How Yo!Kart is Different from Magento? – A Comparison

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Differences between Magento and Yo!Kart

Parameters Yo!Kart Magento
As a multi-vendor system Yo!Kart at the core is a multi-vendor system that lets you build ecommerce website where different vendors can sell their products.
As per the feedback of research & development team of FATbit, and its potential/existing clients, the system is continuously evolving, which is a big reason of the ease users get with YoKart.
Magento is designed as an ecommerce system that lets one seller sell his/her products. It is not planned as a platform that allows multiple vendors to sell their products through one store. It has a workaround for store owners who want to add multiple sellers to their store. They can make their ecommerce site work as a multivendor system with the use of some extensions.
Architecture Yo!Kart has been developed on a lightweight and customizable framework. It follows standard MVC Architecture. The developer does not need to learn a different coding discipline and architecture to work on Yo!Kart. Magento’s modular architecture enables a user to do customizations on both frontend (layouts & templates) and backend (event, observer, rewrites, grids.). However, developer needs to learn and follow the Magento’s architecture before adding any custom module in the system.
Open source code Our Framework’s core script files are provided in encrypted format. Developer must have experience of MVC architecture and PHP to understand the code & to modify it. To become familiar with our library/framework they can review the Framework documentation. Magento is an open source code and very popular so there are many individual developers as well as companies working on the same. This makes finding a developer easy but you’re not sure how good that developer follows Magento recommendations.
Development options Other developers, who are not a member of FATbit team, need to study/analyze the Framework Documentation provided with Yo!Kart. After analyzing the documentation, they can easily modify the code. You can also hire FATbit experts to do the modification at a very economical rate. There are lots of individual developers and different companies/agencies working on Magento. One can easily hire developer or agency to modify the existing Magento code but it’s difficult to ensure how well that developer follows Magento recommendations. On the other hand, getting the modifications done from Magento’s consulting group will be uneconomical.
Analytics and reporting It includes Reports & Analytics section to fetch valuable insights for admin to help them track useful aspects like sales, traffic, registrations, conversions and formulate better future business strategies. There is a separate reporting/statistics available for individual vendors also. The script is integrated with Google Analytics and offers many different reports. In Magento different extensions are available for analytics and reporting.
Versions availability With Yo!Kart, clients website will not be dependent on 3rd party script, which requires up-gradation at regular intervals. Clients can upgrade system as per their business needs and expansion plans. Magento continuously releases updates for their products. Sometimes they release more than 2 versions in one month. Newer updates can be conflicting with regard to custom work done in Magento and also with the extensions integrated in the system.
Extensions There isn’t a need to install extension for Yo!Kart system as the functionality can easily be incorporated, through custom script files.
All features/functionalities are developed by Yo!Kart experts. Being developed by a single company, it ensures a robust system unlike Magento, wherein your required customization has to be done by merging multiple extensions, developed by a different developer/companies, into a Single system
Magento has a wide variety of extensions developed by different companies and developers. Extensions can be both paid or free.
NOTE: – Installation of multiple extensions sometime results in conflict and usually consumes a lot of efforts to resolve it.
Security Yo!Kart system is not an open source and hence less prone to known security issues.
We make use of our In-House Framework, which is delivered in an encrypted form. All the classes developed are filled with 10 years of technical experience. The complete library is tightly bound and highly extendable.
We are providing license for each Yo!Kart system. If someone hacks your Cpanel account and try to run this code on any domain, our script will not work on any other un-authorized domain name.
Magento has a wide variety of extensions developed by different companies and developers. Extensions can be both paid or free.
NOTE: – Installation of multiple extensions sometime results in conflict and usually consumes a lot of efforts to resolve it.
SEO friendliness 1. Search engine friendly
2. URL rewrites give full control of URLs
3. Meta-information for products, categories and content pages.
1. Search engine friendly
2. URL rewrites give full control of URLs
3. Meta-information for products, categories and content pages
Internal messaging system In Yo!Kart, we have developed a default Internal Messaging System i.e. private message box, which facilitates Buyers to interact with Sellers. Magento does not support internal messaging between the buyers and sellers.
Tech support FATbit team provides a 12 Months FREE after sales support for the product Magento provides paid support.

Why Yo!Kart customization over Magento?

Both Magento and Yo!Kart are two different ecommerce systems with some similarities and differences. As shown in above table, these differences can be easily distinguished.
Among Magento versions, Magento Community (Open Source) is the most popular edition of Magento Ecommerce. It is a choice for merchants because of the vast number of features it provides. Developers prefer it because of its modularity and available extensions catering single vendor store. Developers meet the requirements by modifying any existing extension or by creating the new extensions as per client’s requirements.

Constraints Faced in Magento

1. Magento is not a ready to use multi-vendor ecommerce system. Core system has been developed to run single seller store.

2. While working on customized requirements for the website, developer needs to work as per the architecture of Magento only and needs to update existing structure & code accordingly. It is easy to achieve small customization in Magento through default systems and extensions but, to accommodate large amount of customization, multiple extensions need to be integrated with the system, which seems conflicting. Also, the project with large amount of customization can face issues when Magento version is updated.

3. All extensions need to be updated from time to time to ensure the scripts up gradation and security. Therefore, it creates a hassle for user/developer to keep a watch on multiple extensions and system for regular updates.

4. At times, latest version of Magento does not support existing extensions (as that might be discontinued in the newer version) integrated into the system, forcing users/developers to switch to an alternative extension or create a new extension, which results in increased time & cost of project.

Yo!Kart has been developed on a lightweight and customizable framework which follows complete MVC Architecture. With detailed research and development, we have been continuously working on making this product a perfectly suited multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace for clients across the globe.

This system has been developed with a great flexibility to tailor product, according to users’ requirements. Script code being developed by our team, we try to fulfill customized requirements in best possible time frame.

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Below are some of the major advantages of Yo!Kart over Magento:

1. Multi-Vendor System: Biggest advantage of Yo!Kart over Magento is that it is a ready to use multi-vendor system and all the elements in the system are built using that particular feature whereas, in Magento, external extension is used to add multi-vendor feature, thus creating higher chances of conflicts and poor adaptability across the system.

2. Encrypted Library Core Files: Yo!Kart involves encrypted library core files and hence is less prone to known security issues. Encrypted files require license file to run for a particular domain, which automatically enhances the system security.

3. Customization according to User: Our system is highly scalable and has been designed to offer the flexibility of customization. When clients come to us with their requirements, we customize the system as per the requirements from ground up. Therefore, there aren’t any limitations, in terms of system scalability unlike in Magento extensions.

4. Tested Modules: Modules created and integrated by our team are thoroughly tested with different testing cases thus users do not face any issues while using any module.

5. One-Year Free Technical Support: Yo!Kart comes with a 12 months FREE after sales technical support to users.

6. Niche-specific themes: YoKart comes with eCommerce website templates that goes with your niche (fashion, electronics, furniture, sports, and grocery) perfectly. These ready-to-use themes boast of responsive & intuitive designs that make visitors’ journey easier and make their shopping experience pleasant. In short, Yo!Kart’s eCommerce platform make it easy for business owners to target the right audience. Furthermore,  the quick implementation and easy execution help in starting an online store in a jiffy.

Know More About Yo!Kart

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