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Established in 2004, FATbit Technologies is a custom software, mobile app, and web development company. It is a leading and key player in the global eCommerce space. The company has powered SMBs and enterprises with robust, innovative, and industry defining eCommerce products, backed by end-to-end customization, and consultation services.

FATbit leverages its expertise to give clients a competitive edge throughout the eCommerce lifecycle - helping startups to existing businesses in navigating complexities - to start, sustain, and scale with complete control.

Established in 2013, CodeBrew is an app and web development firm. They have a team of 250+ providing apps, services, & after-sales. The CodeBrew portfolio displays work done exclusively for mobile-apps across industries.

CodeBrew has recently entered the eCommerce space with some turnkey products. For other eCommerce niches, they offer customization services although those industries are not specifically listed.

** Significantly, CodeBrew’s products are simply clone apps of existing online businesses in the industry ― which means no R&D or industry innovation involved.

**(Information from their website)

Service Focus
  • Ecommerce development
  • Custom Software development
  • Digital Marketing
  • App Design (UI-UX) & Development
  • Web Design (UI-UX)
  • Mobile App development
  • App Design (UI-UX)
  • Web Development
  • Blockchain Technology
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FATbit - Delivering Excellence With Superior Performance

FATbit leads the eCommerce and software development industry with business focused tailor-made solutions powered by dynamism of reliable Agile Engineering ― to deliver excellence for a global clientele.


Platforms And Mobile Apps Delivered


Ready to Launch Software Solutions across industry spectrum


Team of technologists and domain experts


Countries catered to establish digital businesses


Years of software engineering expertise


Enterprise Grade Custom Solutions Delivered


Prefer an industry leader for predictable and remarkable results

Choose FATbit

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, SMBs and Startups

FATbit Technologies - Competitive Pricing with Reliable Services and Business Efficient Processes

FATbit Technologies Code Brew Labs
Hourly Rates $18 - $25/hour ? The hourly rates may vary depending on the type of requirement (i.e whether it is a design or development request) and the resources to be allocated for the same. $21/hour
Project Management Dedicated Project Manager Undefined
Project Delivery Timelines

For Ready To Launch Solution:5 Days to 10 Days

For Custom Solution:Depends Upon The Business Requirements

1 Month
Industry Research Yes Yes
Payment Flexibility Yes Yes
After Sales Technical Support Yes Yes
Multi Channel Support Yes Yes
Documentation Yes No

FATbit’s Portfolio: Transforming Ideas Into Exemplary Marketplaces

Distinct Sophistication, Quality, Precision → Results delivered

UNI Diamonds B2B Marketplace- FATbit Client

UNI - Online B2B Diamond Trading Marketplace

Powered by Yo!Kart

Case study
FATbit Technologies Find Rent Wear

B2B Liquor Selling Marketplace for a Fortune 500 Firm

Powered by Yo!Kart

Case study
FATbit Technologies Wtutors
Hong Kong

W Tutors - Online Learning & Tutoring Marketplace

Powered by YoCoach

Case study
FATbit Technologies Find Rent Wear

Find Rent Wear - Designer Clothing Rental Platform

Powered by Yo!Rent

Case study

Voyij - Ecommerce Tour & Booking Retail Sales Platform

Powered by Yo!Kart

Case study
FATbit Technologies Find Rent Wear

Panvia - Farm-to-Door Fresh Food Ordering & Delivery Platform

Powered by Growcer

Case study
FATbit Technologies Find Rent Wear

Craviors - Online Meal-Kit Ordering Website

Powered by Yo!Meals

Case study

Transparent Client Feedback

You can find multiple authentic online client reviews of FATbit on several creditable and trustworthy review portals

To make it a fair comparison, when we researched for Code Brew reviews, we reached misuse warning alerts. It seems ―

Code Brew tries to inflate their ranking on review websites. Hence, it becomes challenging to share more information on Code Brew in this regard.

Ratings on Different Third Party Websites:

Rating Sites FATbit Technologies Code Brew Labs
(They showcase a false rating of 4.9 on their website)
(They showcase a false rating of 4.9 on their website)
(Consists Fake Reviews Posted By CodeBrew Labs)
(Consists Fake Reviews Posted By CodeBrew Labs)

Snapshots of Codebrew third party reviews

CodeBrew-Review Source: Trustpilot
CodeBrew-Review Source: Glassdoor

FATbit in eCommerce: Marketplace Solutions Backed by Agile Services

With the focus on providing its clients a quick, cost-effective, and high-impact start - FATbit offers unique ready-to-market eCommerce marketplace software for popular industry niches.

Each solution is developed from the ground up by an in-house team, leveraging nuanced R&D to ingrain the solutions with result-oriented exclusive features - offered out of the box.

Industry FATbit Technologies Code Brew Labs
e-Retail Yo!Kart Multivendor - Industry Leading Dedicated Turnkey Ecommerce Solution

Codebrew does not offer exclusive niche-specific software that are purpose-built to suit each eCommerce niche. Furthermore, with Codebrew, things are even less transparent with the following impediments.

  • No readily available interactive demos to check the platform in action
  • “Specific industry solutions” as advertised, are not individually branded, so they don’t seem to have dedicated support teams or distinct development paths.
  • No product images, snapshots, or any other visual representation of the product are available ― to get a glance at the platform.
B2B Ecommerce Yo!Kart B2B - Dedicated Turnkey B2B Marketplace Solution
Tutoring & Consultation Yo!Coach - Dedicated Turnkey eLearning Solution
Online Grocery Shopping Growcer - Dedicated Online Grocery Software
Online Rental Yo!Rent - Dedicated Online Rental Solution
Online Food Ordering Yo!Yumm - Dedicated Readymade Food Delivery Solution
Live Chat/ Support Yo!Live Chat - White Label Live-chat Turnkey Solution
On-demand Services Yo!Gigs - On-demand Home Services Marketplace Solution
Online Meal Prep Delivery Yo!Meals - Readymade Meal Prep Marketplace Software

FATbit Offers Multi-faceted Services for Extensive Business Requirements

We partner with entrepreneurs to enterprises ― engineering their business goals into competitive businesses with analysis-driven Agile services. Our wide range of services provides reliable, value-driven, and multi-dimensional assistance.

Code Brew Services Aligned Towards App Development

In contrast, CodeBrew provides one-dimensional services catering to mobile apps. Moreover, eCommerce customization services are required by businesses not just during launch but throughout the eCommerce lifecycle, and services listed here do not cover all possible requirements.

FATbit Technologies Code Brew Labs
Custom eCommerce Development Premium App Development
B2B eCommerce Development Mobile App Development Dubai
Mobile Application Development Build Your App
Enterprise App Development Enterprise Software Development
Agile Software Development Blockchain Development
MVP Development Fintech Development
Laravel Development On Demand Development
CMS Development UI/UX Design - Allurive
Node.Js Development Web Development
Website Design Growth & Marketing
User Experience Design -
Digital Marketing -
Online Reputation Management -
Consultancy -
Business Strategy -
Go To Market Strategy -

FATbit Dynamic Agile Development Processes Accelerates Predictable Business Results

The software development industry is a continuously evolving ecosystem. FATbit offers the adaptability of core Agile Development practices to give its clients an industry-defining competitive advantage.

Agile follows collaborative, and incremental development loops ― time-boxed to achieve goals for the iteration, and each iteration is followed by a retrospective and feedback analysis ― allowing complete control over the development process.

FATbit Agile Development Process:

Mobile App Development Process

Competitive advantages of the Agile approach are easily discernible:

  • The client gets transparency through the development process with each iteration providing a window to tangible progress.
  • Agile assures the client of more predictable outcomes by lessening uncertainties.
  • The customer gains a strong sense of ownership and control over the development process with each iteration facilitating a chance to give feedback, and allowing pivot points, if needed.
  • In Agile each iteration aims to develop a working model, allowing entrepreneurs to lessen their time to market by launching an MVP and adding further value by gaining early adopter feedback.

Whereas CodeBrew Follows a Basic Development Process i.e

Mobile App Development Process

This old approach followed by CodeBrew, leaves the possibility that the customer will be dissatisfied with their delivered software product. As all deliverables are based upon documented requirements, a customer may not see what will be delivered until it’s almost finished. By that time, changes can be difficult (and costly) to implement.

Testimonials ― Definitive conclusive parameter to gauge client satisfaction

David Chin (CEO)
Powered by Yo!Coach
Jessica Bergman (Founder)
Just Better Education
Powered by Yo!Coach
Mitesh Vadolia
Anyflexo OU
Powered by Yo!Kart
Saratu Buhari (Founder)
Powered by Yo!Kart
Sebastian Hall (Co-founder)
Airside Chat
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My journey with FATbit has been a long one. It took hours and patience getting the website done and to the exact expectations I asked for. FATbit never gives up, they always deliver what the say they will no matter how much overtime they spend on the project and customer. My developer Eddie, my sales contact Kesa went over and above the call of duty to stay on top of this project. End result; A beautiful and powerfully functional site that will change the worlds way of learning a new language. Thank you FATbit.

KELLY (Founder & CEO)
We Yak Yak - Online Language Learning Portal
Powered by Yo!Coach

It was fun working with FATbit as they are very supportive. I received quality work from them and their team. Whenever I needed their support they, were always there to assist. Theirs is the only Multi-vendor solution running in Mauritius.You guys work in well mannered and professional way. Will definitely work on many projects in future.

Vishal Anand (Founder & CEO)
Mycart - Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website
Powered by Yo!Kart

FATbit delivered my project in a professional manner. The project was built to my specification and any changes I required were accommodated where possible. The team were competent and prompt in responding to my queries. Post delivery the team have been extremely helpful in resolving any outstanding issues. Overall the quality of the website produced has been as expected and of a high standard.

Neeta Dusanjh (Founder and CEO)
Find Rent Wear - Online Fashion Rental Platform
Powered by Yo!Rent

Having an online site was critical in resuming business during the COVID-19 quarantine. Throughout the process, FATbit Technologies prevented feature creep from keeping the costs within budget. The Growcer team provided us with the website template and helped us customize it by closely working with us and reviewing our requirements, providing excellent support throughout.

Nathan Gilbert
South West Market - Online Grocery Delivery Website
Powered by Yo!Growcer

Flexibility of product to customize according to business requirements. Good support team. Excellent understanding of technical requirements of clients.

Beerala Vasu Deva Reddy
eWheelers - Electric Vehicle Digital Store
Powered by Yo!Kart

Why Businesses Choose FATbit Over Codebrew

19+ years of Industry Leadership

We set high standards in achieving client requirements via a transparent and collaborative work ethic. Our business practices are aligned with our long term objectives of reliable technology partners.

Result Oriented Innovation

We employ a nuanced approach to analyze client requirements, key industry pain points, and factor in the competition to drive innovation by leveraging appropriate and robust technologies ― to provide industry leading products and services.

Expertise in Business Promotions

Completing the support system for software launch services, we offer result driven Business Promotion consultation to streamline and fast track market launch for businesses of all sizes.

Agile Development Practices

We practice core Agile principles to stay elastic and respond to evolving scenarios and client requirements. Flexibility also renders faster and more robust development via thorough testing.

Cost Effective Solutions

We leverage our industry experience to manage complexities and deliver greater ROI. High affordability and value underpin our deliverables and are a key to our work ethos.

Reliability & Scalability

Our eCommerce products have successfully aced tests such as supporting 1 million products and more. Built with robust underpinnings they have proven to be scalable, extensible, and versatile.

Creating Great Success Stories

Client Review

FATbit has always been very helpful and accommodating with responses such as “Let’s figure it out” or “We’ll make it work”.

DotDune – Namibia’s Leading

Ecommerce Brand

FATbit Reseller Programs -
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As an eCommerce-focused company, since 2004, FATbit brings its accumulated experience and learning to the table. It provides purpose-built turnkey marketplace solutions along with extensive customizations and efficient after-sales support. The company portfolio demonstrates a proven track record of years of delivering distinct marketplaces. Low prices, open product demos, further audition FATbit’s ethos of reliability, trust, and transparency.

Prioritize proven results, experience, and results beyond the fine print for your precious business idea. The choice is yours!

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