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5 seconds is all you have to impress your visitors and make them stay ! Research proves that 80% visitors abandon a website in the first 5 seconds. If you are worried about decreasing conversion rate and your analytics prove that the reason is low visit duration on your website then this post is crafted specially for you. Read on to get practical tips to make your website more engaging and rectify everything that might be turning your visitors away.

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Every day, we read so many success stories about young entrepreneurs making millions from their online businesses. This makes everyone wonder "Why my website does not bring in traffic and new leads despite spending so much on marketing campaigns?" or "How can I make my website sell more?" Based on 9+ years of experience with designing, marketing and constantly analyzing the results and industry trends, FATbit has created this blog post. It will tell you how to find if your website sucks and how you can make it sell. Read on - you will surely get what different statistics you should keep a watch on and which tools can help you improve website conversion/sales.

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