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FATbit is among the best CRO companies that adopt an advanced conversion strategy to turn your website into a 24x7 salesperson. By conducting a thorough audit of the website, we formulate an optimization plan that helps visitors take calculated actions. We help you find answers to three main questions.

Why do I have a low conversion rate?
How does conversion rate optimization work?
What can I do to improve my conversions?
Answering the above will help your visitors take calculated actions resulting in form fills, leads, and sales.

Our Approach: Attract, Engage, Convince and Convert

Marketers at FATbit Technologies use SEM to attract new customers, support marketing campaigns, and boost search engine presence. Our SEM strategy is the backbone of the comprehensive digital approach to generate more leads for your business. It is designed by keeping ROI in mind and can support the entire spectrum of online approaches and integrate them in the best way.

  • Information Gathering

    Our experts understand your brand message, target audience, and unique value proposition. We align your vision and get a clearer picture of your conversion goals.

  • Data-Driven Reporting

    After going through your website and understanding the buyer’s journey, we create an insightful report to precisely demonstrate the shortcomings of your website.

  • Hypothesis Creation

    After identifying areas with the maximum scope for improvement, we formulate a hypothesis that lays down high potential solutions for conversion rate optimization.

  • Design and Implementation

    We put the hypothesis into action by creating captivating UX/UI designs and CTAs. Once the designs go live, we rigorously monitor the key performance indicators.

  • Learning and Improvement

    Based on the KPIs, we finalize the highest-rewarding elements, improvise them and plan our next course of action to strategically increase your conversions.

What Makes FATbit an Expert in Landing Page Optimization & Design?

Landing Page Optimization

Streamline your landing page to convert quality leads. Our extensive marketing expertise and knowledge of advanced analytical tools help us remove the technical design flaws to maximize your conversions.

A/B Testing

Measure the performance of different conversion funnels with dynamic A/B testing. With meaningful metrics, we handpick the most impactful elements of your website and put them at correct usage.

Split URL Testing

Discover the incremental potential of your web pages. Multiple user-experiences created on a broad vision need careful refining, and that’s where we arrive to help you select the best performing variant.

CTA Optimization

Our marketers have practical experience in drafting call-to-actions that impress, persuade, and bring results. We call for the most appropriate actions, thought-out designs, and positioning to increase conversions.

Site Structure and Navigation

We revamp your site structure to create detailed segments to enhance navigation and increase the time visitors spend on your website. Effortless navigation builds brand transparency and increases impressions.

Contact Form Optimization

Bring brevity to your contact form by accurately aligning it with your business objectives. Our experts optimize the length and design of your contact form to improve customer experience and increase submissions.

Experts in Using the Following Tools

  • CrazyEgg/HotJar

    Track website visitor behavior patterns with heatmap and scroll map insights

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

    Assess valuable key performance indicators to measure website performance

  • Google Optimize
    Google Optimize

    Display different landing pages on the same URL for effortless multivariate testing

  • Hubspot

    Strengthen your overall inbound marketing with Hubspot’s lead generation tools

  • Optimizely

    Get clear-cut conversion-centric recommendations to improve your conversion rate

Experience the Results

Increased revenue & conversion

Our CRO practices remove the barriers to conversion. You witness improved click-through rates, increased contact form queries and genuine high-quality leads to grow your business.

Improved website performance

With our knowledge and expertise combined with tools like heatmaps, scroll maps, and Google Analytics, we are able to streamline your website’s performance and deliver favorable results.

Highly-Engaging UX/UI

Our conversion-centric design elements make your landing page more engaging. They reduce the bounce rate and increase clicks with purposeful CTAs that resonate with your visitors’ minds.

Long-Lasting Results

By adhering to user needs and search intent, we are able to provide long-lasting results. We try to make sure that your value proposition and brand voice are delivered clearly for ever-growing conversions.


Why FATbit?

There are not one but several reasons to hire FATbit.

  • Complete Transparency

    Our client-friendly policies and powerful project management system ensure transparent communication.

  • High Client Satisfaction Rates

    We take our feedback very seriously to ensure high satisfaction rates with impressive work quality.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    Appropriate resources and integrated management enable us to deliver value within the agreed upon timeframe.

  • Commitment to Quality

    We visualize mutual success in mind, i.e., our success in your success to keep ourselves committed to quality.

  • Latest Tech in Hand

    Our knowledge of the latest tools improve the overall end-product and deliver a competitive edge.

  • Wide Experience

    We are in the industry since 2004 and thus, are intuitively able to identify the best approach for your CRO project.

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