13 Sure Shot Tips to Improve Ecommerce Sales & Brand Loyalty

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Online shopping is becoming a compulsive ball game altogether and buyers are leaving no stone unturned in making the most of it. Amid all the conversions and persuasions, there are multiple reactions that can make or break purchase decision. More conversions are possible if products or services are put on display with psyche of online buyers in mind.

Here are the psychology-driven elements that are influencing buyer decision in a big way;

1. Color Strategy

Psychology of color needs a careful thought if you look forward to greater clicks and conversions. Red and Orange colors are considered to be colors of urgency. They increase heart rate and will be noticed in clearance sales to incite rapidity. Smart usage of these colors in call to action and banner advertisements can help in capturing many impulsive buyers. Every color has a different psychological impact so make sure you choose them wisely. Call to Action must be prominent and well synchronized with the color scheme of the page.


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2. Discount Coupons

Discount coupon is yet another element that online customers are fascinated with. About 31% of the people shop for coupons online because they mean big time savings. Usually, the value of the coupon is the most enticing factor for a customer. The flexibility that comes with it also makes a customer react quickly.According to a survey, about 86% of the consumers stated that coupons affected their buying decision.


3. Flat discounts

This is a strategy that always promises eyeballs and is widely used in real as well as virtual world. Such discounts make people browse and explore the offer. If discount is justified and related to something user is interested in, then, purchase is almost certain.However, if there are any hidden disclaimers, consumers might become defensive and decide not to purchase.


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4. Social Media

Where do you go for advice on web? Of course, social media; that’s where your real as well as virtual friends are. Social media has lately become a great influencer in purchase decisions.

For instance, if you are looking for a new cell phone, reviews from your friends shared on Facebook will surely catch your attention & influence final purchase.  

Proven fact About 71% of people are more likely to purchase based on social media referrals.That is the main reason why most of the players are opting for social media marketing.
Social Media Influence

5. Shipping cost

If shipping costs are too high or not communicated clearly, customers may hesitate in completing the transaction. ‘Free shipping’ is a widely employed tactic in web zone. Additional shipping charges may dissuade a shopper otherwise satisfied with the product and price on offer. Free shipping above a certain order value is also a good marketing tool.

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6. Pricing & Its Presentation

It is a well known fact that buyers respond to increase or decrease in price. Though price hike reaction depends largely upon how price sensitive customers are, an increase usually leads to depletion of customer base. Online sellers famously employ the tactic of price cut-offs.The practice of showing the earlier price as crossed along with the new-reduced one makes customers pay attention and make comparisons.


7. Images

Visual elements make a deep impact over our psychology and the same idea is powering the online stock-photo business. Men inherently pay attention to online elements carrying beautiful women. That said, research suggests that impact of an image depends largely upon the way the image has been integrated; mainly how blatantly or subtly the images are portrayed and.Target audience and their expectations also play a very crucial.

Product Presentation

8. Limited Offers

If people are given time to think over and act at their leisure, they are more likely to procrastinate. However, if there is a time constraint, the decision-making becomes urgent. Ecommerce brands and service providers are using this psychological concept to their advantage. Limited offers are everywhere and influencing buyer behaviour in a big way.Influence Buyer Behaviour

9. Cash on Delivery

For ecommerce brands based in developing nations and dealing in products, cash on delivery has changed the rules of the game. In countries where electronic modes of payments aren’t popular, cash on delivery ensures more sales and leads.Online brands are adding their own share of twist (for instance, 30-day return policy) to the concept to make sure that people purchase. Such concepts are becoming the foundation of new ecommerce brands.


10. Delays

Waiting is time consuming, annoying and incredibly frustrating. Order processing or gateway issues can affect customers’ perception of service provider. The whole shopping experience is hindered when people come across such hindrances and at such instances are most likely to leave the conversion process midway.After going through such glitches, there is a rare chance visitor will come back.

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11. Availability

When an online brand no longer has stock of a particular item, size or variant buyer is looking for, disappointment is bound to seep in. It is important to keep the visitor engaged to stop losing a potential sale. For instance, if the item is out-of-stock for the present moment, you can ask for the email address and update when it is in stock. In case the item is unique in nature, you can show other similar items.Whatever you chose to do, just don’t let the customer leave without making an effort.Buyer Engagement

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12. Shipping Availability

Trade is global nowadays but not every ecommerce brand has a global reach. Foreign nationals love to learn that their chosen brand offers shipping in their country. This works positively for the website.
In case you don’t presently ship to the country in question but soon plan to, tell visitor the same. This will make them come back. Ask such visitors for their email and update them when you are ready to take orders.
Regional Shipping

13. Security Badges

If money is involved, never shy away from showing off your security accreditations and badges. This will evoke a feeling of security amongst visitors and they will not hesitate before clicking the ‘buy’ button.

Trust and Credibility FactorWhile above are some of the most important points to think about, these are surely not the only ones. Such elements can vary depending on the target audience and industry in question.Because guesswork at such occasions can be risky, renowned online stores consult ecommerce web designers & conversion experts to maximize chances of making customers out of visitors.

Through the length of this article we covered various points that are crucial for the success of ecommerce websites but definitely these are not the only ones.

What other tips and tactics did you use which increased the conversion rate of your online store?

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I didn’t know shipping cost is such a big turn off for visitors.I also loved the idea of asking visitors for email to update later about availability. Some great tips hidden in this post.
Better read carefully.
Thanks a lot

Shefali Bansal

Availability and Security badges are usually missing from most eCommerce websites (Including my own). Thanks for the reminder. Great post!


It’s a value of the product and customer service, your site is offering for. These are two essentials of pulling customers again to your store. Any benefit to pricing and shipping generally helps customer to return and buy.


Availability and Security badges are usually missing from most eCommerce websites, you really have some good stuffs. keep it up


The best thing is to do analysis from the tracking tools such as Google analytics to see how users interact with your website especially when it reaches to shopping cart level and then abandoned the further process. This will help in improving the process of fulfilling the order successfully.