Top social media strategies for healthcare industry
8 Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing in Health Industry

Social media marketing has been used innovatively by almost every industry. Doctors, physicians, vets, Pharmacists though have not yet actively adapted to this concept and are somewhere lagging behind. Here is a quick post to help the healthcare industry successfully use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ to their benefit. These simple steps will help you reach out to your target without as much effort as you think it takes.

12 Effective Ways to Reduce the Bounce Rate of a Blog

Bounce rate is one of those frequently talked about quality metrics in the search engine space. Almost every webmaster has their opinion on how to reduce the bounce rate but we feel it’s subjective to one’s needs and not all general suggestions will make the difference. While there are some universal best practices, for the most part certain activities recommended as absolute can both hurt and help websites. Through this article we first try

best features of real estate website
Your Real Estate Website Design Is A Failure Without These Features – Part 1

The real estate industry has started expanding its reach online, but they are yet to capitalize on the available opportunities. The very base of online presence is your real estate website, which usually lacks even the most essential features. This post will help you figure out what are these essential features. We hope that real estate companies, agents, builders, construction companies, etc can benefit from our inputs when they plan to get their website

content management system
[Infographic] Content Management System – Definition, Software Details and Everything Else

Content management system (CMS) is your first step towards getting a dynamic website. It enables you to update your website’s content as easily as making changes in a word document. CMS lets you manage your website with zero assistance from a technical team. Here is a simple INFOGRAPHIC to answer basic doubts about how CMS actually works and why it is gaining so much popularity lately. It also shares the unique features of a

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How To Build User Friendly Mobile Website? 10 Super Tips From Experts

Website owners have been quick to get a new responsive/"mobile friendly" website for themselves to capture the growing mobile web users. But they are usually left wondering why they are still losing out on sales. Well, it’s not their fault. The problem is the user experience of their mobile website. Building the user experience for a mobile website or application is very different from doing that for a full resolution website. This post is

Online Businesses Successfully Targeting Niche and Making Profits

Converting ideas into a serious venture called ‘online business’ is no more a fantasy. It is real and achievable. If you also have an aspiration to attain but lack the ways to reach it then learn from the startups who proved this maxim in reality with a conviction in their plan and force in their initiatives.

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Stats, Figures & Facts: Learn About Glorious Indian eCommerce Growth

This article includes several factors that shaped Indian Ecommerce. We have studied each of demographics and prepared this report, to give you a clear insight of the humble beginning and promising future of ecommerce in India. Reading this article will let you know about the crucial facts, figures and events that led Ecommerce Growth, and make your business prospects clear for future.

page performance reports google analytics
Google Analytics Reports Every Webmaster Should Check – Page Performance (Part 1)

Always speculated how you can track and analyze the performance of individual pages on your website? We bring to you an easy to implement tutorial on the most relevant Google analytics report which will tell you everything you must know about the performance of your web pages. Keep reading to apprehend the key parameters that are crucial in understanding which pages are doing well and which pages need immediate attention. So leave your gut