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With 500 million users and around 3.5 billion photos being liked every day, Instagram has hit a major milestone. This whooping success is a good sign for marketers who aim at Instagram to maximize their brand presence in 2017.

If used in the right way, this online mobile photo-sharing site can give you instant viral marketing success, and can turn out to be a highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your brand.

While big brands have claimed marginal lifts in conversions and average order value, the smaller online businesses are experiencing huge success through Instagram. In fact, according to a recent study, it was discovered that Instagram provides brands with 25% more engagement than other social platforms.

That said – similar to any other social network, there are right ways to use it, wrong ways to use it, and clever ways to use it!

Want to be and stay famous on Instagram? Keep these points in mind…

  • Use Right Hashtags
  • Use Right Filters
  • Post on Right Days and Time
  • Show some behind the scene moments
  • Feature customers using the products

Some of the key tools to help you build your Instagram strategy and manage your audience include…

  • Populagram and Webstagram: To find popular hashtags, filters and people
  • Schedugram: To schedule Instagram post for the most engaging times
  • IconoSquare: To get Info, analytics and insights into your account and followers

Let’s know about some of the companies that are using Instagram very cleverly…


Topshop is a fashion retailer of clothing, shoes, make-up and accessories from London.

With 4,583 posts and 7.9m followers, the brand leads the competition by using its Instagram account for generating sales, offering viewpoint on trends, offering a fashion fix, and as a platform for direct point of engagement.

Things to Learn from Topshop’s Success & Instagram Strategy

  • Attain engagement by establishing yourself as an authority. Topshop does it impeccably in affordable fashion trends
  • Include a wide variety of integrated and timely content, which looks exclusive, fresh and in-the-know
  • Link back all social media content to the product page
  • Add fresh editorial angles like this fashion retailer does with a daily dose of must-haves, what’s in store and wearable trends

Take your business to the next level using the right strategy


Hemsley and Hemsley’s Instagram account is managed by two sisters – Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, who aim to get people eating healthy, nutrient rich and delicious food.

With 1,953 posts and 275k followers, their IG account is a prime example of what most people associate Instagram with – Food! It gives a hope to all other businesses out there to increase website traffic without SEO.

The business that started as a small nutritional consultancy has grown considerably all thanks to Instagram, and now they are busy creating recipes and writing books, blogs and magazine articles to get their message out. Learn ahead how Hemsley and Hemsley’s Instagram strategy helps them.

  • Maintaining the account and posts to be all about certain segment; that’s women in Hemsley and Hemsley’s case.
  • Make health food cool
  • Create a vibrant and friendly brand that young, style-conscious people can identify with


The Beaufort Bonnet Company is for the smallest of the fashion-conscious and upscale items for babies born with a refined sense of style.

With 4,748 posts and 60.9k followers, Instagram is their main sales channel and they receive most of their sales traffic, 80% of sales to be specific, from here itself. Not only that, but Instagram drives their wholesale inquiries too. However, generating sales takes more than just getting likes on your #foodporn photo. The Beaufort Bonnet Company’s success n Instagram is a reward of…

  • Posting consistently
  • Leveraging relevant hashtags
  • Regramming followers
  • Posting about relevant events

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Yumbox is a manufacturer of lunch boxes that helps parents pack balanced meals with variety and just right portions, which is compact, lightweight, divided removable tray, leak-proof, and kid-friendly.

With 2,740 posts and 75.6k followers Yumbox makes lunches FUN and shares their love of cooking, packing, traveling and happy kids, through their IG account. Some of their strategies include: –

  • Customers are asked to use the hashtag #Yumbox
  • Then those photos from customers who use the hashtag “#Yumbox” are reposted
  • Paying IG influencers to post a photo of a food-filled Yumbox and a link back to the Yumbox Instagram account


Rock My Wedding is now one of UK’s most popular planning resources and was initially created by Charlotte O’Shea, a then newly-wed, to help the UK brides benefit from a regularly updated online resource that helps them plan their big day.

With 3,370 posts and 111k followers, Rock My Wedding’s Instagram feed is a tre inspiration for marketers looking to sell through social media.

It’s filled with wedding fare, such as floral arrangements, dresses, venues, make-up, hair ideas, decoration, tents, rings, cakes and honeymoon destinations. With so many items at display, there’s very little of strategy that you need to become famous.

That said, aside the above – the basic things that they still do, includes: –

  • Upload playful posts
  • Visual inspiration that is designed to appeal to every type of bride
  • Active and Timely Posting
  • And User Generated Content

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Lorna Jane is an Australian activewear company that has transformed her fashion vision into a world-leading Activewear brand and created a new fashion category.

With 6,523 posts and 757k followers, Lorna Jane has done an awesome job with her user focused content and apt sharing. A quick scroll through their account will show you their exact targeted audience, which is a young, sporty, twenty- or thirty-something woman who values looking good while maintaining an active lifestyle.

While Lorna Jane is across most social platforms, they have had a lot of success using Instagram. Some of their most used strategies include: –

  • Use of Hashtags
  • Running Campaigns and contests
  • Actively and Timely posting

Instagram is all about great photos. And not just any content – great content, that is aligned with your brand will work any day!

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