List of Activities for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Start a Tour and Travel Website

List of Activities for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Start a Tour and Travel Website


Every destination has different story behind it that drives travelers to visit that place. As more and more people have started to travel on a regular basis, most of these travel destinations are jam packed with tourists. To avoid the last minute hassle, travelers prefer to make bookings beforehand to enjoy a smooth vacation.

Revenues from online travel booking have grown by over 73% in the last 5 years. Almost 40% of all tour and activity bookings are being made online, out of which, 60% of leisure and 41% of business travelers make their own travel arrangements, generally via the Internet.

Travelers now plan vacations that not only includes sight-seeing but include some type of activities which adds an extra spice to the destination.

Food & Delicacies Tours

Different people have different reasons to visit a particular destination. Some people have a quest to travel to different places to try their authentic food and wine. Every country has a different cuisine which is prepared with the perfect spice and ingredients from which it originally belongs.

There are numerous food and wine events where people travel to from all across the globe. What these travellers do not want is the event to be full. this is why most of such travellers book these activities beforehand. Connecting the traveler with the host to make the arrangements of the travelers before the actual event is highly probable. Booking through a travel activity website gives the assurance to the traveler regarding their plan when they arrive at the destination.

A food tour can include activities such as

  • A tour to various local restaurants which serve the best cuisine
  • Wine tasting sessions
  • Workshop to learn how to make local dishes

Cultural Tours

It is believed, culture has a way of defining every country and person in the world. Culture provides the places we visit and the people we meet the extra spice that makes them worth remembering.

Every destination has a different culture which is worth understanding. Getting accustomed to the culture of a certain place interests a lot of people. It will be a highly profitable business for entrepreneurs who have a keen interest as well as knowledge of the culture of a certain place.

Culture Tour can include activities such as

  • Visits to local temples and places
  • Workshop to learn different dances of the state
  • Walking tour different local villages and understanding their customs
  • Attending festivals or art exhibitions
  • Tour to local museum with a guide who knows everything about the city

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Nature and Wildlife Tours

People living in the cities often tend to feel separated from the nature as if living in a concrete jungle.  This is why many people prefer to go on a vacation where they feel close to serenity and tranquility. People feel they are away from nature which is why after some time they wish to go for a vacation where they could connect themselves with nature.  Nature tours must provide tourists exclusive experience where people can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and connect themselves directly with nature.

Nature tours can include activities such as:-

  • Jeep tours to Jungles
  • Hike and Trekking Tour
  • Trips to National park and natural reserve

Historical Tours

The ancient human civilization goes back to 3200 BC and there are a lot of things and places which hold great importance. History lovers and people who have been planning to know more about where they actually come from, would want to visit these places and accumulate more information about these places from the locals and experts.

There is a shortage of people who have the knowledge and the skills to show around historical monuments. For the entrepreneur this is a great opportunity as conducting historical tours will attract numerous tourists to a particular destination.

Activities in the historical tour: –

  • Educational tour to museum
  • Visit historical monuments
  • Old town trolley Tours
  • Learning about the history of a place by classes

Adventure Tours

It is believed that going on an adventurous travel raises the tolerance for uncertainty. As a person places himself in a situation where things do not always go as it is planned, people gain the patience and strength to face uncertainties in life. A destination which includes an adventurous activity drives the people as it teaches to live life on the edge.

Adventure activities have been attracting several tourists who want to have an adrenaline rush. Entrepreneurs needs to acknowledge that people travel from all over the world to be able to checklist one adventure activity. For an entrepreneur, there is a huge potential as they can connect with activity enthusiast all over the world.

Adventure tours can include: –

  • Ground activities
  • Underwater activities
  • Above water activities
  • Air sports activities

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There are lots of options available out there and it depends on you if you just want to attract those tourists who are already visiting the destination to your activity or attract people from all over the world to visit a particular destination to be able to participate in your activity. Keep in mind the target market and plan your travel tour and activity website accordingly. The above-mentioned points will give you a clearer idea as to which activity can be included in your travel activity website.

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