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Competition Analysis

Gain vital insights into the market and know what your competitors are doing

Why You Need Competitive Analysis?

Competition Analysis provides you with the access to market fluctuations or erratic changes. Moreover, competitive analysis greases skids of your commerce, succour to know competitive business threats as well as advantages to unlock new business ideas. It is a critical input to learn about your key competitors and compare your business insights and strategies with them. This helps in reframing your own business strategies to overcome the threats from the competitors as well as evaluate the attractiveness of opportunities in the targeted market.

In-depth Competition Analysis to Remove Market Unpredictability

Lack of a core competency can cause trouble to your business growth and reach,Whereas a competitive analysis approach define new market possibilities with macro-economic outlook and evolution factors. Here’s how competitive analysis will benefit your business:

  • Know your key competitors and their business strategies.
  • Know how to overcome the threats that your competitors may cause to your business.
  • Gain insights to search, create and implement tactical plans to outsmart your competitors.
  • Predict the future position of your business as well as competitors in the specific marketplace.
  • Know weaknesses of competitors that may bring you business advantages.
  • Get recommendations on strategic changes to make better decisions.

Competition Analysis Process - Overview of how we Work

We conduct extensive research for information on your key competitors and their business tactics. Based on the collected data, we illustrate and compare different business aspects of your business & competitors. We then suggest you strategies to respond to your competitors in a timely-fashion. Here’s the overview of how we work to enhance your business sustainability:

Improve Scale and Efficiency as Markets Mature Faster
Evaluate Your Competitors

What FATbit Can Do For Your business?

We deliver a comprehensive collection of competition analysis services.

  • PESTLE Analysis

    PESTLE analysis of your competitors helps in acknowledging how the following features affect your competitors:

    • Political Aspects such as trade policies, tax policies etc.
    • Economic Factors such as unemployment and inflation rates.
    • Social Influences such as lifestyle and culture.
    • Technological-Standing Advantages such as awareness, innovation, etc.
    • Legal Status such as employment and antitrust laws.
    • Environmental Changes such as weather, climate & environmental policies.
  • Competitor Intelligence

    It helps in collecting and analysing superior data ( referred to as intelligence) of the competition and converting it into actionable information for your business progress. The gathered data then identifies the weaknesses of your competitors and aids in exploiting opportunities. Also, it highlights the recommendation for improved strategies.

  • Competitive Positioning

    Positioning remarks where your business ranks distinctly in the targeted market. It highlights distinguishing features (such as product uniqueness, quality etc.) of your business in relation to the competition. Thus, it enables the decision-makers to reposition your business at the top place with advanced tactics and schemes. Also, it signifies how your new/improved strategies will affect your competitors.

  • SWOT Analysis

    It compares your business with your competition and:

    • Highlights STRENGTHS of your competitors to know your core competency in business.
    • Reveal competitors’ WEAKNESSES to identify your uniqueness and analyze competitive advantage.
    • Exploit the competitive OPPORTUNITIES to build a plan for your business growth.
    • Accentuate the competitive THREATS to create and implement defensive strategies.
  • Benchmarking

    It aids to monitor growth of your business vs your best competition in the market. It helps to locate competitors and explore certain aspects to identify their success secrets by conducting an in depth research on the processes and performances of your key competitors and utilizing this data to make improvements in your own business strategies.

  • Competitor Profiling

    It is used to research and process data about your key competitors. Each competitor profile includes information about the products, strategies, weaknesses and other aspects of the business.

  • Price Skimming

    It enables you to study the market aspects before launching a new product/service and fix as high-price as possible. Not only this, it predicts the product life cycle at the highest value that will serve to generate maximum business revenue.

  • Competitive Advantage

    It helps you to learn more about the market and create effective strategies along with unique attributes that aids to outcompete your business rivals. The attributes will boost your business value and diversify loyal customer base. It plays a vital role to unlock new market opportunities and expand to a new segment.

Why Choose Us To Formulate Your Competitive Strategy?

FATbit works with persistence to facilitate you to leverage a constant business growth. With a purpose-driven approach, we set up an effective workflow filled with critical metrics to better articulate and understand your competitors. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will help you to craft an insightful and powerful business strategy.

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