15 Web Design & Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

15 Web Design & Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

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Last Updated: January 20, 2023

Doing business online nowadays is all about providing your audience with immersive user experience at an affordable rate. This has led to the emergence of various design trends that vary in terms of functionality, sustainability, and development costs. These trends enable us to keep up with modern demands and provide seamless browsing experience.

Last year, we saw the rise of conversational interfaces, AI and creative layouts. This year we continue to see these grow further and become more popular. The internet evolves every new day and so must every business out there. Below is a list of 15 web design and web development trends that will have a strong impact globally. Be it a simple business website, eCommerce store, or a marketplace, you’re going to witness the age of transformation.

AI and New Age Chatbots

AI and chatbots were the emerging trends last year and continue to be in the spotlight this year too. We can now actually see AI in action with conversational interfaces and voice assistants like Apple Siri and Google Home. Technology now incorporates these smart elements to give users a seamless digital journey.

With the rise and advancement of AI and machine learning, chatbots are getting more intelligent, smart and efficient. As developing them from scratch is not budget-friendly, third-party developers are also selling chatbot plugins that one can buy and integrate.

Bold & Better Colors

Bold color schemes have been increasingly used across all digital platforms for a while now. We can notice designers opting for more vibrant and flashy colors, creating striking combinations and effects. They are now trying to use colors that interact with everyone, including an audience with visual disabilities.


Illustrations Going Mainstream

Expect illustrations to take prominence both in the product design and marketing fields. Illustrations can be used as a powerful tool to give life to abstract concepts. They also help resolve any representational challenge that photography may pose. Illustrations allow designers to build digital products that cater to a diverse audience and are definitely something to look out for in 2023. Courses in graphic design are what you might need if you’d like to master your illustration skills this year.


Dropbox Design

Organic Backgrounds & Shapes

Earlier, most designs were dominated by card-based UI. However, since the past year, most apps and websites boast of aggressive and organic design. Now is the age of backgrounds with amoeboid blobs of bold colors, minimalistic shapes, dramatic diagonals, straight lines and other spherical shapes. They are not so expensive to design and create a clear interface.


Innovative Typography

Typography is a powerful tool for catching your audience’s attention. Designers are now moving ahead of neo-grotesque san serif fonts that are still in fashion and exploring a huge variety of other typefaces. We can hope to see a beautiful synchronization between serif and sans serif fonts providing for dynamic user experience.



Say Goodbye to the Homepage and Hello to Single Page Websites

2023 aims to make multiple input channels prevail simultaneously and function in complete harmony with each other. Forward thinking businesses are letting go of the traditional homepage and are exploring other dynamic access points.

Websites are now evolving with an amalgamation of mobile apps, social media profiles and conversational interfaces in a single page. Their design pricing is decreasing and development is also focusing on voice and touch functionalities. We can look forward to more single page websites that offer information seamlessly, without complex navigations in the near future.



Motion UI

The motion UI library allows you to experiment and play around with your own animations. Motion UI helps you use animations in any way you want. There are many transitional effects to choose from like the CSS image hover effect that makes your website more interactive.

Motion UI enables you to tweak and transform almost every element on your website. Choose among various given parameters to create animations and have them behave whatever way you want.



Progressive Web Apps

The new-generation PWAs have taken the m-commerce world by storm. This latest trend saw its inception back in 2015, and there has been no turning back ever since. PWAs have a UX similar to mobile apps and deliver users a friendly mobile browsing experience. The interesting part is that they run on the browser, and are not as costly as native mobile app development.

Smart features give them an added benefit of higher customer engagement, better conversion rates, improved safety and reliability. We can expect to see PWAs mainstream this year with apps that are fast, user-friendly and dependable.


An ingenious invention by Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchains allows digital data to be shared or distributed but prohibits it from being copied. This technology was originally devised for Bitcoin, but now it also aids many applications for the e-commerce sector.

Blockchains keep all transaction parties in the loop; enable supply chain auditing, smart contracts, and failure-free decentralized storage for files. It also paves the path for crowdfunding and peer-to-peer commerce.

Better Security with SSL and HTTPS

Secure socket layer (SSL) allows your website to establish an encrypted connection between the server and the browser. SSL certificates will be used more this year as they protect sensitive data, eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks, phishing and also provide you with a good Google ranking. Websites using SSL certificates show an ‘S’ added to ‘http://’ with a padlock in the address bar.

Website is not secure

Photo and Video Content

A good photo is worth a thousand words. Photos and videos are more attractive and less tedious than reading content. They also grab user attention quickly and make the storytelling process easier. Gone are the days of cheesy and lengthy content. Make sure your audio visual content is authentic and conveys a story or something of value to the customer. Videos also have advantages over GIF’s and can be incorporated seamlessly into the design.

Photo and video content

Programming Language

Although functional programming has been around for quite some time now, we can look forward to more benefits with recent improvements in JavaScript like ES6 & ES7. The new updates allow programmers to simplify codes using arrow functions and object spreading makes it effortless to fabricate new elements from existing values. Async/Await now makes call functions more comprehensive in functional programming.

Powerful Storytelling

One thing that most design and product teams have concluded is that storytelling definitely matters. Building a story that sells just makes your product more human, which is something much more realistic than code and pixels. Treat your product/service as a sword in the hands of your consumer, who is ultimately the hero in your story. There will be a rise in designers using animation as their muse for storytelling.

No Story No Sale

Improved Online Support

The time is ripe for smarter and more helpful chatbots that answer customer queries, find suitable products and even help with payments. Whether you are selling electronics or edibles, a customer care chatbot is available on your website all around the clock. Chatbots also help in curbing the cost of deploying human resources.

Roof-AI-ChatbotSource: https://roof.ai/

Floating Navigation Menus

Conversion focused websites usually stick to fixed navigating menus, giving a simple and effective website to your audience. Designers are now taking fixed menus to the next level by detaching the navigation bar visually from other design elements and placing it below the browser’s chrome. The menu thus floats like a constant element on all webpages making it a universal object on your website.


The Lounge

What’s the Bottom Line?

These are a few major trends that will influence websites this year. Now is the time to act smart and implement them. For business owners, not all of these trends are equally affordable and affect the overall website design pricing as well. You can ensure the trend you opt for provides the required functionality to justify the price.

The latest web trends, be it design or development, can work like benchmarks. They keep us in the loop and often help you lead the competition. Integrate these few changes to offer your customers the latest online user-experience this year.

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Henry Jurk

Such a great article.Thank you for sharing Web Design & Development Trends with the reader. It’s very informative and it really helps me.


Web development performs a significant role in the software industry. I love the development part and I’m quite happy to update my knowledge day by day. Every day I’m seeing for this type of blog post to update my knowledge. Now, this blog was helped me very much in my work. Thanks for sharing the nice article. Keep posting.


Great post! Now a days chat bots are unavoidable in web development. People always look for the quicker response so it advisable to carry out these AI chat bots to keep up the relationship between the stack holders.

FATbit Chef Post author

Thanks Vikram!
Chatbots definitely help in improving the response rate and with the amalgamation of AI and Chatbots, the trend is surely going to do wonders.

FATbit Chef Post author

Hello Shubham,

We are glad to know that the information provided in our blog was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more ingihts.

Team FATbit

Freddy Joe

That’s one long & informative article for sure. Indeed security is one major thing in the today world as ransomware & malicious programs are on rise.

Omega Consultants

The number of single page websites is increasing day by day. Not only these are easy to navigate but convey direction information to users.


I genuinely believe that companies will be focusing on multivariate and AB testing more for finalizing their website design. PWAs will also see an increase as they are storage-efficient and easy to build.

Swarnali Adhya

It does not take long for trends to go old. The more important thing is to keep the website agile. Get design changes as soon as you find the existing ones outdated and be quick to provide the latest features.

FATbit Chef Post author

Hello Lycos,

Thank you so much for your honest appreciation. Keep visiting us for more insights.

Team FATbit

Nylon James

Great article. I especially like that you added in the trend of photo and video content because people are more likely to look and those than read lots of text. Very knowledgable and creative information. Thanks for sharing.