Swiggy Aims to Deliver Food within 15 Minutes with Cloud Kitchens

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With easy access to the internet across the country, there has been a range of niche services that have mushroomed. From online retail to grocery shopping, the overall e-commerce market is set to reach new heights. One of the key markets in that aspect has been online food ordering services. This market has been the fastest growing segment in the Indian E-commerce industry. An online food ordering startup Swiggy, which has somehow been a newcomer to this sector, aims to disrupt the whole market with its innovative approach. It is currently aiming to join hands with cloud-based kitchen operators and offer quicker delivery service to customers.

This is a huge update as most of the food ordering platforms have been pushing premium services aimed at quicker delivery times. The entry of FoodPanda, Ola Café and Zomato has already heated up the online food delivery market in India. But most of these players were having difficult times managing quick delivery.

Cloud kitchens are basically online breakfast and brunch units that do not have a physical restaurant. Their business model runs around virtual websites/apps via which they take orders. Swiggy wants to provide infrastructure to these cloud based kitchen along with handling order taking, delivery and logistic.

Swiggy’s co-founder, Nandan Reddy said, “We are designing our approach towards such a model because unlike regular restaurants, they normally have rotating menus.” Analysts have already stated that this sector has huge potential. By becoming the sole aggregator of a wide array of online cloud kitchen, Swiggy can easily de-fragment the market. On the other hand, this service would also benefit cloud based kitchens as they do not have to pay hefty rents for space.

Even though Swiggy has been a late comer in this market, its unique business model give it an edge over the competition. This states that Indian e-commerce industry has a huge space for new startups with advanced features and innovative services. If you too are looking to become a part of this industry then look into the detailed analysis on;

How to Build and Run a Successful online food delivery Clone Website”.

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