USA
Website URL:

4. Oxagile- Software Development Company

Oxagile delivers scalable software development. The company’s development process is powered by Agile which makes it both predictable and measurable. Around 1 bn users worldwide use software developed by Oxagile.

They offer AI-driven online video software, smart tech solutions for healthcare and telemedicine, fintech solutions to drive finance and banking, web development, tailored mobile apps, they provide quality products within the project time and at competitive prices. 

It is a full-cycle software development company that follows manual testing and quality assurance methods to deliver well-engineered products.

Oxagile Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Media, Telecommunications, Advertising and marketing, financial services, IT, medical, retail and others
Key Differentiator: Knowledge of 20+ verticals and business domains
Tech Stack: ASP.NET, Java, PHP, JS, Node JS, Ruby
Key Clients: Oxagile has delivered to renowned brands such as the discovery channel, Vodafone, Google, Kaltura, Thomson Reuters and many more
Suitable For: About 90% of its clients are from enterprises and mid-market businesses
Country: USA
Website URL:

5. MLSDev – Custom Software Development Company

MLSDev is a custom software development company that works with SMBs and big brands, providing solutions to complex and challenging problems and adding value to their business. They also offer web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, software testing services. Additionally, they provide proficient dedicated development teams. The teams can either work on a project from scratch or work as an extended team that integrates into the SDLC and provides integration support for the internal software development of the company.

A proven engagement model with clients of resolving business issues and designing the best IT solution meeting the need; well-settled SDLC based on 200+ delivered projects.

MLSDev has won many awards for its customer-centric work and has a good rating on Clutch.

MLSDev Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Healthcare, Finance, eCommerce, Hospitality & Food, Entertainment & Media, Real Estate, Travel, Human Resources, Transportation
Key Differentiator: 2.3m top partners and clients
Tech Stack: Ruby on Rials, Node.js, Go, js, Angular, Vue.js, React, iOS.Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
Key Clients: MLSDev has delivered to renowned brands such as McDonald’s, ESPN, gopuff, ARTSTATION
Suitable For: MLSDev has worked with businesses with all sizes
Country: Ukraine
Website URL:

6. Appinventiv- Custom Software Development Company

Appinventiv is a leading Custom software development company in the USA providing incredible technology solutions to startups and Fortune 500 companies. The company, which started its journey back in 2015, today stands strong at 1000+ tech experts, engineers, and professionals striving towards bridging the gaps between client ideas and reality. Appinventiv offers custom software development services in a variety of categories to customers around the world.

In addition to on-time delivery and post-development support, the sole objective is to facilitate a better customer experience and provide smarter, more innovative solutions. So far, they have completed more than 1000 projects successfully. A number of disruptive technologies have been adopted by the company, including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things.

Appinventiv Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunication, Insurance
Key Differentiator: Quality product, Quick development, Latest technology stack, Complete transparency and agile methodology
Tech Stack:, Java, Phyton, Php, Node.js, Angular, React,Vue.js
Key Clients: Adidas, IKEA, KFC,JobGet
Suitable For: Mid-Market Businesses and Enterprises
Country: USA
Website URL:

7. Vironit- Software Development Company

Vironit  is a full-cycle custom software development company that offers its services to a multitude of industries. It’s services  include mobile application development, web-based products, software solutions for business, and the support of developed applications.

The company proposes Time or Materials or Dedicated Team collaboration models. The software development process at Vironit is efficient and customer-centric. 

VironIT Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Banking, Education, Healthcare, Gambling, Game Development, Legal, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, Public Sector, Retail, Sport, Travel and Hospitality
Key Differentiator: Vironit has worked for AR, VR in game development
Tech Stack: ASP.NET, Vue.js, PHP, Angular, Node JS, React, React Native
Key Clients:,, Turkcell, PLUGGD, Hackspace, Thumbtack Trelleborg, AnatomyNext
Suitable For: Startups and mid-market
Country: Belarus
Website URL:


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8. Intetics- Custom Software Development Company

Intetics uses a dedicated team of highly skilled and creative programmers to deliver custom software applications and mobile solutions, run software testing, perform in-depth product analysis and provide technology management, support, and expertise. 

They achieve predictable and precise results due to transparency in relationships. After being in business for 24+ years in the market, they have delivered to 400+ clients from all across the globe. 

Intetics specializes in delivering where the specifications are incomplete and a proactive approach is required to be followed. Low employee attrition means that the company has the same experienced staff that caters to your requirements. The company is ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 27001 (security) certified and partners with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Intetics Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Education, GPS navigation and GIS, medical, financial, telecommunications, eCommerce and others
Key Differentiator: Intetics offers liability insurance. They are innovative and proactive in their approach.
Tech Stack: ASP.NET, PHP, JS, C++, Java
Key Clients: Intetics key clients include Perfectstore AB, S&C Electric Company, encyclopedia Britannica, IMPAQ, Spreadshirt GmbH, and many more
Suitable For: Intetics has worked with business of all sizes*
Country: US
Website URL:

 8. Trigent Software- IT Outsourcing Company

Trigent Software was awarded the best Agile testing project award by The North American Software Testing awards in 2020. The company offers custom software development, mobile application development, cloud services, business consultation, and infrastructure services.   

Their endeavor is to provide products and services that enable businesses to increase their efficiency and focus on market growth. They possess deep industry knowledge and technical expertise that they utilize to enable the growth of businesses.

Trigent Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Education, financial, manufacturing, medical, supply chain logistics and transport
Key Differentiator: Trigent has been recognised for Enterprise software. It offers voice enabled software solutions.
Tech Stack: ASP.NET, PHP, JS, Java, Vue.js, jQuery, React, Bootstrap, Invision, Ember
Key Clients: Trigent key clients include popular companies such as Honeywell, Clarks, Navistar, Oracle, Newforma, PG CALC, and others.
Suitable For: SMB’s and enterprises
Country: US and India
Website URL:

9. IndiaNIC-  Web Development Company

IndiaNIC develops design-focused software solutions by applying in-depth research and thereby creating unique solutions. They use modern technologies and an iterative approach to create flexible and scalable business-driven solutions. 

The company provides services for mobile applications, mobile games, web development, UI/UX design services, DevOps, IoT development, AI, and ML. They also facilitate development teams for hire. 

IndiaINC focuses on providing products with a simplistic design, preceding function over form. It helps you facilitate experiences for web and mobile by designing information architecture, wireframes, prototypes, and visual design.

IndiaNIC Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: Gaming, manufacturing, medical, supply chain logistics and transport, telecommunications and others
Key Differentiator: A third of IndiaNIC’s work has been for the gaming industry.
Tech Stack: ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Python, React, Node JS, Ruby on Rails, Flutter, Xamarin, Angular, Vue.JS
Key Clients: McDonald’s, Vodafone, Rimac, Gulfstream, AstraZeneca, Smithfield, Abbott, TATA
Suitable For: IndiaNIC has worked with startups, SMEs and enterprises
Country: India, US, and Australia
Website URL:

 10. Tatvasoft- Software Development Company

Tatvasoft is one of the leading software development companies that provide custom software development services. It has a forte in converting challenging business ideas into fruition by leveraging technology solutions. The company is Microsoft gold certified. It is a custom software development company that caters to businesses of all sizes.

It offers a full range of software development services like web development, mobile app development, product development, UI/UX services, and software testing. It also provides a dedicated team of adept technology professionals to work on a client project.  

The company also takes full responsibility for the scope, schedule, budget, and timelines concerning the client’s projects. They utilize a transparent and scalable process and methodologies such as scrum, scrum ban, and scaled agile framework to provide end-to-end customized solutions.

Tatvasoft Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: IT, Financial services, medical, hospitality services, oil and gas, education and others
Key Differentiator: Microsoft gold certified with 5 offices in different time zones across the world.
Tech Stack: ASP.NET, PHP, Java, JS, React
Key Clients: De Beers, Ferrero Rocher, Xerox, Pepsico, Mayflower, KFC
Suitable For: Startups and mid-market*
Country: India, US, UK, Canada and Australia
Website URL:

11. Classic Informatics –  Software Development Company

Classic Informatics is a leading custom software development company that provides custom software and digital products at scale for start-ups and enterprises. The company aims to deliver amazing digital experiences across different channels through quality software, web applications, mobile applications, SaaS products, and more.

They focus to deliver client-centric unique solutions to businesses by analyzing the requirements. Be it cloud-based products, no-code/low-code applications, MVP development, or any other requirement, the company is adept in delivering tailored solutions.

Classic Informatics provides dedicated teams for custom software development. The company offers flexibility by providing a single developer or technology expert to fill in a particular technology gap, setting up a complete team, or offer experts for hire as an extension to the in-house team, based on the shared requirements. Additionally, the organization also offers end-to-end development by managing complete projects and delivering all aspects of the product.

Classic Informatics Min Project Size:
Industry Expertise: FinTech, Healthcare, Government, Digital Economy, Logistics, Travel, Retail, eCommerce, and more
Key Differentiator: Flexible and on-demand agile teams. Managed custom software projects
Tech Stack: JavaScript, .NET, Serverless, Python, Laravel, and next-gen tech stacks like AI, ML, data science, low-code, no-code, blockchain, and more
Key Clients: InterDent, Franklin Covey, QPR, Veracode, and more
Suitable For: Enterprises, SMBs, Startups
Country: USA, Australia, UK, India
Website URL:

Key Parameters to Choose the Best Custom Software Development Company

Let’s analyze the parameters that can help you with the decision of choosing an ideal custom software development partner.

  • Experience and Diverse Portfolio

Companies that have honed their skill over a period of time, adding to their knowledge base by working with clients from multiple domains, will be better equipped to solve challenging tasks and clear project roadblocks. Such companies can develop a better solution based on shared requirements.

  • Approach to Software Development

An iterative and collaborative software development process, which prioritizes testing at each step produces better outcomes. This can be efficiently achieved by Agile methodologies.

  • Technologies Implemented by the Company

Software stacks, frameworks, databases, and other technologies used in software development provide the foundation for a well-engineered solution.

  • Customer-centric Approach

Getting custom software developed as per the requirements will require a collaborative, customer-centric development approach from the partner company that prioritizes communication.

Software developed in iterations, inviting inputs from the customer will determine the final product meeting the shared requirements.

  • Reliability

A transparent development process, and prompt after-sales service are essentials in custom software development.

Moreover, the security of your data and strict adherence to agreed-upon terms and conditions are important considerations when choosing an ideal development partner.

  • Project Delivery Time

The delivery time of your project will vary from one company to another. Choose companies that have a reputation for delivering the project early, meeting project deadlines.

Questions to Ask the Software Development Partner

While the above-stated parameters will help to discern through the list of software development companies.

Once the preferred software development companies are shortlisted, the next stage is to understand the communication process that will help finalize the best custom software development company for the project.

The following questions can be put forward to get a better understanding of what to expect whilst working with them and their suitability to deliver on the specific project:

  • Have you developed a similar product?
    The answer to this question will be beyond the portfolio of the company in consideration. The portfolio normally highlights only major projects. It might have experience of working on a related minor project.
  • What will be the approach to develop the software?
    The right approach is identifying the need for the software based on extensive analysis of its intended use. This should entail discussions with the client regarding the requirements. Ideally, the business benefits of the software should underpin the direction of its development.
  • Which technologies will be used in developing the software?
    Before commencing with the project, discuss this aspect of your project.  Get an overview or deeper understanding of the technologies to be used and why, and the company’s approach to coding.
  • At what point in the project will we get an understanding of its development?
    Projects developed collaboratively, encouraging client involvement can tailor the product to better meet the desired objectives.
    Additionally, it can also help a company pivot, if necessary.
    Software development companies that follow Agile development process, can produce software with increased client involvement, enhancing precision of deliverables.
  • What will be the project timeline?
    The answer to this question will reveal the plan the partner company has devised for the project. A realistic timeline, inclusive of milestones and incremental deliverables, can help in better planning from the client’s perspective.
    Budgeting is also easier with predefined milestones and goals.
  • Which resources will be implemented on my project?
    It is important to discuss details of the resources the company plans to use for the project including the team experience, proficiency, and size.
  • What happens to the source code after the project is delivered?
    This discussion is regarding ownership of the source code that is used to develop the project. Source code ownership also impacts the cost of the project
    Understanding this point can also help in negotiations of the project cost.

To Conclude

Custom software can meet business objectives better, driving better ROI, and can be more suited to the long term goals.

Depending upon the requirements, this well-researched list of top custom software development companies can help you find the right company to partner with. We have researched and curated this list based on the work portfolio of each of these. All these companies have been providing efficient and reliable service to their clients, using modern technologies.

If you feel we have missed out on any name please feel free to share via the comments section below.

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