Winter is Coming: Holiday-themed Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Winter is Coming: Holiday-themed Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Last Updated: 19th December, 2023

The winter season is here. Festivals like Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and New Year make people think of unwinding and having fun with friends and family. So naturally, the holiday season also presents numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the festive spirit and cater to the celebratory atmosphere. Here are some of the business ideas that could thrive during the season and potentially bring profits all year long.

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eCommerce Marketplace

Rental Businesses

Party and Event


Food Business



On-Demand Services

Deals Website


eCommerce Marketplace 

1. Handcrafted Items Sale

Many people prefer to give personalized handcrafted gifts to their loved ones but not everyone has enough time or talent to craft personalized gift items. As such launching an eCommerce store where handicraft artists can list products is a great idea. It doesn’t have to be specific to winter festivals only but can include a variety of handcrafted gifts people like to give their loved ones all year round.

handcrafted gifts

2. Decoration Service

During the holiday season, everyone wants their house to look bright and beautifully decorated with lights. However, in the current age, people do not have much time to decorate their own house for festivals. Additionally, businesses such as brick and mortar stores also do not have the expertise to decorate their store for a perfect holiday season.

Create a website which provides decoration services to individuals or businesses. The customers can easily connect with your website throughout the year, especially during the latter part of the year or for private parties.

Decoration service-holiday season

3. Unique/customized Gifts Website

Festivals are a time everyone waits all year long to receive presents from their loved ones. Everyone wants to give something unique to their loved ones but isn’t always able to find the perfect gift.

Launching a unique/customized gifts website will yield a lot of benefits as it will target the pain points of the customers during the holiday season. This will be a hit not just during the holiday season but all year long.

4. eCommerce Website For Stuffed Toys And Winter Apparel

According to research by Salecycle, eCommerce sales reach their peak in the holiday season i.e. in November and December. So, launching a multivendor eCommerce website for stuffed toys and winter apparel during the holiday season is a lucrative business idea. Make sure the turnkey solution you choose to launch your eCommerce website has an extensive and admin management section.

5. P2P Online Automobile Website

People during the holiday season prefer to gain access to automobiles to get around different places. Build a P2P website where users can sell and buy automobiles according to their preferences. Launch a P2P website on a platform which has an easy user interface for people to list and buy automobiles quickly.

Solution: Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart is a fully customizable online marketplace solution. It comes with plenty of features for product and sales management. With multivendor support, Yo!Kart also makes it easier for you to partner with other people and sell their products on your eCommerce platform.

Rental Businesses

6.  Costumes Rental Website

Winter brings in a lot of festivity where people often attend themed events during the season. There are winter carnivals and traditional events for which people like to dress up. Hence, building a rental marketplace from where customers can easily rent costumes can be a good strategic move. As winters transition into other seasons, the inventory can be updated to cater to various festivals and events throughout the year.

Costumes Rental Website

7. Ski And Car Rental

Many young people like to rent cars and skis during the holiday season for different types of activities. Providing these people with a website to easily rent cars and skis online is a great business idea. Keep in mind easy navigation and quick loading time of the website are must to ensure maximum profits.


8. Renting Essentials During The Holiday Season

There are a few items which are needed for a short period of time. Especially during the holiday season, there are products that people do not wish to buy, but just use for a limited period of time. Some of these products are Christmas trees, roller skates, furniture, musical instruments, etc. Create a P2P marketplace where product owners can list their products and those in need can rent them.

9. Vacation Rental House Website

During the later part of the year, people prefer to travel to places to either enjoy their vacation or to move away from their busy lives. People who own a vacation home or a house in a beautiful location can charge a certain fee and rent out their apartment for a few days to holidaymakers.

An online renting marketplace can make the process of connecting with travelers and holiday-makers quite easy and convenient. will be a profitable business.

Solution: Yo!Rent

Yo!Rent is a full fledged readymade solution for developing online rental platforms. It also supports the option to sell, which adds another revenue channel to your business.The platform comes with advanced features for vendor and buyer management. Yo!Rent is available in both single and multi-vendor variants.

Party And Event 

10. Party Entertainer

The holiday season is all about throwing and hosting parties. Providing entertainment artists like magicians, juggles or superhero cosplayers can keep the gathering entertained and hence launching a website that helps connect party organizers with party entertainers is a lucrative business idea.

11. Event Booking Websites

During holidays, many restaurants and hotels organize events to engage customers. So, creating a website from where visitors can book nearby events happening in the city makes for a great business idea. Further, to launch an event booking website, choosing a platform with an intuitive user interface that offers rich user experience is pivotal.

12. Holiday Musical Show

There are different things people prefer to do during their vacation time; some like to enjoy traveling while others like to enjoy musical events. Making the booking beforehand to avoid any last minute problems is common among such people. As a result, a website where people can book musicians for a private event is bound to gain popularity. Make sure there are enough categories on your website to check the preference of the customer.

13. Party Planners Website

Planning parties sounds fun, but it can be difficult for a lot of people, especially the working class. As party planner engagements can range from weddings to awards ceremonies, corporate events and so much more, so having an online website that caters to all the party planning needs of customers can be a sure way to stay in vogue all year round. One could also suggest party ideas on such a website.

party planning websites

Solution: VivoGigs

VivoGigs is an advanced marketplace solution for launching an event planning business. It comes with several essential built-in features like location mapping, easy gig posting and a ratings and review system.


14. Travel Planning Websites

Winter is the time when people want to get out of their busy schedule and enjoy a vacation somewhere nice. Not everyone is good at planning a trip for their entire family. From booking flights to a reservation in a hotel can be quite an arduous task. Hence, launching a travel booking website can help people to plan their travel and manage their bookings.

15. Activity Booking Website/Sleigh Rides

Sleigh riding, skiing are some of the few activities people adore in winters. As it is the high season for these activities, people would like to make a booking beforehand to avoid any last-minute disappointment. It’s a great option for customers if they can book these activities online in a few clicks? Looking at the needs of the customers, launch a travel activity booking website which can book activities across different locations in a few clicks.

Solution: FunAway

FunAway is the solution you need if you want to launch an activity booking marketplace. With this solution, you can get various travel agents and trip advisors to sign up on your platform and provide various activities or tour packages.

Food Business

16. Gourmet Bakery

During festivals in the latter part of the year, people get a craving for warm cookies, cakes and other bakery items. They not only relish them but also prefer gifting these sugar treats to their loved ones. Not everyone has the time, patience and perfect recipe to cook such delicacies.

People prefer to get these things baked from a bakery and gift them to their loved ones. People would absolutely love it if these bakery items could be delivered to their doorstep, without stepping a foot outside in the chilling cold. Launch a website which provides cooked bakery items at people’s doorsteps

Gourmet Bakery

17. Online Food Ordering

People during the holiday season prefer to sit at home rather than going out and getting stuck in the traffic. When the family is united during the holiday season, people want to spend maximum time together rather than shop for groceries or get food.

Launch a food ordering website that provides bulk orders or special food items during holidays. People would easily order food in a few clicks when they spend time with their loved ones. The food delivery website should have different features to deliver the food as per the comfort of the customers.

online food ordering

18. Food Catering Websites

Even small gatherings of up to 20 people can require a catering service. Launch a website where people can book different caterers according to their needs and number of people. In just a few clicks, people can arrange the food for their get-together parties. This business will be profitable not just during the holiday season but all year round.

Solution: Yo!Yumm

Yo!Yumm provides enhanced support to launch a food delivery business. It is a white-labeled food delivery solution that comes with different apps for the restaurant, customer and the delivery staff.


19. Grocery Delivery Website

People are becoming busier in their daily routines and finding less and less time to do their daily chores. Looking at the need of the hour, you can launch an online Grocery Delivery website that delivers day to day items at the doorsteps of the customers. The platform that you use to launch your grocery delivery website should have an extensive feature offering to schedule orders as per the customers’ requirements.

20. Liquor And Wine Delivery Services

People enjoy luxury liquor and wines in the holiday season and get-togethers. These wines aren’t easily available and the exotic ones aren’t cheap. Meaning, there’s a lot of profit in an online liquor business that delivers appetizing liquor from all around the globe.  All you will need is a liquor license and a fast and responsive website that can help you get started with this business.

Solution: Growcer

Growcer is a ready-to-launch grocery delivery solution that you can use to build your online grocery business in as fast as 3-4 working days. It comes with both single-vendor and multi-vendor support and also includes an optional delivery staff application.


21. eLearning And Skill Sharing Business

Irrespective of the season, eLearning and skill sharing businesses have been quite popular amongst people. In winters, there are many individuals who prefer sitting at home and learning a new skill such as computer programming, playing guitar or baking. To help such people and make a good profit while at it, you can launch an eLearning business where multiple tutors can sign up and teach on your platform. This way, you don’t even need to compile learning material or master any skills first in order to teach.

Solution: Yo!Coach

Yo!Coach is an online eLearning marketplace solution that helps entrepreneurs to launch their elearning business with ease. It comes with learners mobile apps for Android and iOS both and encompasses a suite of rich features that allow learners to get in touch with teachers from anywhere, anytime. The software solution also allows teachers to create and upload courses.

On-Demand Services

22. Babysitting Services

As parents have more social commitments during the holiday season, providing babysitting services via an online babysitting services platform can be beneficial. Using the platform, parents can search for babysitters by location, experience, specific skills, rates, reviews & ratings and more.

23. HVAC Repair Services

Living in cold countries isn’t easy. Here people are largely dependent on HVAC(Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) appliances to keep them warm in winters. But with an increase in use also comes the need for repairs. Hence, starting a website that offers HVAC repair services is a good business idea. HVAC engineers can register and earn you a commission on every successful gig.

24. Snow Ploughing Websites

During the holiday season in winters, people find it extremely difficult to go outside due to huge layers of snow. People during this time often need help in plowing snow. Launch a website where people can hire snow plowing servicemen online in just a few clicks.

25. Errand Running For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens find it extremely difficult to run day-to-day chores like cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. Upcoming holidays will be more difficult for them due to COVID and freezing temperatures.. Create a website where the baby boomer population can register for a serviceman. The serviceman can visit the customers according to their needs. The platform that you plan to build the website on should have a very easy to use UI for the senior citizens.

Solution: Yo!Gigs

With the help of Yo!Gigs, you can launch a gigs marketplace where several servicemen can easily sign up and find various gigs. To help you grow your business, Yo!Gigs also comes with several marketing options.

Deals Website

26. Deal Management Websites

Deals and coupons of restaurants, salons and amusement parks are really hard to find on the internet, especially having reopened so recently. Not all deals and coupon sites are keeping themselves updated with the offers, leaving a scope for you to take an edge and start a profitable business. Launch a website which lists all the deals and coupons of multiple restaurants, salons, bars, amusement parks, etc. Make sure the platform on which you are launching the website has easy navigation and social media sharing options.

Solution: Yo!Deals

Yo!Deals is a white labeled product that can be used to launch a daily deals website. It comes with various administrative features such as deal management, vendor management, sales management, review and ratings system and a multi-user CMS.


The winter season is undoubtedly a golden time for entrepreneurs who can capitalize on the festive atmosphere, customer demand, and various business ideas mentioned above. So, combine creativity with innovation, a dash of holiday magic and get started with any of the business ideas mentioned above. For more information, get in touch with us.

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