Advanced Features List to Launch The Best Crowdfunding Website

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The crowdfunding market was expected to grow $34.4 billion in 2015 and it certainly met expectations. This has resulted in wide availability of funds for entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas. The phenomenal growth motivated people to come up with unique crowdfunding based ventures. However, just creating a crowdfunding website doesn’t mean you will be able to compete with the likes of Kickstarter, Crowdfunder and Indiegogo.

To successfully launch an advanced competitor, you need a strong marketing strategy, sound knowledge of business model and site features. Read on to learn about key crowdfunding portal features that will help your startup gain popularity and gain acceptance;

Featuring projects

Entrepreneurs, startups, and artists depend on crowdfunding websites to raise money from funders looking for projects worth investing. So, it is kind of obvious that the platform would require functionality that will empower entrepreneurs to feature projects.

Any platform can incorporate this beautifully by offering;

  • Dedicated section to share product details, videos, graphics, and updates to describe the project in detail.
  • Access to a powerful user friendly CMS after login.
  • Functionality to offer rewards to investors for encouraging funding.
  • Option for potential investors to ask questions through comments page.
  • Exclusive page listing current investors, acknowledging their contribution, and encouraging others to follow suit.
  • Option to share regular updates with potential investors. the platform can also empower people to share updates that can be read only by current investors when they log in, thus giving them preferential treatment and feeling of exclusivity.
  • Integration of social media profiles with the project details page.

Such features make the very core of any fundraising software. So, make sure how they are part of your crowdfunding clone website script.

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Focus on user experience

Just creating a crowdfunding website by using fundraising software is not going to make entrepreneurs register and start projects. There are various websites already active on web. Even if you cater to a unique audience, you need to score high in user experience to start the word-of-mouth. Below are the user experience related points that have the capability to make your platform the master of the crowdfunding game:

  • Adapting website content as per user location. It can come with an option to change location.
  • Flat look and unique design
  • Quick process of starting new projects
  • Advanced search options.
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Featuring the most popular project in each category on homepage along with a video.

If you fail to make the whole process of starting process simple, people are going to choose other funding platforms over you.

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General back-end features 

  • Functionality to generate data related to new project creators, backers, new users, registrations, and recently created & backed projects
  • Manager dashboard that generates data on total rewards amount, total pledged amount, site earnings, funding, and revenue from projects.
  • Quick communication through emails, notifications, and messages
  • Managing project categories
  • Newsletter feature
  • Features related to payments, checkout and transactions.
  • Managing project status and making changes as per status
  • FAQs and blog related updates
  • Functionality related to SEO, third party API, surveys, and accounts related settings

Report generation and project management (Back-end)

Reports related to rewards, backers, revenue, and commission are important for creators. That is why best crowdfunding clone website script should include powerful report generation features. In the absence of such tools, creators will find it difficult to make project changes.

The platform should also bring impressive features that help manage rewards, backers, updates, funds, funding period, and much more. So, if you are planning to launch your own crowdfunding website, make sure your web development partner integrates such features.

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Investor support and security provisions

Crowdfunding is a billion dollar industry which has created brands like Ouya and Oculus. With billions of dollars changing hands, such portals requires advanced security provisions and support to investors.

Your platform can add value to itself by integrating features like:

  • One-to-one assistance to potential investors regarding vast range of queries
  • Reserving the rights to cancel ongoing projects that are found illegitimate
  • Shooting reminder emails to absentee creators
  • Assisting in the prosecution of fraudulent users
  • Fixing the amount of pledges per user
  • Using secure payment service for processing donations

Building a community that is ready to lend money cannot be done without advanced back-end and front-end features. So, you need an online crowdfunding website that will not only offer flawless experience to lenders and project creators but also give control in your hands.

If you really want to launch a fundraising website that can create a name for itself then just a clone script cannot do the trick. You need the expertise of a development team that can guarantee the best features of leading fundraising websites, and create new ones as per your requirements.

In addition to that, your fundraising website also needs a unique design to ensure you aren’t counted as just-another-clone.

Consult an experienced team of designers and developers before investing money on crowdfunding website clone script.
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