FunAway-An Advanced Tour & Travel Activity Marketplace Website Builder

FunAway-An Advanced Tour & Travel Activity Marketplace Website Builder


Online travel activity marketplace helps in connecting travel enthusiasts with local activity hosts from different travel destinations. These websites help travelers pre-plan their vacation as per their convenience.

In the US, online travel industry experienced a 10% growth in 2016, which is expected to accelerate further in the coming year. The state is similar across the world, making this online sector packed with huge opportunities for new players.

FunAway is a travel activity marketplace builder that helps entrepreneurs in building a user-friendly travel booking website, which also comes with many high-end features. Websites built with FunAway deliver rich user experience and make it easy for travelers to discover & book activities, and for tour operators to manage their offerings.

The following presentation will take you through the opportunities in online travel industry & how FunAway can help you seize them.

Final Words

Travel activity planning & booking website has huge growth prospects in the online travel industry. If you are planning to launch such a website then it is important that you act upon the information provided in the presentation. And building a travel activity website using an advanced readymade solution like FunAway can further help you save a lot of time & resources.

Are you ready to start your online travel activity booking business?

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