An Extensive Guide to Engage and Capture Generation Z

An Extensive Guide to Engage and Capture Generation Z

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With the increasing competition in the online world, businesses need to find strategies to thrive and strive.

Most businesses have an effective marketing strategy to target Baby Boomers and Millennials.

But now is the time to focus on younger generation.

In this post, we are going to talk about how to engage with Generation Z; the group of people born after Millennials.

Generation Z is also referred to as:

  • Post-Millennial
  • Homeland Generation
  • iGeneration

Though there isn’t an exact date range associated with Generation Z, it’s typically the people born in the mid to late 1990s. This is a population segment that will be a part of workforce within sometime.

Generation Z gives a big opportunity for growth and profits for your business, especially when you belong to an ecommerce business models that resonate with this generation the most.

If you are clueless about how your business can target the Generation Z, this post is just the right answer for you. It covers detailed analysis of their characteristics, behavior and buying habits. This post also discusses how marketers can use this information or which channels you should use to target Generation Z.

Behavioral Analysis of Generation Z

Generation Z has an influence on the purchases their parents make

If you think that your product/service is not meant for generation z, you can still plan your marketing strategies to bring them on board and make new customer base.

A businessman wouldn’t want to pitch vacation, car or cell phone to a 13-year-old kid. But researchers have found that Generation Z has a huge impact on their parents’ buying decision.

This is how they become resourceful.

GenZ influence

Since Generation Z is more tech savvy than their forerunners, they are usually more likely to research about a product before buying it.

Just because this generation will not have the money or resources to buy a plane ticket or a house right now, it doesn’t mean they cannot influence their parents to buy it.

Make sure you target them as they are the deciding factor in a serious purchase from your website or your competitor’s website.

Generation Z wants to make a positive impact on the world

Though it should be the motto of every company, those who are targeting the Generation Z should be conscious of the environment, planet and society.

These below mentioned stats will prove the importance of positive impact on the generation:

  • According to a study by business insider, 60% Generation Z wants to positively change the future of the world.
  • Only 30% Millennials possess the same thinking.
  • 25% of teens are already involved in some or the other volunteer work.

These points prove that Generation Z wants to make a difference.

What can marketers learn from this?

To stay engaged with this age group, businesses have to make sure they share this generation’s perspective.

Create a separate page on your website to talk about the positive impact you are making in the community and what volunteer work you are participating in.

Come up with missions that will contribute to the greater good of the society.

Quality is more important than brand loyalty

The main concern for any marketer right now is to acquire new customers and retain them through customer loyalty program.

There is no doubt in the statement: Once a customer gets good experience with your brand, they stay loyal to your brand and they will continue to shop with you forever and ever.

These loyal customers may also buy other products on your website; spend more money on every purchase. The cart value will also improve as they purchase expensive products.

But when you are planning to use these strategies with Generation Z, then you need to reconsider.

Millennial vs Gen Z

The above graph depicts that you have to pay more attention to retain Generation Z. Keep the following points in mind:

  • One of the best ways to retain Generation Z is through meaningful interaction.
  • Use survey, interviews, and focus groups with your customers to come up with new ideas.
  • If they contribute something to your brand, there is a high possibility they get connected to your brand and stay loyal.
  • A study suggests 61% of generation Z consumers are drawn to new brands.
  • Startups need to target this generation immediately so that they can build brand loyalty among them.

Focus on their love for video games

66% of kids between age group 6-11 say that gaming is their primary source of entertainment.

Generation Z owns more video game systems as compared to every other generation.

Many marketers might be wondering how this point does any good for their business as they are not a video game selling the business.

The answer lies in taking a note of this behavior of the Generation Z. Find clever ways to use this information for your benefit.

You can use video game effects as your website theme.

You could also partner with specific game and gaming system to attract this particular age group.

Explore new ways to engage this generation by using their behavior as keynotes.

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The Relevance of Social Media Marketing on Generation Z

Learn how to market your business on Snapchat

If you are a marketer and want to target Generation Z, you cannot afford to ignore Snapchat at all.

According to a study by TheDrum, 71% of Generation Z uses Snapchat every day.

Major brands have already created their presence on Snapchat to engage with their users; startups should use this platform to gather maximum audience for their brand.

As we already know that Generation Z does not have a long attention span, Snapchat taps this emotions really well and thus, garners mass acceptance among this generation.

Businesses can also use sponsored ads on Snapchat.

Use Instagram Stories

One of the biggest reasons why Instagram stories are popular is because it has a huge similarity to Snapchat.

The FOMO effect has been popular among the Generation Z which is why Instagram also added stories to their platform.

You can add photo and videos to your Instagram stories and it will disappear in 24 hours.

Even if you are not posting something on your Instagram profile every day, make sure you utilize the story.

Instagram Stories

Generation Z loves micro-influencer, you can ask them to promote your brand on their Instagram.

Take your followers behind the scene of your daily operation, showcase your products and introduce your staff.

This is the best way to connect with people and show the human side of the company.

The marketing opportunities with Instagram are endless; you just need a creative mindset and think outside the box.

Facebook should not be your top priority

Facebook for many years has been the king of social media marketing platforms.

Generation Z is not mesmerized by Facebook as compared to the other generations.

According to a report by ISL, Facebook lost around 25% of users between the ages from of 13 to 17 in the time span of three years.

But that doesn’t mean you should not target Facebook for marketing strategy at all. The user base for all other age group is increasing.

If your business is targeting the Generation Z, use social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube for best results.

Upload content to your YouTube channel

Generation Z absolutely loves watching videos on YouTube.

According to a report by Forbes, Gen Z spends an average of 2-3 hours on YouTube every day.

Improvise your marketing strategy on YouTube as it is easy to repurpose content on your YouTube channel.

YouTube should be an integral part of your marketing. Once you upload a video here, it is easy to share it on your business website and incorporate it into your other webpages.

Plan the marketing of your online business that considers Generation Z


Right now, most marketers have not created a winning strategy for Generation Z. The best way to create a strategy for this group is by understanding how this generation behaves, acts and makes buying decisions.

Don’t stick to one strategy for all age groups. Understand the behavioral difference in different generations, especially the Millennials and the Generation Z.  Follow the above-mentioned points to benefit from a new income stream.

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