Are You Planning To Build an Online Tutoring Platform With WordPress or Wix?

Are You Planning To Build an Online Tutoring Platform With WordPress or Wix?

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Over the last couple of decades, the eLearning market has witnessed significant growth as it continues to meet modern learners’ need for flexible schedules, self-paced and remote learning. This new trend has opened up plenty of new opportunities for thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. As per the reports, the global eLearning market is projected to reach $457.8 billion by 2026.

To make the most of this growth, many individual private tutors and tutoring centers are moving online to reach more students. And why not, content management systems used today have eliminated all the hassle and made it quite easy to build online tutoring platforms.

One of the most extensively used CMS across the globe- WordPress powers 60 million websites, which is almost 40% of the internet.

The Growing Popularity of WordPress or Wix

As an open-source, WordPress or Wix enables entrepreneurs to build and launch online tutoring platforms without a huge investment. At the same time, the themes, plug-ins, templates, and extensions in these content management systems help to build custom websites without too much hassle. So, as entrepreneurs plan to start their eLearning business, it only makes sense to opt for these tried and tested content management systems, right?

The answer, however, may not be as simple as one thinks. One question that frequently rises among the eLearning business owners – Is WordPress or Wix good enough for launching online tutoring marketplaces? Or specific software built entirely to accommodate the needs of online tutoring platforms should be the way ahead. 

WordPress or Wix Alternative- Yo!Coach

To clear the doubts and answer these questions, we are introducing an alternative to WordPress or Wix in this article that can be used to build platforms around online tutoring and coaching. Yo!Coach – a versatile solution to build online tutoring and consultation marketplaces like Verbling, Preply, and Clarity.

This is a readymade software with handpicked features to meet the diverse needs of eLearning businesses. The framework of Yo!Coach is fully customizable and is compatible with many other niches that follow the synchronous learning/consultation business model. Being a dedicated tutoring software with comprehensive features, the platforms built on Yo!Coach are much easier to use than the ones built on WordPress or Wix. 

Certainly, WordPress and Wix have a number of useful features required for online tutoring that can be used to build tutoring websites, yet they still leave out a lot of features that users yearn for. Yo!Coach, with its broad range of tutoring features, fits the bill perfectly. This white label solution comes with a lifetime license and no recurring fee.

How Yo!Coach Stacks Up Against WordPress or Wix

We have discussed below the points of difference between the two to help aspiring entrepreneurs make an informed decision.


When it comes to security and data privacy, the framework of the eLearning websites built on WordPress and Wix needs to be redefined to ensure that everything remains safe. Being the most popular CMS and having an open-source code make these content management systems more vulnerable and easy targets for security threats and cyber-attacks.

Certainly, the WordPress team is available to fix the security issues, however, it is possible only if the website is updated to the latest version which is released after every 152 days. Moreover, the update to the latest version also means all the integrated extensions and plugins also need to be updated, else the site still remains somehow vulnerable to threats.

Such issues do not occur with Yo!Coach. The software is fully secure and also complies with GDPR’s right to erasure regulation to maintain the security and privacy of its users.

Development Process

Building a tutoring website is not as easy as starting a blog on WordPress. It requires a steep learning curve which is tough to get the hang of for most people. WordPress has shortcodes, a type of markup which is used to enable different features on the frontend by typing in a quick command.

Many plugins and extensions have their own shortcodes making it more complicated. The inefficient code can slow down the loading time and can even make your website incompatible with mobile devices making it a more serious problem for the ranking in search engines.

Yo!Coach, on the contrary, is a readymade online tutoring software that does not require deep knowledge of coding and development. The development team of Yo!Coach delivers a fully-functional platform customized as per your specifications. Moreover, the development team is also available post-delivery, should you need more customization in the future.


Content management systems are known to offer the benefit of scalability. WordPress and Wix are both highly scalable and can run well in the cases of regular or even mid-level websites. However, when it comes to large-scale platforms, WordPress and Wix fall short. The plugins of WordPress or Wix are not equipped to deal with thousands of users using the website simultaneously.

If that is not enough, the extensions added to the website make it heavier and slower to load. On the other hand, Yo!Coach offers a much clinical path for scaling the website, even at the enterprise level. This is testified by the fact that several enterprise-level eLearning websites across the world built on Yo!Coach are running successfully.

In a nutshell, WordPress or Wix-based tutoring websites are not as scalable, in terms of cost and time, as the websites built on Yo!Coach.

Technical Support

As far as customer support is concerned, WordPress and Wix do not provide dedicated technical support for their customers. Neither any documentation nor user manual is available for the plugins and extensions, should the functionality supported by them goes down anytime. A WordPress forum is certainly available to help the users fix a technical glitch, however, it also does not assure any definite solution.

Yo!Coach comes with free technical support for 1 year along with a user manual and support documentation for the users. The users can reach out to the team at Yo!Coach via email or call or live chat support. Getting in touch with the developers working behind the code is much more efficient and faster to resolve any bug in the software.

Native Features

The native features of an online tutoring platform like live tutoring, session scheduling, text messaging, online whiteboard, online payments, analytics, and many more are not available on WordPress websites without the use of plugins. Separate plugins for each functionality need to be installed which eventually increases the size of the website over the years.

Yo!Coach comes with all the aforementioned features out of the box since it is specifically designed to build tutoring platforms. The extensive list of features available in Yo!Coach specific to eLearning reduces the time and effort required to set up and install each plugin separately.

Moreover, no compatibility issues arise with Yo!Coach, unlike WordPress, where an incompatible plugin can often bring the complete website down.

Experience Advanced Online Tutoring Features in Action

Admin Dashboard

This is an exceptional section that offers complete control over the website. A number of tools to manage day-to-day operations like user management, session management, payment processing, data management, reporting, marketing, and communication are executed from the admin dashboard.

The admin dashboard of the tutoring websites built using WordPress and Wix is loaded with plenty of plugins and extensions making it cumbersome to manage the administrative processes. Yo!Coach, at the same time, has an exceptionally intuitive admin panel for effortless management of the platform.

It allows the admin to quickly access the state of the business and decide what actions need to be taken.

wordpress or Wix vs Yocoach

Live/Personalized Demos

As the websites developed using WordPress or Wix are all differently built for different industries with different goals, these content management systems do not have demos. Users can’t have a look at the working of these content management systems and decide whether they align with their vision or not. Stakeholders are not able to get the insights of the content management systems to gain trust and reliability.

Yo!Coach, on the contrary, offers free personalized demos of the software. These walkthroughs of the software give first-hand experience to the business owners showing the product’s capabilities and how it can be used in a tangible way. The demos of Yo!Coach are geared towards identifying the prospects’ pain points and solving them.


WordPress or Wix requires a huge number of plugins and extensions to add even the basic functionalities required for tutoring online. Many of these plugins are the premium ones that require regular renewals for continued working. The aggregate costs of these plugins increase at an exponential rate as one adds more advanced functionalities over the course of time.

Yo!Coach, on the other hand, comes incorporated with all the basic and advanced features required for online tutoring. It does not require plugins and extensions for video conferencing, text messaging, scheduling sessions, collecting/disbursing online payments, and all other functionalities required.

We did a thorough comparison between WordPress or Wix and Yo!Coach, and it is safe to say that Yo!Coach edges WordPress or Wix. There are numerous plugins for practically every functionality required for online tutoring that can be customized as per the requirements, and the marketing features even help boost the reach of the website.

However, quite like the situation of too many cooks, sometimes, too many choices can also become overwhelming. Yo!Coach, being eLearning focused, has all the relevant features in-built and ready at the disposal, unlike WordPress or Wix which costs extra for every single integration into the platform.

Also, it is a lot of hassle to set up WordPress, while Yo!Coach is easy to set up and get started with. 

wordpress or Wix vs Yocoach.png

WordPress or Wix requires a huge number of plugins and extensions to add even the basic functionalities required for tutoring online. On the other hand, Yo!Coach comes with Pre-integrated API’s.

Want to know the cost to build a tutoring platform With Yo!Coach?

Online Tutoring Platforms Built Using Yo!Coach

The team of Yo!Coach works hard to build cutting-edge tutoring experiences that create measurable impacts for the clients and change the way tutors and learners think, feel, behave, and perform. Below is a snapshot of the major clients of Yo!Coach across different niches.


Simbi is a brand that inspires people to read and improve their reading skills. With a mission to make reading more meaningful, it partnered with various schools and helped students improve their reading skills. However, as the pandemic hit, Simbi could not deliver physical classroom sessions and intended to shift online for reading sessions.

Yo!Coach played an instrumental role in Simbi’s transformation to an online reading platform. Simbi, now with the help of Yo!Coach, is able to deliver online group reading sessions for the students. The platform has already attracted a number of students on its online platform and is growing significantly.

Nexia Wellness

Nexia Wellness is a community of health and wellness experts dedicated to helping people reach their health and wellness goals from the comfort of their homes. The platform is created with the desire to unite conventional Western medicine and holistic health practices. The platform strives hard to help people seeking weight loss help, Ayurveda practitioners, and functional medicine practitioners.

Yo!Coach, as their technology partner, helped them revolutionize health and wellness coaching by launching an online consultation platform and thus enabling them to conduct online sessions. The consultation seekers can browse a network of integrative practitioners on the platform with a wide range of specialties to connect with them through instant messaging and virtual sessions.


With a mission to help learners all over the world connect, communicate, and learn WTutors was an offline tutoring business offering learning and skill improvement opportunities to the students. Although the founder wanted to have global tutors onboard, it was not financially viable for an offline business.

That’s where the idea of moving online struck his mind. Yo!Coach became the ideal readymade solution to help him realize this idea. WTutors now connects students and tutors from all across the globe for live video sessions. WTutors has also expanded its tutoring services to many other niches like language learning, music learning, and even offers preparation for competitive exams.

Portal Teach

Portal Teach is on a mission to develop the largest online learning platform that connects students with qualified teachers for private sessions through live video chat. With the goal to offer flexibility to teachers and students across the globe, the platform is continuing to grow the subjects, teachers, and offerings on the website.

Portal Teach also offers group classes to the students in addition to one-to-one sessions. Yo!Coach became an ideal solution that could meet all the requirements listed by its founders. From integrated video-conferencing features for live one-to-one or group sessions, together with a whole host of other modules, Yo!Coach enabled them to launch a robust tutoring learning platform.


Trusity, a learning management platform, was launched to provide end-to-end solutions for students, teachers, parents, and schools. With an aim to empower learners worldwide, it offers curriculum-based Learning Support, Conceptual Learning, Skill Development, and Competitive Exam guidance. By connecting quality teachers with students through an advanced robust learning platform and technology, the programs are aimed at the holistic development of a child.

The integration of Yo!Coach in Trusity enabled interactive one-to-one sessions between students and teachers. Trusity is now able to offer a user-friendly interface to navigate different areas of the platform. A comprehensive tutor search panel, detailed availability calendar, and a fluid booking process are all based on Yo!Coach’s architecture.


There you have it, our take on the key differences and advantages of Yo!Coach over WordPress and Wix. Throughout the article, you might have learned that there are many content management systems to choose from for your business, but only a dedicated tutoring software like Yo!Coach can effectively address all the relevant needs of an online tutoring business. 

At the end of the day, deciding where and how to build your tutoring platform will come down to what fits your budget, bandwidth, and goals. If you take the hassle of coding and don’t mind tackling technical uncertainties, WordPress might be the right choice for you.

However, if you want to simplify every part of building, managing, and marketing your tutoring platform, no other name than Yo!Coach can get you covered. Get started today and we will be here with you every step of the way on your online tutoring journey.

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